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  1. Reminds me of Albert II on the day of his inauguration.
  2. It is very cool to live there - especially if you are not Japanese.
  3. I hate these contrieved attempts at looking cool by making selfies.
  4. French tv commentators say Lord Coe will probably replace Thomas Bach. Did I miss something or are they just silly ?
  5. That makes a quite realistic order of elimination in the IOC vote.
  6. 537 days before the Opening Ceremony of PC 2018.
  7. This handover will mark the beginning of a 8-year Asian era for the Olympics. Next time the Games will be out of Asia will be 2024.
  8. I have been to Japan a few times and I am looking forward to going there for the Olympics. I hope we will discover in 2018 that the Koreans audiences have improved. The Olympics are now going for a eight year Asian era.
  9. Bid countries : USA : 1st France : 7th Italy : 9th Hungary : 12th
  10. On my side I have applied for tickets for London 2017 IAAF Championships.
  11. I feel it coming. Do you want to talk about it ? how do you cure it ?
  12. I think I remember the crowd in Seoul was not very nice to the adversaries of Korea. I hope they have improved.
  13. Let's all agree that the worst Games ever were Saint-Louis and the best Lillehammer.
  14. All I know is that in France the travel accommodation and tickets will be provided by Eventeam and you can already register on their web site to be on their mailing list.
  15. The Germans are never happy when one of their own leads an international organisation. Look at Ratzinger for instance.
  16. Let's first see how the YOG will be in 2018.
  17. Uh uh Neymar has a '100% Jesus' headband on his forehead on the podium during the medal ceremony, the IOC will not like it... Now will they put that on the organizers for letting it pass or on Neymar ?
  18. Good thought. I wonder were we would stand now if Istanbul had been elected. We have to keep in mind that 36 IOC members thought it was a great idea. So for me the IOC has to choose between Paris 2024 then LA 2028 and LA 2024 then ... say... Amsterdam 2028.
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