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  1. This was about an hour ago. Mens 50m pistol G: JIN Jong Oh (KOR) S: KIM Jong Su (PRK) B: TAN Zongliang (CHN) The Chinese had a two point lead after qualifying, but a 7.9 on the first shot put him out of first and he never recovered.
  2. He will have the 200m butterfly and 4x200 free finals tomorrow correct?
  3. Great morning for the US. 3 golds, 2 silvers, 2 bronze.
  4. Tie for third. Maybe they need to go to thousandths.
  5. 4 medals in 5 minutes. Should help in trying to win the most medals overall.
  6. That was a lot less dramatic that last night.
  7. Women's judo 57kg G: QUINTAVALLE Giulia (Italy) S: GRAVENSTIJN Deborah (Netherlands) B: QUADROS Ketleyn (Brazil) B: XU Yan (China) Men's judo G: MAMMADLI Elnur (Azerbaijan) S: WANG Kichun (Korea) B: BOQIEV Rasul (Tajikistan) B: GUILHEIRO Leandro (Brazil)
  8. Italians trying to repeat the USA and sweep in fencing. Women's foil semis ITA vs KOR ITA vs ITA
  9. That guy is going to have nightmares about that 7.
  10. Heres a shock...China wins gold. Weightlifting Women's 58kg G: CHEN Yanqing (China - Total 244 OR) S: SHAINOVA Marina (Russia) B: O Jong Ae (North Korea)
  11. Don't tell me China is actually going to do it.
  12. Women's trap G: MAKELA-NUMMELA Satu (Finland) S: STEFECEKOVA Zuzana (Slovakia) B: COGDELL Corey (United States) There was a four-way shoot-off for bronze.
  13. 10m air rifle, mens G: BINDRA Abhinav (India) S: ZHU Qinan (China) B: HAKKINEN Henri (Finland) First medals for India and Finland.
  14. Did they say Lezak went 46 flat?
  15. Aussies get gold and bronze in 100 butterfly. Americans get silver.
  16. Coventry (RSA) sets new WR in 100m backstroke semis.
  17. Hasn't NBC only shown 4 medal events live so far? Not that I care since I watch everything online, but I thought MSNBC/USA would be showing more live events.
  18. US needs to pile on some golds in Swimming tonight just to keep up with China.
  19. Tight match in the battle for the right to lose to South Korea.
  20. Mens trap shooting G: KOSTELECKY David (Czech Republic) S: PELLIELO Giovanni (Italy) B: ALIPOV Alexey (Russian Fed.)
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