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  1. On the official site (vancouver2010.com) it says it will be available in May. Don't know about in store copies or online only~~.
  2. Also for the OC I prefer camera works of NBC. For example during the "Who Has Seen the Wind" segment, CTV focuses on the flying boy way too much and as the boy moved the Prairies to the audience members we don't see it to get the full effect. But NBC made a lot of crappy cuts. Such as when the totems went up, went down, last part of the Sacred Grove, etc. For the CC, NBC's cuts were even worse! They even cut half of Furlong's speech AND the end of the extinguished cauldron as it went down into the trapdoor. Not to mention the crappy camera works too... so I'm eagerly waiting for CTV's feed for the CC!
  3. Does remind me a lot of Vancouver 2010 medals... Maybe it'll look a lot better in real physical form than the computer render now? What about the back anyone what it looks like?
  4. Can you send me the CTV closing link?? THanks!!!
  5. I thought FIFA World Cup is hosted by an entire nation instead of a city?
  6. Leona Lewis was terrific for the London Handover! I thought London Handover was one of the best I've seen~
  7. NBC's camera work was really bad during the CC (OC was great!). The local broadcast used OBS, and during the Shatner/O'Hara/Fox segment the camera was aligned properly to the drapes so you could see the projections lining up properly to the three screens. Anyways, after the new medal count and when Fox pulled the lever, the projection showed 9999, maybe it wasn't that visible on the NBC broadcast? Also at the very beginning before the clown appeared, NBC shot was focusing on the platform instead of the trap door of the fourth leg. There were sparks flying about in the trapdoor to simulate someone's fixing the door, it was hilarious! Another thing is during Rogge's speech when he declared the game closed, some in the audience booed him. He just chucked up both of this arms with a "what can I do" smile. First time he smiled during the OC/CC! But NBC's camera was focusing on random athlete... Really poor job by NBC, not to mention cutting Furlong's speech. I want to see CTV's version... but their OC camera work was god awful!.
  8. Yeah but those handovers didn't show case Toronto instead of Vancouver, Rome instead of Torino, NYC instead of SLC...etc etc etc. A shot of Sochi would be nice!
  9. There were some mingling between athletes from different countries when they marched in, like Joannie Rochette getting a lot of attentions and pictures taken with random people. I was bored with the after concert however I know it's not for the TV audience but mainly for the athletes to have a good time. From the looks of it they sure did! Lots of mingling there and I even caught a conga line it was so awesome. Anything is better than the Beijing Beijing I Love Beijing crap though .
  10. I still don't get what's the fuss is about with the name Own the Podium.
  11. LOL and the whole time I thought they were singing... oh oh oh oh back to work...
  12. I have to give it to John Furlong, for making his speech at the closing ceremony actually one of the highlights! (Loved his speech at the OC too).
  13. Thanks for the pix! I wonder how many of those lame protesters are in the crowd celebrating also...
  14. LOL at the shot of that Canadian athlete trying to hook up with a German athlete!
  15. HAHAHA how many here before said we will cry in cringe if they roll out the dancing mounties, and Atkins gave us exactly that!!! TOO FUNNY!
  16. LOL this is way too funny!!! ROll out the mounties!!!!! This satire is waaaaay too awesome!
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