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  1. Then again we all know the IOC is so very good a setting up a whole raft of wonderful new rules and regulations which are supposed to bring down the cost of hosting a game (as they did in Prague back in 2003, remember them?) only to sit on them at the first opportunity....
  2. Good luck or rather, bonne chance, with that one! He's got his work cut out. Doh! No kidding!!
  3. Just to savour that moment a little bit more: Karabatic kicking Qatar's backside!!!
  4. Well theoretically they could....... ........but they DIDN'T!!!!!!!!! http://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/sport/en-direct-l-equipe-de-france-de-handball-defie-le-qatar-pour-un-5e-titre-mondial_1647094.html
  5. Please note that I disassociate myself completely with my fellow countryman Tulsa's rantings over Annecy and PyeongChang. Annecy 2018 was a non starter from the word go! Central government only went with it (or rather pretended to go with it) to placate local dignitaries and show the IOC , then, that they hadn't completely turned their back on an OG. I'm surprised btw that we even managed to scrape 7 votes!! As I mentioned in previous posts, the accepted policy (to this day) is that there will never be a WOG in France until a SOG has been held in Paris. Tulsa needs to live with it. Now back to the object of this thread, Paris 2024.........
  6. And twitter feeds (mostly in French) : https://twitter.com/hashtag/Paris2024?src=hash https://twitter.com/hashtag/ambitionolympique?src=hash
  7. Speaking of which: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2015-01-14/debunking-the-muslim-nogo-zone-myth http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/01/more-fox-news-expert-fail-muslim-ghettos-have-made-france-into-afghanistan-after-911/ Didn't know wether to laugh or cry!! We decided to laugh...... #jesuischarlie
  8. Latest news is that the findings from the feasibility study will be made public on the 12th February. The venue chosen is.......... <drum roll> ............the Paris town hall!!
  9. Because they would have laughed had they not been murdered by cowards! Thanks btw for having restarted this thread.....
  10. Absolutely staggered that my "Je suis Charlie" post on the 'Terrorist attack against French satire magazine' thread has been modded !!! Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? (Apologies to all if this is the wrong place to post)
  11. "Fifa and Sepp Blatter in secret talks about president's future" http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/30572224
  12. Let's be frank, you would be hard put to find anyone in France who would disagree with her.....
  13. No he didn't. As memorabilia pointed out he said he was "in favour [of a SOG] if She (Paris that is) decides to bid". Which you'll agree is a different kettle of fish. She doesn't have a veto so doesn't need to be coerced, only convinced. In the past she simply stated that she hadn't been elected to organise a SOG and that if a SOG were to be held it wasn't for the Parisians to pay for it. Besides, it's not for city hall to bid but the French NOC. Responding on the radio this morning Guy Drut said that Hollande's statement was "encouraging". Beware what you wish for!!
  14. Totally agree. Back in 2003 in Prague the IOC made a wide ranging series of recommendations to minimize costs and avoid "white elephants" when organising games. The Paris 2012 bidding team prided itself in abiding by every single one of those 117 recommendations and made it publicly known in their bid. We all know how well that went.... The IOC can propose all the rules they want. If they don't act on those rules and are seen to act on them then they can just as well forget those "sweeping olympic bid changes" !
  15. Crackpot idea dreamt up by Denis Masseglia in order to test the French people's interest in a potential bid. Totally daft idea. Sounds very much like desperation to me. It'll en in tears I tell ya!
  16. Favourites? Been there. Done that. Even got the T shirt! http://media.koreus.com/200507/jo2012-tshirt.jpg
  17. He didn't really say no to a 2024 SOG. What he did was to publicly voice his support for a 2025 Expo. He was supported in his stance by the Paris mayor. French commentators have concluded that by making such a statement without waiting for the results of a feasibility study he was in fact burying the whole Paris 2024 project.
  18. Tweeted by the IOC Director of Communications, Mark Adams who, earlier, tweeted a link to this article: http://m.apnews.com/ap/db_307134/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=Z7onK7f2 Sounds very much to me like a fake, following on from the mother of all sour grapes......
  19. Google translated the VG Sporten article. Couldn't believe what I was reading! See for yourself: http://www.vg.no/sport/ol-2022/ioc-krever-gratis-sprit-paa-stadion-og-cocktail-fest-med-kongen/a/23306598/
  20. VoilĂ ! http://www.thestar.com/sports/amateur/2014/10/01/begging_beijing_to_host_2022_winter_olympics_bad_sign_for_ioc_arthur.html?app=noRedirect
  21. "The IOC released a screw-you-guys statement" :D Just loving this!
  22. For a Frenchman it's nice to see the shoe's on the other foot!! Welcome to the club IOC!!
  23. What I meant was that there's every chance that Paris 2024 goes the same way as Oslo 2022 did...... ......i.e.: nowhere!
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