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  1. Paris has officially announced is bid for the Universal Exhibition in 2025.

    The Mayor of Paris said they won't bid for 2024 and 2025.

    Does it mean Paris won't bid for SOG ? Maybe, but it's a strong evidence against SoG.

    The news in French :



    We're obviously not reading the same articles Tulsa.

    This one claims the contrary and says that there is nothing to stop France from organising both the 2024 SOG and the 2025 UE:


    (in French)

    The article goes on to remind the reader that Spain held both the 1992 SOG in Barcelona and the UE in Seville the same year. That the rugby WC will be held in Japan in 2019 and the SOG in 2020 and that both the 2016 WC and 2018 SOG have/will take(n) place in Brazil.

    As for the suggestion that Paris should sit 2024 out and wait for 2028, it's only a minority that are voicing that proposition. Funnily most of them are from the 2025 UE bidding team!!

  2. Oh that's what this is all about? Makes sense now...

    Anyway, I couldn't agree more Mr.Bernham. If Paris bids (and it's looking more and more like it will), it will definitely be a strong competitor as Bach said not so long ago.

    Well he would say that, wouldn't he! :D

    He there's one thing he's terrified of and which probably gives him nightmares, it's Paris 2024 doing a 'Rome 2020'.......

  3. Agreed, and I think that if Paris indeed bids, it could win because of that. "Cheap" Olympics could seduce the IOC in order to regain attractivness after the insane costs of the last Olympics (Winter or Summer). That's why I don't think Boston stands a chance, since it has to build pretty much everything and would cost a lot more than what they've planned.

    Then again we all know the IOC is so very good a setting up a whole raft of wonderful new rules and regulations which are supposed to bring down the cost of hosting a game (as they did in Prague back in 2003, remember them?) only to sit on them at the first opportunity....

  4. You just know everything, don't you. Sour grapes still? Talk about a SORE loser attitude! Truly illustrates your Olympic "spirit". You need to be part of the IOC's ExCo board so you can tell them just how "stupid" they really are!

    Please note that I disassociate myself completely with my fellow countryman Tulsa's rantings over Annecy and PyeongChang.

    Annecy 2018 was a non starter from the word go! Central government only went with it (or rather pretended to go with it) to placate local dignitaries and show the IOC , then, that they hadn't completely turned their back on an OG. I'm surprised btw that we even managed to scrape 7 votes!!

    As I mentioned in previous posts, the accepted policy (to this day) is that there will never be a WOG in France until a SOG has been held in Paris. Tulsa needs to live with it.

    Now back to the object of this thread, Paris 2024.........

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  5. "Fifa and Sepp Blatter in secret talks about president's future"


    Secret talks between Fifa officials and Sepp Blatter have taken place over his future as the president of football's world governing body, BBC Sport has learned.

    The discussions, which involved representatives from a number of football confederations, are understood to have started in October 2013 at the celebrations for the Football Association's 150th anniversary.

    Blatter has since confirmed his likely intention to stand in next May's presidential election and seek a fifth term of office.

    However, with the 29 January deadline for candidates to declare their interest in standing in the May election looming, there is mounting concern amongst several Fifa executives over the governing body's future direction and leadership.

    Speaking in Manilla earlier this month, Blatter reaffirmed he has support from five of the six confederations that constitute Fifa.

    But BBC Sport has been told the recent crisis within the governing body stemming from an investigation into alleged World Cup bidding corruption, which culminated last week in the resignation of ethics committee investigator Michael Garcia, could yet have far-reaching effects.

    Garcia quit citing a lack of independence in Fifa's judicial processes and his belief the organisation's culture was beyond reform.

    Speaking to BBC Sport one source described 78-year-old Blatter as being increasingly "weary" following years of fire-fighting multiple scandals, a hectic work schedule and the acrimonious fall-out from the decision to award the next two World Cups to Russia and Qatar.

    Fifa sources have also spoken of how, in light of recent events, a number of potential challengers are now weighing their candidacy options.

    Blatter on 2022 World Cup:

    "It would really need an earthquake, extremely important new elements, to go back on this World Cup in Qatar."

    The question being posed within Fifa circles is whether Blatter, if he opts to stand aside ahead of May's election, would support the candidacy of one of the five publicly supportive confederation presidents.

    Uefa, the European confederation, remains the most vocal critic of Blatter's desire to continue on as president.

    European football association chiefs, including FA chairman Greg Dyke, told Blatter he should stand aside for the good of the sport during a stormy meeting in Sao Paulo in June.

    Despite that it has yet to propose a candidate of its own, with president Michel Platini ruling himself out of the running in July.

    Fifa executive committee member Prince Ali of Jordan is understood to be another potential candidate Uefa would consider supporting.


    Given that the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), under the leadership of Shaikh Salman of Bahrain, has declared strong support for Blatter it is thought he would struggle to secure the necessary votes to win.

    In addition, Ali is facing his own fight to remain a Fifa executive with AFC elections looming and he may yet choose to focus his attention on that objective instead.

    He is not expected to announce his decision until late January and declined to comment last week when asked if he would stand.

    With former Fifa official Jerome Champagne the only other person to publicly state his wish to be on the presidential ballot paper, attention amongst Fifa insiders is starting to turn to Jeffrey Webb.

    Webb was appointed president of Concacaf, the football confederation for North, Central America and the Caribbean, in 2012 in the wake a major financial scandal involving the former Fifa vice presidents Chuck Blazer and Jack Warner.

    Since then he has stabilised the organisation's finances and has led Fifa's anti-discrimination taskforce, which has introduced tough new sanctions for racism offences within the game.

    Webb has stated he does not intend to run for the presidency in 2015, with the expectation amongst observers that he intends to target the 2019 poll instead.

    But as the pressure on Blatter continues to build, and given the recent haemorrhaging of Fifa's credibility, Webb is believed to be considering his options.

    He is thought to be undecided over whether now is the right time to attempt to seize power.

    Blatter has praised Webb in the past, lavishing praise on his efforts to reform Caribbean football at a Concacaf conference last year.

    Shaikh Salman is another name thought to be under discussion amongst insiders along with Fifa general secretary, Jerome Valcke, as candidates Blatter could potentially accept as a successor.

    With five weeks to go until the deadline for presidential candidates to formally declare their candidacy, it is thought Blatter's actions in Marrakech last week, where he backed the redacted publication of the Garcia report once current investigations have concluded, has provided him with sufficient political breathing space to make it onto the list of nominees.

    But the man who has led Fifa since 1998 was far from convincing about his candidacy when asked last week by BBC Sport if he would categorically run.

    "We will see on 1 February who are the candidates for the election," he said.

    "Probably you will see my name there because I've been asked by a lot of national associations to do so. But let me pass Christmas, or let's say the fiestas at the end of the year, and give me then the opportunity to say: 'Yes I will be present.'"

    Blatter has also spoken about the "health and good luck" he would need to stand, comments seen by some within Fifa as a sign he may yet choose to stand aside.

    Fifa executives are also thought to fear that any further serious allegations in the next few months against the organisation could seriously destabilise world football.

    Reports of an FBI investigation concerning Fifa, or the prospect of action by other foreign law enforcement agencies, has led some to believe there should now be an orderly transfer of power.

    The possibility of the Garcia report being published in April or May - and the conclusion of disciplinary cases against three serving Fifa executives - is seen by some as a potential opportunity for Blatter to depart under the claim he instigated and completed a thorough reform process.

    Four years of controversy

    2 December, 2010 - Russia and Qatar chosen to host 2018 and 2022 World Cups

    4 October, 2013 - Fifa agrees to set up taskforce to look into alternative dates for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

    1 June, 2014 - Sunday Times alleges ex-Fifa vice-president Mohamed bin Hammam paid £3m to football officials in return for supporting Qatari bid

    5 September, 2014 - Report into 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process submitted to Fifa by Michael Garcia

    13 November, 2014 - Fifa releases 42-page summary of Garcia report which clears Russia and Qatar of corruption

    13 November, 2014 - Garcia claims summary of his report is "materially incomplete" and contains "erroneous representations"

    20 November, 2014 - Garcia and Fifa ethics judge Hans-Joachim Eckert agree to release full report to organisation's compliance chief, Domenico Scala

    16 December, 2014 - Fifa deems Garcia's complaint against Eckert's summary of his report is "not admissible"

    17 December, 2014 - Garcia quits as independent chairman of the Fifa Ethics Committee's Investigatory Chamber

    19 December, 2014 - Fifa agrees to release full Garcia report

    A valedictory review by Fifa of his time in charge of world football would also allow Blatter to enter retirement basking in the glow of taking the World Cup to new countries, highlight his work with football associations in conflict zones such as Israel and Palestine and showcase how football has risen in recent decades to be the world's most popular sport.

    But should Blatter decide to stay and fight for a fifth term his opponents are growing in confidence that the right candidate could garner the necessary global support to defeat him.

    A majority of 50% of the 209 Fifa member associations plus one additional vote is required to claim victory in the Fifa presidential election.

  6. Hollande said on TV tonight that he would back a bid if the mayor of Paris gets on with it (basically).

    He also said he supports the World Expo bid

    No he didn't.

    As memorabilia pointed out he said he was "in favour [of a SOG] if She (Paris that is) decides to bid". Which you'll agree is a different kettle of fish.

    Once again: the mayor of Paris does not want it and I don't see how she could be coerced into bidding.

    She doesn't have a veto so doesn't need to be coerced, only convinced. In the past she simply stated that she hadn't been elected to organise a SOG and that if a SOG were to be held it wasn't for the Parisians to pay for it. Besides, it's not for city hall to bid but the French NOC.

    Responding on the radio this morning Guy Drut said that Hollande's statement was "encouraging".

    Ugh - I want to see 2024 in Paris so much! Hamburg or Rome just doen't cut it! Its time to get some France in your pants!

    Beware what you wish for!! :P

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  7. Reading on Twitter that French PM has said no to a 2024 bid, backing the 2025 Expo bid instead.

    He didn't really say no to a 2024 SOG. What he did was to publicly voice his support for a 2025 Expo. He was supported in his stance by the Paris mayor.

    French commentators have concluded that by making such a statement without waiting for the results of a feasibility study he was in fact burying the whole Paris 2024 project.

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  8. This couldn't be true could it?

    Rumors of original 2022 #Olympic bidders scrambling to try & get back into the race,having withdrawn too soon! Switzerland .... anyone else?


    Tweeted by the IOC Director of Communications, Mark Adams who, earlier, tweeted a link to this article:


    IOC spokesman Mark Adams blamed the Norwegian media of misreporting the situation.

    "The documents have been widely and often deliberately misreported," Adams said in an email to The Associated Press on Saturday. "Even a cursory glance would show they contain suggestions and guidance, not demands. These were gathered from previous games organizers and are advice on how to improve the games experience for all."

    Sounds very much to me like a fake, following on from the mother of all sour grapes......

  9. There's still time for things to shift. Rome could be a factor. Asia won't be no matter who bids. I wouldn't be surprised if Paris changes their minds - especially if the field is weak. Toronto might rethink things too. Durban is feeling less likely, but not impossible. Doha and Baku may pop up again.

    Plus, the new bidding rules could dramatically alter the landscape.

    What new bidding rules? Internet bank transfers instead of brown envelopes!! :P

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  10. Anne Hidalgo is Bertrand Delanoë's protégé. He was the previous Paris mayor. She owes him everything and it's thanks to him that she got elected. So much so that she arranged for him to keep a private office in the town hall in spite of the fact that he has officially retired.

    Bertrand Delanoë also is the one who led the Paris 2012 bid.

    Needless to say the ioc, who betrayed her mentor, is not very high in her esteem!!

    I've got a feeling that not only will she do nothing to facilitate a 2024 bid but will probably do everything to sabotage it.

    But then again that's just my opinion.......

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  11. Sorry to put a dampener on all your - justified - anticipations but this sentence stood out like a sore thumb:

    "But there will also be a public consultation conducted in parallel to the feasibility study, via a dedicated website which will open on June 16 with the aim of gaining ideas and innovations from the general public."

    Considering the fact that any potential bid will be politically steered by the present government and in view of recent election results, I'm not sure the French taxpayer is going to rush in and vote for a resounding 'Oui'!!

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  12. Sepp Blatter: awarding 2022 World Cup to Qatar was a mistake

    Sepp Blatter has admitted it was "a mistake" to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar because of the extreme heat players will face in the Gulf state.

    Speaking to Swiss channel RTS, the Fifa president said: "Of course, it was a mistake. You know, one makes a lot of mistakes in life.

    "The technical report indicated clearly that it was too hot in summer, but despite that the executive committee decided with quite a big majority that the tournament would be in Qatar."

    Blatter insisted however that Qatar had not "bought" the World Cup – the bid did spend large amounts of money on sponsorship and development programmes.

    He added: "No, I have never said it was bought, but that it was due to political considerations. We know full well that big French and German companies work in Qatar but they don't just work for the World Cup. The World Cup is only a small part of what is going on in Qatar."

    Asked about his future at the helm of Fifa, Blatter again indicated he would stand for a fifth term in next year's election. "At the moment I say I want to finish my mandate well. Of course I am willing to continue," he said.

    A decision on whether the tournament will be moved from summer to the winter in eight years' time has been postponed by Fifa until after next month's World Cup finals in Brazil.

    Fifa later released a statement that attempted to clarify Blatter's comments.

    "The comment by the Fifa president concerning the organisation of the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar to Swiss TV station RTS is in line with previous comments on this matter," it read.

    "As explained in his answer to the journalist, the president reiterated that the decision to organise the World Cup in summer was an 'error' based on the technical assessment report of the bid, which had highlighted the extremely hot temperatures in summer in Qatar. At no stage did he question Qatar as hosts of the 2022 Fifa World Cup."


    He also alluded, during the interview, to political pressures from both France and Germany prior to the votes .

    He mentions a meeting Platini had with Sarkozy, then French president, at the Elysée palace where the the emir of Qatar was also present.

    Seems to me 'Splatter' is trying to get rid of a possible rival prior to next year's election at FIFA whilst trying to distance himself from those who voted for Qatar.

    Very devious!

    But then again, what do you expect?

  13. From another thread:


    These mega-events traumatise a complex modern city. They upset the rhythms of its politics and infrastructure investment. They clear thousands from their homes and virtually close down whole cities for a month. IOC plutocrats arrive like visiting princelings long accustomed to living at the expense of others. In London they demanded and got exclusive limousine lanes (including outside Harrods) and traffic lights switched to green as they drove to their venues. They block-booked luxury hotels and dumped unwanted rooms onto the market when it was too late for re-letting. Their sponsors demanded the removal of rival advertisements anywhere near the venues (even on toilet equipment). They expected some 40,000 security staff to be on hand, or four times the number of athletes, to protect “the Olympic family”.

    Even after shaking off past corruption scandals, the IOC is addicted to extravagance. The games nowadays float on national hyperbole and civic rivalry, festivals not of sport but of competitive mega-structures. The IOC requires each venue to meet meticulous specifications at whatever cost. The number of sports increases each time (currently 26 covering some 400 events), all craving their hour in the television spotlight.

    Some 95% of the budget of a modern Olympics goes not on sport but on steel, concrete, bricks and mortar, even in cities such as London with perfectly adequate facilities already. “Starchitects” propose ever wilder arenas that everyone knows will come in at double or treble their estimates. They absorb labour, energy, materials, land and effort which are then not available for urban investment elsewhere. The global scale of such evanescent spending over the decades must be staggering.

    Now do you undestand why we're not that keen to bid for the SOGs let alone host them!

    The ioc really do need to get their house in order......

  14. One thing Paris doesn't need is a glitzy tourism advert. I don't think there's a city that's better known anywhere in the world. If they end up going for the Olympics it won't be for that reason.

    But I always get the impression that France has trouble selling itself as a business destination compared with other major cities of its size and clout. It is often seen as bureaucratic and not as business friendly as other places because of its strong trade unions, working hour laws, high tax rates (especially with Hollande as President). I can see why an Expo would be attractive for Paris as it tries to compete with London and the German mega-conurbations for investment and industry.


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