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  1. Hopefully these online streams don't die because of traffic soon.
  2. Its not a secret or is it meant to be one that the arrow didn't go into the cauldron.
  3. I'm gonna go way out there and say China will do pretty good in badminton.
  4. I am so pumped. Sometimes I just start shaking. These Olympics are like a drug. Hopefully the NBC on demand stuff is still available after the games. I wouldn't want to have to go cold turkey.
  5. It will be weird watching the OC while watching the 10m rifle final online at the same time.
  6. I've been trying to keep my eye on multiple matches. USA/JPN seems to be the best so far. Also, Italy converts their second penalty to go up 3-0.
  7. The BRA/BEL match had 24 fouls and 5 bookings in the first half.
  8. Italy 2 Honduras 0 USA 0 Japan 0 Brazil 0 Belgium 0 Australia 0 Serbia 0 All at halftime
  9. Who cares? Its not like its ever going to be heard.
  10. Any site that list all the events of a day in one list instead of separated by sport?
  11. I had a little trouble seeing the lines at Shenyang stadium sometimes. The grass was so light.
  12. NOR 2 USA 0 PRK 1 NGR 0 CHN 1 SWE 1 All at halftime.
  13. North Korea misses the penalty. Still 1-0 vs Nigeria.
  14. Whats with the group "E, F, and G" instead of A, B, and C?
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