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  1. Georges Clemenceau once said of England that it was "a former French colony that went wrong"!!
  2. "The group discussed (...) an alteration in the bidding process that places more emphasis on "legacy" which would mean discouraging potential host cities from building expensive venues that would go unused after the Games ends" Please explain because we, in France, are at a total loss to comprehend..... BTW wasn't this already discussed in Prague in 2003?
  3. You really are clutching at straws, aren't you? The fact is the Mannschaft tried to put forward a squeaky clean picture of itself in Brazil. 5 minutes after landing and the real image came to the surface much to the dismay of your press who absolutely savaged the "dancers" and the rest of the fans worldwide. So please don't be so dismissive will you. Those idiots tarnished themselves, their country and their fans. Don't be surprised if they get heckled and whistled at for the next four years.......
  4. If the dance is given so much attention by the media it's for very obvious historical reasons......
  5. Niersbach is not the one who did the stupid dance and ridiculed himself and his country.
  6. Yes they did. Only the blind or those who don't want to see would say that. "Sadness" indeed! Who are you kidding? Hardly the same situation. Your clip is from a stand-up comedian in a country that had lost the WC. In this case we're talking about a victorious team mocking the losing team. Not very elegant, is it? BTW you only won by one goal to nil in extra time. Hardly a victory to gloat about..... As I said earlier, they spoilt the party and have lost the respect of fans worldwide. If they had any sense they would publicly apologise.
  7. Eejits! They've only gone and spoilt the party. Some will be saying 'a leopard never changes its spots'.......
  8. The 2011 Rugby World Cup final. I've lost count of the number of penalties the filthy Sath Afreekan referee failed to award us! The Guardian was moved to print the following article: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2011/oct/23/rugby-world-cup-final-france It concluded:
  9. OK. You're on. But not if the referee is South African.....
  10. Here in France we have the smug satisfaction of knowing that we only let the Germans score one goal against us in 90 minutes!
  11. What new bidding rules? Internet bank transfers instead of brown envelopes!!
  12. No real stakes for the French + a strong Ecuadorian defence + a good goal keeper = a fairly staid match
  13. Next stop : France v. Nigeria Bring it on!
  14. The fact is the ref saw nothing and was only informed of the head butt by the fourth referee who told him through his headset......
  15. Suarez should be banned for at least 6 months to a year and given an eye watering fine with immediate effect. The guy's an absolute nutter and he seriously needs to be taught a lesson!!
  16. The guy's an absolute fruitcake! He needs his brains tested. Hope they ban him for a year....... ......at least!
  17. Commiserations England. Just hope we don't get cross-bowed by the Swiss tomorrow!
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