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  1. From another thread: http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2014/apr/23/world-cup-olympics-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-sensation-disaster Now do you undestand why we're not that keen to bid for the SOGs let alone host them! The ioc really do need to get their house in order......
  2. http://www.invest-in-france.org/Medias/Publications/2448/2013-report-on-job-creating-foreigne-investment-in-france.pdf
  3. General de Gaulle's political offspring or if you prefer "Sarkozy's lot"! No. You've got the main gist of it all. But please stop confusing Sarkozy's UMP party with Marine le Pen's FN. Two entirely different kettles of fish....
  4. You obviously know s#@t all about France and Paris. BTW Marine Le Pen hasn't got an ice cube's chance in hell of ever winning a presidential election......
  5. What should Killy have done baron? After all, it's not like the ioc are too bothered about human rights when choosing a host. Is it?
  6. He « assisted » with the 2012 bid and we all saw how well that went!! Seriously though I think he’s a little too old to head a Paris bid. One of the criticisms levelled at the 2012 bidding team was that it was mainly made up of old men in grey suits…which btw was underserved. Incidentally it’ll be interesting to see who the ioc appoints as his replacement, French or not French. Either way the message will be received loud and clear…..
  7. http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/23063-paris-2024/?p=434989
  8. After her trip to London French sports minister, Valérie Fourneyron, travels to Tokyo to meet her Japanese counterpart. (in French) http://www.liberation.fr/sports/2014/03/22/jo-2024-la-ministre-francaise-des-sports-a-tokyo-une-candidature-en-tete_989159
  9. I wrote this 6 months ago.... http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/23063-paris-2024/?p=407307
  10. Anne Hidalgo, whom the polls see as winning the next mayoral election in Paris, has publicly stated that she was, “at this moment in time”, “not really” in favour of an Olympic bid. She added that it was not for the Paris ratepayer to meet the costs of the games and that she first needed to be given financial guarantees. However, she concluded, if the bid does go ahead, she would be happy to work with the bidding team: (in French) http://www.leparisien.fr/paris-75/video-jo-2024-hidalgo-pas-favorable-aujourd-hui-a-la-candidature-de-paris-04-03-2014-3642131.php http://paris-ile-de-france.france3.fr/2014/03/05/jo-2024-hidalgo-pas-vraiment-favorable-une-candidature-de-paris-427023.html An online poll run by a French daily gave the following results which need no translation! : http://www.leparisien.fr/sports/souhaitez-vous-que-la-france-soit-candidate-a-l-organisation-des-jeux-olympiques-de-2024-03-03-2014-3639953.php
  11. Just as bad today as it was in 2005! Same here. Beats me why they would want to meet up with Coe! According to Le Monde the French visitors were more interested in the after Games and legacy, real or imagined, than the bidding process.....
  12. Thanks for that. On the other hand the ioc need to treat bidders with greater respect, stop playing playground politics, eeny meeny minie moe or spin the bottle! Otherwise they are facing a bleak future where the only bidders will be repeat offenders (Tokyo), B & C listers (Istanbul), stalkers (Madrid) and oil rich countries with dubious reputations..... Not really what dreams are made of, n'est-ce pas?
  13. I never said nor think that we have nothing to learn from others, I simply stated that we had nothing to learn from Coe and his band of merry men.... Besides, if the present French government runs the bidding process the way they're running the country then, yes, we are heading for a new defeat. ....which explains why many, over here, are wary of a 2024 Paris bid.
  14. Hardly surprising. Her mentor, the outgoing mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanöe whom she hopes to replace, headed the Paris 2012 bidding team!
  15. Again I fail to see what Coe could teach us that we don't already know. Lessons on how to dis the opposition perhaps!
  16. T'as des lettres!! Personnellement je préfère Les Tontons Flingueurs !
  17. I fail to see what they're hoping to gain or achieve on that trip. Little or nothing I guess.......
  18. World Cup: FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce says no decision yet made on 2022 event http://www1.skysports.com/FIFA-World-Cup-2014/news/12016/9106470/world-cup-fifa-vice-president-jim-boyce-says-no-decision-yet-made-on-2022-event What a mess!!
  19. You obviously weren't around in 2005...... http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/04/sports/04iht-OLY.html?_r=0
  20. According to Jérôme Valcke the 2022 WC will be held in winter. http://www.foot01.com/foot-mondial/le-mondial-2022-decale-en-hiver-annonce-la-fifa,132859 http://edition.cnn.com/2014/01/08/sport/football/valcke-qatar-world-cup-2022-football/
  21. If I were Bach I wouldn't be building my hopes just yet. "There's many a slip twixt cup and lip"
  22. "IOC boss backs new Paris bid for Olympics" http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ioc-boss-backs-paris-bid-olympics-220336192--oly.html But then again he equally stated a few d But then again he equally stated a few days earlier: http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/more-sports/ioc-president-thomas-bach-points-to-italy-and-us-bids-for-2024/story-fnii0hmo-1226767039494 Methinks he's looking for a rerun of the 2012 bid......
  23. Paris, Monday 25th November 2013. Ten day after having having met with the three French IOC members, French president François Hollande held a meeting at the Elysée Palace with his sports minister Valérie Fourneyron, Denis Masseglia, president of the French NOC (CNOSF) and Bernard Lapasset head of the international French sports committee (CFSI). One of the subjects discussed was the possibility of a Paris bid for the 2024 SOG. No comments were made after the meeting…. (French speakers only) http://www.leparisien.fr/sports/la-candidature-de-paris-aux-jo-2024-discutee-a-l-elysee-25-11-2013-3348643.php
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