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  1. Does anyone have links that work o the Beijing 2022 bidbooks? Thanks.
  2. Is there timeto bid for 2028 if Bostom were not to win 2024?
  3. LA seems ready and safe, SF seems more exciting but risky. I think I would prefer San Francisco.
  4. it may be better to imagine that tohost it.
  5. @mrcorp You said hairy not me. Were [America/NYC] not jealous I swear, but let your ego run wild, its just precious. Every hope you express and comparison you make is trying to be something like successful US cities, then you bash the US. Pure wannabe. For the record I love C just not T. Bash away.
  6. .....sorry the truth hurts. There are MANY beautiful wonderful places in CA....T isn't one. It's big though so that's something!
  7. T is north but great not so much. Your pics: 1-That could be Cleveland + a cement tower from 1977 2-Wow a suburb of 1970-80s 30-40 story condos and officesworld class (oh wait a handful are 68 stories.it's a virtual Dubai..just ask any fake Malaysian twin) 3-That monstrosity is dated and crumbling, its like expo67 never endedparty on 3-Libuskind is just tackyafter he was kicked to the curb in NYC and disgraced Gio Ponti in Denver where else to go but T 4-That is nice 5-All the glam of ANY 3rd or 4TH tier US city on long exposure, Cleveland would look similar. 6-Summer is worse than winter. 7-Top one case in point down to the pimply armsBottom has good whore appeal. Look some Torontonians love their city but compared to other truly beautiful Canadian cities it's the fat ugly tall plain sister with huge thighs and a lazy eye. You Canadians know how many I HATE UGLY TORONTO websites there are. So if you want to insult me or my city go for itjust getting bored with (heres how we will look one day) Toronto signatures and over excited locals who cant admit T is sort of not that interesting. Its the biggest city in C, however Vancouver would be a more appealing summer games host in the future, its actually beautiful and fun to visit. Also its a bit early to return anyway. To bad you despise the US so much, theres about 9 better NA options than T. I want to see T bid though. Bottom line T has no soul.
  8. I'm in NYC, but I have business in Canada.
  9. The whole city is like a bad suburb/strip-mall. Horrid weather, ugly architecture and ugly girls...just awful. If you love cement you'll love TORONTO! That should be the city moto.
  10. Sorry but Toronto is hideously ugly......all cement and wires. Everyone in Canada knows it's true.
  11. It would be better to categorize the many responses, maybe the controllers need to cater to user patterns ...obviously not much passion about Tokyo so meh, but MANY are still pissed on Qatar.
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