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  1. This proud Canadian working in Asia will watch the OC proudly at home decked out in full gears purchased from vancouver2010.com!!! And I'm probably gonna cry seeing how I cried just watching the With Glowing Hearts / Des Plus Brillants Exploits videos by Vanoc...
  2. David Atkins Discusses The OC Some minor hints on what's going to happen tonight!
  3. I think they will be fine, a report said Cypress actually snowed earlier today for about 4 to 5 inches and the practices are going well.
  4. You are so ashamed that you wanted to move out of Canada? What was so shameful about it???
  5. Breeeath Mr. x already singing the national anthem from twitter reports... how are you gonna get through the actual thing! I am thoroughly hyped right now!!
  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Between the Opening Ceremony AND Chinese New Years holiday next week, this week will be one of the longest work week of my live!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHH!!!!111!!!11! Still hoping they will drape the roof as a final surprise (how long does it take??), and looking at the floor floor from the pix, I dont see hints of a hidden cauldron...
  7. Is that the general consensus or scattered opinions... I'm getting nervous thinking about this!
  8. The Lillehammer entrance was spectacular however I must LOL at the horror movie music in the background I love love love the flame entrance for Athens. The flashing AOHNA to the beating heart was very very effective and the camera work for the actual lighting was like watching an epic motion picture. Athens 2004 Olympic Flame
  9. This is great Mr. X! Thanks for sharing~ Hope there will be another one of these made after the cauldron lighting.
  10. I agree! AND on top of that, Jamie Sale grew up in an anglophone community and David Pelletier grew up francophone. Even the flame lighting is bilingual
  11. I thought there is a protocol that the cauldron lighter must be a former Olympian, current Olympian, or future prospect for an Olympian (i.e. random kids). That's why I read somewhere that some wanted Terry Fox's mother to be the lighter but she's not eligible. Of course... Random aboriginal kid still fits the requirements...
  12. Cool thanks! But eww they are uglier than I remembered... next idea please!
  13. okay never mind it's not Lillehammer... checked on Youtube... anyone know which Games used the one that I'm talking about?
  14. I remember Lillehammer ones was a horizontal rotating windmill thingy~ Maybe they'll do that and have English and French rotating signs during the parade
  15. Glad you started this topic Mr. X! My favorite vancouver2010 video so far: I teared up a little watching this... so proud of VANOC!
  16. Anyone know where I can watch the broadcast online in HD? Especially for the opening/closing ceremonies... Help this Canadian living in Asia who wants to watch the Games in his home country live!!! Thanks
  17. From the official site of Vancouver 2010 Neat!
  18. It's beautiful! Each medal will be unique to form a bigger overall artwork of an orca for the Olympic Games and a raven for Paralympic Games. Love the shape too, keeping in line with the branding of Vancouver 2010 featuring the landscapes. LOVE!
  19. http://www.ctvolympics.ca/breaking/index.html Here
  20. OMG I can't wait! I hope it will an awesome design from the start! The past two Winter Games' design needed time to grow on me...
  21. I totally disagree with the notion that Vancouver 2010 is focusing on Aboriginal motifs. Due to my work I travel a lot, and I notice that a lot of the travel brochures for Canada focus on experiencing Canada's nature. To me, the whole Vancouver 2010 branding is all about the beautiful Canadian natural outdoors. The green and blue colours of the branding, the torch, the poster, etc. When I see the branding, I do not feel like I'm watching an Aboriginal artwork but a very organic outdoor scenery of BC. Of course, you will see Aboriginal symbols because they ARE a significant part of Canada. The name "CANADA" is even derived from an Aboriginal language. However to me hey are most definitely not the focus which is evident from the branding aside from the logo and the mascot. I think a lot of people are just... over-saturated with including Aboriginal influences in anything Canadian so they are more sensitive to this. It's like the Mounties! They better not show up and dance during the opening ceremony. Also you want a European influence on the game? How about the slogan "With Glowing Hearts / Des Plus Brillants Exploits" (which I thought it was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! after the huge WTF when I heard the temp slogan during the Torino handover was 'Come Play With Us' LOL). As you know it's from the Canadian national anthem, with lyrics like "God keep our land glorious and free". I thought it's brilliant because it is a very inclusive and EXTREMELY CANADIAN. Every Canadian can identify to "With Glowing Hearts / Des Plus Brillants Exploits" and for non-Canadians I'd imagine this is still a very inspiring and personal phrase unlike the massive eye roll cliche of "One World, One Dream" or the awkwardly phrased "Passion Lives Here". This coming from me, an Chinese-Canadian with Buddhism as my family's predominant religion. I can't imagine what other "European" motifs should be in the branding, but I do hope if the opening ceremony goes the historical time line route of Canada they do put them into the spotlight.
  22. It's October! Where are the medals? I know VANOC has a briefing during the IOC Congress this week, anyone know the details? Perhaps the medal design will be unveiled there?
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