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  1. Jeux olympiques : les transports, première fissure dans le projet de Paris 2024
  2. Grand Paris Express: pas de métro pour les JO?  
  3. It has been announced today that the construction of line 15, the only Grand Paris Express metro line in construction as of today, is delayed with opening in 2024. Given that all the other lines of the Grand Paris Express are not yet in construction, it can be easily deduced that no new metro line will be available at the time of the Olympic Games. Le calendrier du Grand Paris Express ne sera pas respecté So you can forget about the fast connection to the Airports that Grand Paris Express was supposed to bring.
  4. Maybe keeping the same logo would show the organizing committee is cost-conscious. No new expense of logo brainstorming and creation ?
  5. Except Albertville, once again.
  6. That would be like for Albertville then. They kept the bid logo.
  7. I have A category on all my tickets but one, which has not happened to me ever (seventh time I go to the Games). So there must really be a problem with sales.
  8. https://www.google.com/maps/uv?pb=!5sPyeongchang Olympic Stadium!6m14!1m13!7m1!1s%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2F-pXcfc-z7nOk%2FWehppPB898I%2FAAAAAAAAABE%2FDL412ZpTRkcVc14g2W0vh4qIv8g024-LwCLIBGAYYCw%2Fw365-h486-k-no%2F!22m10!2m2!1e3!2s-pXcfc-z7nOk%2FWehppPB898I%2FAAAAAAAAABE%2FDL412ZpTRkcVc14g2W0vh4qIv8g024-LwCLIBGAYYCw!3m6!1e3!2e3!3m2!1i4608!2i3456!10s-pXcfc-z7nOk%2FWehppPB898I%2FAAAAAAAAABE%2FDL412ZpTRkcVc14g2W0vh4qIv8g024-LwCLIBGAYYCw!9b1&hl=fr-US&viewerState=lb
  9. There are pictures of the full cauldron on Google Earth if you browse through the images attached to the Olympic stadium.
  10. Grand Paris Express: Pécresse met en garde contre des «dépassements de budget» Head of Ile de France region Pecresse « discovers » the issue and provides a dire warning.
  11. Anyone knows the exact location of the bobsleigh and luge track ?
  12. Nice article (in French, sorry) which explains that the transportation plan promised for the Games (also called Grand Paris Express) is unaffordable and that the French Government discussed internally the issue on August 2... Cost is 35 billion euros and not 22 billions as originally planned. And of course the construction has not even started. Les JO c’est gagné, mais le Grand Paris Express ça coince très fort
  13. Given the 2024/28 Games allocation this week, could the IOC open the bids for 2026/30 at the same time, so there are two winners among the bid cities once again ? like, a North American city and a European city ?
  14. I think you have only partial memory of the ceremony (remembering the bungee cord dance and so on). The local element was present, both in terms of music and shows on stage. You had all the local dance groups from the whole area brought to the ceremony for instance. You had horn players, traditional clothes and so on. For me there was a correct balance between grounded, local stuff and universal things. Of course you had not the mustached, beret and baguette Frenchman.
  15. La la land might become a Broadway musical so if successful it could still be around by 2028
  16. I do not know how it looked like on TV but as a spectator it was just one of the greatest shows I have seen.
  17. I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
  18. At least we can expect there will be no referendum in Almaty and Erzurum. I think if any European bid (Alps or Scandinavia) survives the referendum, it is the winner. Medium term solution (2030 ?) would be to go for France, there is no referendum there either.
  19. Populous To Design Beijing’s National Speed Skating Oval For 2022 Winter Olympic Games
  20. Doha will host the 2019 IAAF championships and the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Now there is the possibility these are disasters. But if they aren't what do you think of the prospects for Doha for the next Olympics, 2032, 2036...
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