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  1. Le Monde, one of the main opponents to the Paris 2024 Games publishes another article about the Games today. Their strategy is astute : based on the withdrawal of Rome, they suggest a new bid approach which they know is not acceptable for the IOC (spreading the Games throughout Europe).
  2. I would not take holidays in Brazil if I were Bach.
  3. Well, I guess the Constitution will be changed next year to overrule the supreme court. Ready to bet ? PS: it was NOT the supreme court. You are mixing Conseil d'Etat and Conseil Constutionnel.
  4. In preparation for Madrid 2028 which will follow Los Angeles 2024
  5. The point is, the largest, oldest, best known sports daily in France believes that Los Angeles 2024 is the front runner. It came to me as a complete surprise.
  6. Well there are worse fates than living in Madrid.
  7. L'Equipe of Monday August 14 page 14 L'Equipe of Monday August 14 page 24
  8. I downloaded the app on my iPad and saying it does not work is an understatement.
  9. French daily L'Équipe says today that the general feedback they got in Rio from the IOC insiders is that it is the US's turn and as a consequence Los Angeles 2024 is the favourite.
  10. This was kind of sad for me because last time I was in the stadium in London. Well you can't always be there. Maybe PC... or Tokyo
  11. Ok that' it French TV says that some parts have been dropped due to weather conditions.
  12. Do you know Coubertin wanted Ode to Joy as Olympic anthem?
  13. We have a say in French: there are also flying fish, but they are not the majority of the fish.
  14. Speaking French a lot, exhuming an old award by Coubertin... Is this a sign?
  15. I would love to see his papers flying away with the wind.
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