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  1. There have never been so many bids for a long time. But all of them have referendum or other liabilities attached so the situation can turn into 2022-like quite quickly. So fingers crossed but still deep concerns. Regarding an Italian bid I guess the easiest fix would be to relocate the session to Lausanne or Monaco...
  2. Well going often to the Olympics and seldom to other events I tend to take good organisation for granted. The first day was messy and somewhat frustrating . Already some improvements today. That being said Italy can stage well organized events. See Torino 2006...
  3. I am at the World Figure Skating Championships in Milano this week, and one month after PyeongChang the stark contrast confirms to me how well the 2018 Games were organised
  4. They could move the school holidays by one week to the right too to do the other half of the way
  5. I thought the IOC does not accept bids from the country where the host city is elected ?
  6. It is perfectly dishonest to include in the cost of the Olympics the cost of permanent and useful infrastructure such as the high speed railway line between Wonju and Gangneung.
  7. And given the recent events they will look even better in hindsight.
  8. Tulsa, how do you know, you said you would not watch.
  9. I really enjoyed these Games, first on TV and then flying to Seoul and spending five days there. Mascot: a very good one, not as facetious as Hero the Hedgehog but very present at all venues, and interacting with the public Transportation: well organized, regular and dense Olympic bus network. Maybe a bit too specialized so that you had to change like four-five times to go from your hotel in Gangneung - if you could find one - to the mountain venues. The regular city bus network was free, but had limited working hours, was not working late so if coming from a late hockey match the final item of your daily routine could be a very long walk. Otherwise the taxis (alternate solution) were relatively cheap and could drop and pick you quite close to the Gangneung Olympic park North and South Gates. The KTX was the most convenient transport from Gangneung to the mountain venues (Jinbu train station), I finally found out. Not free like in Sochi, but relatively inexpensive and fast (about 20 min between Gangneung and Jinbu) compared to the Sochi - Adler - Krasnaya Polyana railway. Gangneung Olympic Park: Four venues, all brand new except curling plus a stadium which could have hosted the ceremonies without problem (why ?). Special mention for the toilets with brand new white soap bars every morning (Korean do not like soap dispensers ??). The blue plastic seats in the venues were reasonably comfortable. Seat and gate numbering was sometimes confusing, since there were often gates closer to your seat than the one indicated on your ticket. Pretty boring house of Tokyo 2020. Access to House of Beijing 2022 needing to perform on line registration three days in advance and provide your passport #. I hope it does not announce the modus operandi for these Games... Nice food and ambiance at House of Canada. Packed full superstore and McDonald's as usual. PyeongChang Olympic Park: larger than the Gangneung one, but without real venue, only the stadium, the Medal plaza, shops, exhibits and restaurants. A bit sad and too large for its function. I am sorry that the figure skating medals are no longer given in the venue but are now on the plaza like the other sports. When you have attended a figure skating competition, you are not going to drop everything to do a 3 hour trip to PyeongChang for the medal ceremony. Connected : free wifi in all venues, was working very well, even the outdoor ones. Maybe a bit distracting for some younger spectators. Saw a lot looking their iPhone or posting on social networks instead of actually watching the athletes... For some reason you had to switch off/reset the iPhone when going to another venue, the phone was not recognizing the wifi from a second venue when you had connected to a first one beforehand. Attendance : most of the venues where I went (hockey, speed skating, short track, figure skating, nordic skiing) where packed full. Alpine skiing (giant M) was half full as well as bobsled for 2. I suspect that the arenas were fuller during the second week than during the first week. Mostly Korean people in Gangneung, with a small contingent of Europeans, Canadians, Russians and Japanese. More foreign people in the mountain venues I felt. Other amenities: Loved the distribution of free heater packs and free flags from your home country. Unfortunately French flags were given out before I arrived. Food at the venues was ok but un-Korean : tuna sandwiches, sausages, hot dogs, nachos with cheese, etc. Volunteers : for me the highlight of the Games, always smiling, always helpful, I would have like to hug each of them individually, but they were far too many. And of course they survived thanks to the heaters pack they constantly had in their hands. Their mastering of English was sometimes limited but then Google translate is your friend. Security : ok but not invasive, no military guys everywhere, like in Sochi. Lots of very young policemen and women. Waiting time are security control was short. All the Olympic Park in Gangneung was in the same security perimeter. Overall I would put them from my spectator experience at the level of SLC. Not out of this world like Lillehammer but better than Torino for sure. Sochi is a special case for me because as a spectator it was wonderful, but there is the context, these Games nearly killed the Winter olympics. Also a factor to consider is that due to better health and higher salary available I could go to more events (up to three a day) than in Sochi or Torino. As said by others, congratulations to Korea and to the volunteers for excellent Games, indeed Games as they should always be. I have been following Korean bids on GamesBids since the first one for the 2010 Games and it was a great satisfaction to see them delivered so well.
  10. I fear it will be difficult to avoid a national referendum. The socialists are dead set on doing one. And then the bid is dead.
  11. Given the success of the PyeongChang Games I think we could have soon a Korean bid for the SOG There is a possibility of Seoul Mk II of course, but we also had the Summer Universiade in Daegu and Gwangju and the Asian Games in Busan and Incheon. So many possibilities
  12. I would like Royal de Luxe and La Machine. Royal de Luxe La Machine
  13. I do not take lightly being called a liar.
  14. Bit of trivia: coubertin says in his souvenirs that at the opening ceremony of Athens 1896, the crowd liked the Olympic anthem so much that they played it a second time.
  15. There is pin trading next to the House of Korea in Gangneung. Not been to Vancouver so difficult to compare. The House of Canada in Gangneung was quite nice though.
  16. Dear Tulsa - Hello from Gangneung, South Korea. As you know I am a fellow Frenchman. I will not rate Games from worst to best. I have been to six of them. All I can provide is a personnal feeling, among the six I attended, the ones I enjoyed the least are the Torino 2006 Games. The attendance to the alpine venues where I went was low, and the big city was engulfing the Olympic feeling of the Games. Does not mean they were better or worse, just a personal impression, and comparison to my previous visit to SLC. I have also to break some news to you : Albertville 92 Games were not among my best experiences either. In Albertville, I attended the Games from OC to CC, being there for sixteen days, going to up to three events a day, more than 30 events total, including all figure skating events but one. The Ceremonies were great, real breakthrough ones, but the too spread out venue plan was a logistics nightmare and removed some of the Olympic feeling by being too diluted through the Tarentaise. My best experience - no surprise there - is Lillehammer 94, you can't beat the Norwegian Games for the mood. And by the way Lillehammer was as cold or even colder than PC. I was at the 50 km and I still feel cold thinking of it. I would put PyeongChang on par with SLC in my memories. Contrary to your statement, the ten events where I went (hockey, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, bobsled, figure skating, speed skating, short track) were packed except for the best seats Here is why. I made the point for Sochi, one of the issues at the Olympics is that the best seats, reserved for Olympic family, TOP sponsors, athletes, etc are often empty, and since these are the best seats, they are more conspicuous on the broadcast. The Olympic park in Gangneung was smaller than Sochi's and was nicely crowded. Long queues at each pavilion of the sponsors showcases. I can not give enough praise to the wonderful PyeongChang volunteers ; the quality of the brand new facilities and of the venues is great - and there was snow. And free Wifi in each venue or ice rink. The compact venue plan made it easy to watch multiple events on the same day, even if you switch from Alpensia to Gangneung. You can't beat the KTX which takes you between the stations of both clusters in about 20 mn at high speed and for about 6000 wons in comfortable seats. Regarding Sochi, wonderful experience overall for me, great organisation and venues. It is only the context which makes these Games feel "Bad".
  17. Tulsa please stop. I have been to six WOGs, starting with Albertville, and I am in Gangneung these days. I can tell you that PC 2018 compares very favorably in terms of attendance of ski events with the last games in Western Europe, ie Torino 2006. And I have seen it first hand for both Games. Organisation wise, volunteers wise, mood wise, I can only give praises to PC 2018. The area is cold and dry but indeed contrary to your many predictions of doom and gloom, there is snow and I have not heard any competitor complaining about it. You are just speaking according to your sour grapes state of mind relative to Annecy 2018. But I find it sad that this leads you to diminish the very good work performed by our Korean friends. All Games have their shortcomings. Albertville had theirs (venues too spread out, bobsled venue which can only operate early in the Morning, for instance), even Lillehammer had theirs. Torino had its unpreparedness and empty seats. Sochi was nearly perfectly organized but at an unaffordable cost and lacked snow. So thanks to Korea for these wonderful Games.
  18. Tulsa ... all venues I have been to were full... at least I went there contrary to you...
  19. The people here tell me that Gangwon was a relatively undeveloped area of Korea, particularly due to the closeness of the border. The line has been created ex nihilo, it is not replacing a former slower route. Gangneung and Alpensia will benefit the most, since they are serviced by KTX stations. For the Games as a transportation mean is is relatively cheap (not free, in Sochi the train was free) and fast (17 mn between both Olympic areas) with trains every 20 min or so. Far better that taxis and busses on the congested highway. i concur that the benefit ratio/cost of this line seems higher that the railway line in Sochi.
  20. where Is the French guy who was saying that the PC games would end in abject failure? They look quite ok from what I saw during my first two days there
  21. I have arrived in Gangneung. I have tickets for 10 events. Saw SLO - SVK at Kwandong U. this evening.
  22. Paris has withdrawn their bid for Expo 2025.
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