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  1. Good catch with the galleon in Seoul, I didn't remember it. My favourite ceremony closing was Albertville closing ceremony, first of all because I was there. At the end of the show they asked to the spectators to get down on the stage and mix with the athletes. I got to dance with Chinese skiers for the end of the ceremony ... Well you would not do these kind of thing these days, too many security concerns. I think the main problem with handovers is that the Organizing Committees haven't completely made their minds with the topics, looks, graphic rules, sound, etc... of their Games. So this always look disconnected from the future Games. I remember for instance the short-lived mascot of Albertville which was seen in Calgary and never seen again.
  2. These were great Games. I am starting to wish for a Harbin 2018 bid.
  3. I create this topic so that we can post about all the commemorative DVDs which will be issued throughout the world.
  4. I hope it's not raining during the handover ceremony in four years. All these topless Brazilian dancers soaking wet...
  5. France is slowly losing : Atlanta were the best Games, Sydney was worse, Athens was worse than Sydney and this time it's accelerating.
  6. Mr Rogge should have more important matters to care for. I can't remember an IOC president dissing an Olympic medal winner since Avery Brundage. Sure JAS never did that.
  7. I have a few questions : * will there be a flame relay ? from where ? Olympia ? through where ? * how will the winners be called : Youth Olympic Champions ? will there be medals, mascots - I know there will be a logo * what will be the difference with the Olympic Games for sports such as gymnastics, where the Olympic Champions fall in the same 14-18 age category ? will that amount to have the OG every two years for these sports ? * what is the expected media coverage ?
  8. Or at least a CGI Olympic flame.
  9. Protesting in Paris ? what kind of courage is that ? easy, useless, a pure exercise in self satisfaction. In front of real danger, where would these guys be ?
  10. So what are the next steps ? will we get a Games logo and mascot ?
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