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  1. I thought the signage was reduced due to a budget cut? I still think the logo sucked but the branding was great. For Vancouver2010's look, it was all about the Canadian landscapes as we have also observed in the opening ceremony. The official poster was also the best ever IMO.
  2. I thought it was a very smart (and beautiful) choice to showcase the natural resources of Canada instead of our history.
  3. Unfortunately I agree with you... I don't see the new Mayor supporting an Olympic. Toronto should go for 2024 anyways so hope Ford won't do too much damage to the city in the next four years.
  4. I don't think you can compare East Asia to Europe though because realistically there are only three countries that are capable of hosting Olympics (China/Japan/Korea). It doesn't matter if Asia counts as 55% of the human population when only three countries compare to about a dozen European countries could host. Regarding Brazil for WC/OG, I don't really think IOC cares that much. At the same time I don't think COC will even bid for 2020 because like I said before, the bid process will start in 2012 and I don't see the Canadian public want it bad enough so soon after Vancouver. 2024 however is very possible. If Rome can be considered a strong threat to win in 2020, 14 years after Torino, so can Toronto. But I am interested in knowing how Tokyo's bid and Toronto's bid would compare facing one another 'technically', geopolitics and bid timing aside (the Beijing - Rio screw over ).
  5. Thanks for the comparison Triffle, so how would you or others compare the Tokyo 2016 bid to Toronto 2008 bid? Tokyo will be a strong contender, so for those of us rooting for Toronto it's also probably better for Toronto that if Pyeong Chang wins in 2018. I don't see the IOC give 2020 to Asia again if Asia gets 2018.
  6. So Toronto supporters, what would be the most likely scenario for the upcoming Winter/Summer bids that will allow a Toronto win for the SOG ASAP? My idea: 2018: Pyeong Chang 2020: Durban 2022: Europe 2024: Toronto
  7. CTV camera work was horrendous! NBC was alright but the best is as Mr. X. said, the OBS feed. I was thinking whether the win for lighting direction has something to do with the cool projections, that's why I asked whether the win was for the NBC crew or the actual ceremony crew. Also, a third one: BEST DIRECTING FOR A VARIETY, MUSIC OR COMEDY SPECIAL (Winner) Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony (NBC)
  8. The bid process for 2020 starts in 2012 correct? That is just two years after Vancouver. Canadians need to be hyped up as early as the bid process to get public support, and I don't think in two years time Canada will be in the "we want it bad" mentality so close after Vancouver. I would definitely be THRILLED if Toronto bids and win 2020 though!
  9. OUTSTANDING LIGHTING DIRECTION (ELECTRONIC, MULTI-CAMERA) FOR VARIETY, MUSIC OR COMEDY PROGRAMMING ROBERT A. DICKINSON, Lighting Designer TED WELLS, Lighting Director TRAVIS M. HAGENBUCH, Lighting Director Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony NBC Anyone know is this NBC crew or DAE crew?
  10. OUTSTANDING MUSIC DIRECTION DAVE PIERCE, Music Director Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony NBC Yay! I loved the OC music!
  11. Found this unofficial site, mostly using info from the 2008 bid: Toronto 2020 I think 2020 is too soon for Canada, and a Summer Games probably won't have the same effect as the Winter one in terms of bringing Canadians to rally together because Canada is not a powerhouse or even showing a lot of interests in summer sports comparing to winter ones like hockey. But I do think Canada's next Olympic games should be a summer one and Toronto will be an inevitable host. I just wish I will still be young enough to do fist pumps. Hope it will happen before 2028... Also, that logo on the official grassroots site is very 'meh'
  12. Speak for yourself, I thought Vancouver's OC was definitely epic. Except for the slam poet, Vancouver's OC showcased the vast natural environment of Canada beautifully with awesome projection work. There wasn't anything that was hard to get because it was simple, modern, and inspiring. I watched it with a lot of locals here in Taiwan and they were all 'wowed'. Even the national anthem, many were surprised that a national anthem could be arranged into a beautiful and contemporary contrasting to a lot of Asian national anthems that were derived from militaristic themes. Don't be too hard on Vancouver, the OC was a great spectacle!
  13. Am I the only Canadian that loved the closing ceremony? Maybe it was in the afterglow of the gold medal winning hockey game, I watched the closing ceremony in a very good mood. You know how you had a long week of work, and Friday night you just want to sit down, grab a cold beer, and chill? Vancouver2010's closing ceremony was totally in that mood. Lighthearted, relaxing (because it's not taking itself seriously), and cozy. Raising the last cauldron leg was hilarious and sets the tone of the night very well. Enjoyed the opening act with "Strong and Free". The youthfulness was very "Vancouver" to me. Not too fond of the O Canada (I actually LOVED Nikki's rendition in the opening) because it felt amateurish... Entrance of each nation's flag, I too wish it could had original music. However they did have original music for entrance of the athletes, using a rocked out version of the "Fire on the Mountain". It was a very fun contrast to the original orchestral version of the OC. Loved Furlong's speech, actually one of the highlights of the evening. When was a speech ever been a highlight?? Long may you run, was what I referred to earlier as cozy. A great great fond reminder or the days when we would go camping during the summer and the last night everyone just sat around the bonfire singing songs under the stars. It was bittersweet because next day we have to go home, and bittersweet during the ceremony because it really signals the end of the games with the flame extinguishing. Comedic roasts, I also enjoyed it! At first when I read that there will be "comedians" doing acts for the ceremony I was afraid... but it actually once again made the ceremony felt more friendly and personable with the performers actually chatting up with the audience. Too bad Martin Short couldn't make it he would've been awesome. As for Maple Leaf forever? Remember before the OC we would all discuss what we DO NOT want to see? Stereotypical dancing mounties, beavers and moose running a mock? Then David Atkins mix it all up in a bowl and churn it out in one huge vomit. It was BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT! At first when Michael Buble started singing in mounties outfit I said to myself.."oh no..." Then the mounties marching in half-assed into the center of the stadium turning back and forth out of sync and looked lost, YOU KNEW IT WAS A ONE HUGE SATIRE OF WHAT WE ARE ALL AFRAID OF. Hilarious and totally unexpected. To top it all off they just threw in pretty much every stereotypes there are about Canadians except maybe snow shoes and igloos as way to laugh at it. It was very well done IMO. The concert series though I dont't have much high opinions and probably won't ever re-watch again but I understand that is really for the athletes. From what I've saw the athletes were totally having fun during that. I even caught an impromptu conga line with athletes from many different countries. As Roggue said, it was a very friendly games and CC was a very friendly reminder of that for me.
  14. The name change is alright seeing how it's from one corporate name to another. I still cannot get use to Toronto's Sky Dome renamed to Roger's Centre. Sky Dome was such an iconic name...
  15. You know, I really appreciate the symmetric "quadality" design with an asymmetric appearance
  16. Nope the place cards are wooden, again made from trees damaged by pine beetles.
  17. Commentators on the web feed said they are from dance schools from across Vancouver. Love the audience participation!
  18. On the official site (vancouver2010.com) it says it will be available in May. Don't know about in store copies or online only~~.
  19. Also for the OC I prefer camera works of NBC. For example during the "Who Has Seen the Wind" segment, CTV focuses on the flying boy way too much and as the boy moved the Prairies to the audience members we don't see it to get the full effect. But NBC made a lot of crappy cuts. Such as when the totems went up, went down, last part of the Sacred Grove, etc. For the CC, NBC's cuts were even worse! They even cut half of Furlong's speech AND the end of the extinguished cauldron as it went down into the trapdoor. Not to mention the crappy camera works too... so I'm eagerly waiting for CTV's feed for the CC!
  20. Does remind me a lot of Vancouver 2010 medals... Maybe it'll look a lot better in real physical form than the computer render now? What about the back anyone what it looks like?
  21. Can you send me the CTV closing link?? THanks!!!
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