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  1. Honduras deserved to lose. They played like alley cats! The French physios are going to have to work overtime for the next week.....
  2. If this is a start to a smear campaign the likes of which was served on us back in 2004/2005, you needn't bother......
  3. Anne Hidalgo is Bertrand Delanoë's protégé. He was the previous Paris mayor. She owes him everything and it's thanks to him that she got elected. So much so that she arranged for him to keep a private office in the town hall in spite of the fact that he has officially retired. Bertrand Delanoë also is the one who led the Paris 2012 bid. Needless to say the ioc, who betrayed her mentor, is not very high in her esteem!! I've got a feeling that not only will she do nothing to facilitate a 2024 bid but will probably do everything to sabotage it. But then again that's just my opinion.......
  4. Sorry to put a dampener on all your - justified - anticipations but this sentence stood out like a sore thumb: "But there will also be a public consultation conducted in parallel to the feasibility study, via a dedicated website which will open on June 16 with the aim of gaining ideas and innovations from the general public." Considering the fact that any potential bid will be politically steered by the present government and in view of recent election results, I'm not sure the French taxpayer is going to rush in and vote for a resounding 'Oui'!!
  5. Have you been taking your pills? And BTW, WTF is a "political Scientist" ?
  6. This is what the future is looking like. The ioc had better wake up and start smelling the coffee........
  7. Point one : Marine Le Pen hasn't won an election. Her party came first in a European election boycotted by nearly 60% of the French electors. What's more that election was a single round proportional representation election where any minority party gets a say. Presidential and parliamentary elections in France are a two round affair were deals are struck between main parties between the first and second round. There isn't a single party in France who'll strike any deal with her. Result? Le Pen hasn't got a chance in hell of ever getting elected. Point two : considering the fact that the ioc has awarded previous games to such wonderful democracies as China and Russia, one could be forgiven for thinking that, in the eyes of the ioc - repeat- in the eyes of the ioc, a France run by Marine Le Pen (which will never happen!) is "a.good.thing" !! Point three : re France's future, was it Mark Twain who is (mis)quoted as having said "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" ?
  8. A follow-up from the previous article: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/16/sport/football/qatar-world-cup-mistake-sepp-blatter/
  9. He also alluded, during the interview, to political pressures from both France and Germany prior to the votes . He mentions a meeting Platini had with Sarkozy, then French president, at the Elysée palace where the the emir of Qatar was also present. Seems to me 'Splatter' is trying to get rid of a possible rival prior to next year's election at FIFA whilst trying to distance himself from those who voted for Qatar. Very devious! But then again, what do you expect?
  10. I certainly wouldn't call it interesting. The article simply repeats what was said in the Evening Standard. Anyone with half a brain cell knows it won't happen. As someone said earlier on: it's a non story........
  11. Hope Ukraine wins. Hope Russia gets 'nul point'!
  12. From another thread: http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2014/apr/23/world-cup-olympics-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-sensation-disaster Now do you undestand why we're not that keen to bid for the SOGs let alone host them! The ioc really do need to get their house in order......
  13. http://www.invest-in-france.org/Medias/Publications/2448/2013-report-on-job-creating-foreigne-investment-in-france.pdf
  14. General de Gaulle's political offspring or if you prefer "Sarkozy's lot"! No. You've got the main gist of it all. But please stop confusing Sarkozy's UMP party with Marine le Pen's FN. Two entirely different kettles of fish....
  15. You obviously know s#@t all about France and Paris. BTW Marine Le Pen hasn't got an ice cube's chance in hell of ever winning a presidential election......
  16. What should Killy have done baron? After all, it's not like the ioc are too bothered about human rights when choosing a host. Is it?
  17. He « assisted » with the 2012 bid and we all saw how well that went!! Seriously though I think he’s a little too old to head a Paris bid. One of the criticisms levelled at the 2012 bidding team was that it was mainly made up of old men in grey suits…which btw was underserved. Incidentally it’ll be interesting to see who the ioc appoints as his replacement, French or not French. Either way the message will be received loud and clear…..
  18. http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/23063-paris-2024/?p=434989
  19. After her trip to London French sports minister, Valérie Fourneyron, travels to Tokyo to meet her Japanese counterpart. (in French) http://www.liberation.fr/sports/2014/03/22/jo-2024-la-ministre-francaise-des-sports-a-tokyo-une-candidature-en-tete_989159
  20. I wrote this 6 months ago.... http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/23063-paris-2024/?p=407307
  21. Anne Hidalgo, whom the polls see as winning the next mayoral election in Paris, has publicly stated that she was, “at this moment in time”, “not really” in favour of an Olympic bid. She added that it was not for the Paris ratepayer to meet the costs of the games and that she first needed to be given financial guarantees. However, she concluded, if the bid does go ahead, she would be happy to work with the bidding team: (in French) http://www.leparisien.fr/paris-75/video-jo-2024-hidalgo-pas-favorable-aujourd-hui-a-la-candidature-de-paris-04-03-2014-3642131.php http://paris-ile-de-france.france3.fr/2014/03/05/jo-2024-hidalgo-pas-vraiment-favorable-une-candidature-de-paris-427023.html An online poll run by a French daily gave the following results which need no translation! : http://www.leparisien.fr/sports/souhaitez-vous-que-la-france-soit-candidate-a-l-organisation-des-jeux-olympiques-de-2024-03-03-2014-3639953.php
  22. Just as bad today as it was in 2005! Same here. Beats me why they would want to meet up with Coe! According to Le Monde the French visitors were more interested in the after Games and legacy, real or imagined, than the bidding process.....
  23. Thanks for that. On the other hand the ioc need to treat bidders with greater respect, stop playing playground politics, eeny meeny minie moe or spin the bottle! Otherwise they are facing a bleak future where the only bidders will be repeat offenders (Tokyo), B & C listers (Istanbul), stalkers (Madrid) and oil rich countries with dubious reputations..... Not really what dreams are made of, n'est-ce pas?
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