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  1. The handover was... pretty nice visually but too scattered without a focus.
  2. OMG What a great game!! I was at this bar in Taipei, the game started at 4:15AM here and the place was PACKED. It was touching, and weird, hearing the entire bar singing O Canada Great end to a very memorable Olympics! Very proud of Vancouver!
  3. Overall Team USA is definitely more successful. But Canada's Own The Podium program is also very successful turning in gold medals. I'm just glad that before the games media everywhere beat everyone over their heads that Canada has yet to won a home gold, now we got the most home gold in Winter Games history & tied in most golds won at any Winter Games! Now KEEP THAT HOCKEY GOLD IN CANADA!! WE WANT TO BE #1 @ 14 GOLDS!!!
  4. Mirai can be argued to beat Joannie in the LP but her total score would still put her 4th because Joannie was too far ahead after the SP. Joannie was awesome, THE defining performance of these games.
  5. Me too! I hope they do another "Peaks of Endeavour" segment but this time feature all the triumphant moments of these Games.
  6. And Canada may have a good chance to win the most golds! GO CURLING!
  7. I think the likely event will be 2020 goes to Europe and 2024 goes to Africa. Then NA and Asia will duke it out for 2028. Spoiler could be that the French may wants to have 2024 in Paris as a 100 year anniversary and will do everything to prevent an European win in 2020, in that case Toronto would have a very good chance. I'd say Toronto should go for it in 2020 but don't expect to win, and take the pity votes to win it in 2024!!! Unless Quebec City decide to be in 2022 and take the pity votes instead like Vancouver 2010... I really hope I can see a Toronto SOG before I get too old... I will be in my 50s after 2030's...
  8. Pound tells it like it is. Back in Toronto's bid for 2008 he pretty much said they had no chance against Beijing near the end of the bidding process. There are always hiccups here and there, especially in probably one of the biggest event on the planet.
  9. Woo it looks like there will be ice skating at the closing ceremony, because reportedly 2006 Torino Ice Dance Champions from Russia will be part of the Sochi handover. If they are not performing ice dance in the handover, what can they be doing?
  10. OMG I LOVED THIS ALBUM Especially the music tracks: "Peaks of Endeavour", "Sacred Grove", "The Olympic Flame", "Fire on the Mountain" They are all excellent and inspiring! Definitely my favorite ceremony music ever.
  11. On CTV it reports the indoor cauldron is already distingued and was never intended to burn for more than a few hours cuz of the roof (and I heare Towerguy yelling "I TOLD YOU SO" somewhere) So it looks like, the main cauldron is the outdoor one and that's it! Don't know about whether the indoor one will play a part in the closing ceremony though.
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