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  1. What a final 500m from China. They would have gotten gold if the race was 2250m.
  2. And track and field is just starting...
  3. Jiang Yuyuan somehow got the same execution on beam as Shawn Johnson desipite having 4 or 5 more balance checks...
  4. And thanks for NBC for streaming NONE of it online. No TV coverage at all tonight either.
  5. Usain Bolt ran a relaxing 10.20 in heat 1 and still won easily.
  6. That sucks NBC is streaming no track and field stuff online. Maybe some of us want to watch the hammer throw prelims.
  7. 1972 had 15 mens events 2008 has 16 mens events (not counting marathon) The only difference is 50m freestyle which Phelps does not participate.
  8. In the past 2 hours, Georgia beat Russia in beach volleyball and won two golds (in judo and wrestling).
  9. Cycling - Women's Individual Time Trial G: ARMSTRONG Kristin - United States S: POOLEY Emma - Great Britain B: THURIG Karin - Switzerland
  10. I don't think it would be a big deal if the nine year old was lip syncing (Luciano Pavarotti did according to the conductor), but it wasn't even here singing.
  11. Men 81kg judo G: BISCHOF Ole - Germany S: KIM Jaebum - Korea B: CAMILO Tiago - Brazil B: GONTIUK Roman - Ukraine First medal for Ukraine.
  12. Women's judo 58kg G: TANIMOTO Ayumi - Japan S: DECOSSE Lucie - France B: WILLEBOORDSE Elisabeth - Netherlands B: WON Ok Im - DPR Korea
  13. They just needed wrestling to start.
  14. Russia gets their second gold in wrestling defeating Azerbaijan again. G: ALBIEV Islam-Beka - Russian Fed. S: RAHIMOV Vitaliy - Azerbaijan B: TIUMENBAEV Ruslan - Kyrgyzstan B: TENGIZBAYEV Nurbakyt - Kazakhstan Good luck beating the number of "z"s in the nations of that podium.
  15. Men's Greco-Roman 55 kg G: MANKIEV Nazyr - Russian Fed S: BAYRAMOV Rovshan - Azerbaijan B: AMOYAN Roman - Armenia B:PARK Eun-Chul - Korea First gold for Russia. First medal for Armenia. The 60kg gold medal match later is also Russia vs Azerbaijan.
  16. TOGO GETS BRONZE! Their first medal ever! G: GRIMM Alexander (Germany) S: LEFEVRE Fabien (France) B: BOUKPETI Benjamin (Togo)
  17. In the kayak, the #56 in the world from Togo has the fastest time after the semis.
  18. Canoe Single (C1) Men G: MARTIKAN Michal (Slovakia) S: FLORENCE David (Great Britain) B: BELL Robin (Australia)
  19. What a finish to the women's 63kg weightlifting! The North Korean who was 0 for 2 in the clean and jerk was down to the last lift down 134kg. On her third try, she lifted 135kg to win 241kg to 240. G: PAK Hyon Suk (PRK) S: NEKRASSOVA Irina (KAZ) B: LU Ying-Chi (TPE)
  20. Women's Synchronised 10m Platform G: China S: Australia B: Mexico First medal for Mexico. Men's Double Trap G: ELLER Walton (USA) S: D ANIELLO Francesco (ITA) B: HU Binyuan (CHN) The Italian fell to the ground bawling (it wasn't a simple cry) afterward. That silver meant a lot to him.
  21. Everything I've heard said its US vs China for gold and everyone else is playing for 3rd.
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