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  1. New video I found online of the area around the cauldron. http://instagram.com/p/jgZfwqMPe7/
  2. Your right about them turning black after burning for days. Here are my top places where you are most likely to find a petal after the London Olympics: 1. eBay 2. Moscow back alley 3. lost in customs on the flight back to its home country 4. on the tv show Pawn Stars
  3. I just read this online... "The Cauldron will be moved to take pride of place in the Olympic Stadium within the eyeline of competing athletes - echoes of its location at Wembley for the London 1948 Games. At the end of the Games, each team will take their petal home and the London 2012 Cauldron will cease to exist. Like a flower that only blooms for the during the competition, it's a temporary representation of the extraordinary transitory community that is the Olympic Games. " I can imagine some of these pieces ending up in a back alley like the cauldron from Moscow
  4. My favorite is the 2008 Derek Redmond Visa commercial. I just about cried the first time I saw it. Some of my not so favorite would include the Vanessa Atler Reese's commercial (she never qualified for the games), and the Reebok Dan and Dave commercials from 1992. There was so much hype around these athletes and then they didn't qualify or win.
  5. Did the Olympics change Niagra Falls? I was planning on visiting there in a few months and am alarmed of the transition the country may have made.
  6. Funny. Or it is in a back alley like Moscow's cauldron.
  7. Does anyone know where to find Lake Placid's Opening Ceremonies? I can not seem to find one video online of the cauldron lighting....not even on youtube.
  8. That fluff piece seemed like he was reading the back of a book about Canada from a Barnes and Noble's bargain bin. Ha. I remember when I went to work the next day and people were telling me about Canadian's living only in the first 100 miles of their country ....just like Tom said. I shouldn't really dig into that clip that much though. For years John Madden was on Monday Night Football and said some of the craziest quotes like "Don't worry about the horse being blind. Just load the wagon" and got some of the best ratings on tv.
  9. The ORDA store in Lake Placid has some discounted children's Vancouver shirts. I stopped at both of these stores a few days ago. About 75 percent off. If you go to the Team USA store on Main in Lake Placid they have hats, keychains, children's shirts, Ralph Lauren polo's, mens shirts, and vests for all 50 percent off. All of the vests are all xl and 2x.
  10. That picture at night is beautiful. Never noticed until now how small the cauldron was as opposed to others. Does anyone know if it is still functional?
  11. Where did they move Nagano's to? Can anyone find a picture online of its current condition? I cant seem to find one and am curious to see its condition after 12 years.
  12. Random thought: Is anyone else distracted from the match when they show the Beijing beach babe cheerleaders? I can't help but laugh when I see them on the sidelines during time outs and such. Athens had cheerleaders but they didn't seem half as active as those here in Beijing... Also congrats to the ladies US Beach Volleyball team!
  13. Some of the best athletes out there never won Olympic gold. Look at Michelle Kwan. She "is" figure skating. Had she won gold in 1998/2002 I do not believe figure skating would be what it is today. Too bad we'll never think the same of Ara Abrahamian.
  14. Hopefully the test run didn't char the cauldron. We all remember what the Fry Box looked like after it was lit...
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