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  1. So if Hanoi and Surabaya are out, that leaves Taipei and Dubai? Geopolitics would definitely favor Dubai...
  2. Everytime I see the tower I get reminded of Resident Evil with deformed biological creature due to the zombie virus... Not liking it and hope the tower has nothing to do with the cauldron.
  3. ^ That is one ugly venue. Reminds me of diseased corals, and cheese.
  4. Ohhh I am really interested to seeing the presentation of the Olympic rings. Athens and Beijing did a terrific job! SLC and Torino were pretty spectacular too. Sadly, Vancouver's sucked. As for the theme of the OC, who said if the OC MUST contain anything historical? I remember there were discussions prior to Vancouver's OC that they hope it's not all Natives this and Natives that but also include the European colonial impacts on Canada. Well guess what, Vancouver's OC completely did away with any historical and instead focused on celebrating Canada's great natural resources spectacularly. Now I'm not familiar with UK's geography so I can't comment on how that can be used, but is there anything London's OC can use besides history (or geography)? (note I am not saying I'm against using history, I actually want to see it as UK was once the most power Empire on the planet and it could be spectacular if done right.)
  5. Again, according to the mayor of Taipei City who lead the delegation of the Universiade bid, China actually supported Taipei and pushed the city to get the win over Brasilia 13-9. Now Asian Games is a much more high profile event so I don't know how Beijing feels about that, but with the ever increasing ties between Taipei and Beijing economically, China may once again show some friendliness. I think Taipei's biggest obstacle now will be the internal politics as the opposition DPP will be vicious in shooting everything down and whether the city's finance can support two major international events in two years.
  6. I am not saying Taipei will win, but I am saying if they lose it's probably not due to China.
  7. I wouldn't say China will oppose a Taipei bid. Taiwan has once again elected the KMT candidate as the president for a second turn and the past four years cross Taiwan strait relationship have been closer than ever. Under the KMT rule in the past four years we see direct flights, ECFA (free trade agreement), joint economic endeavors, opened up of tourism to Chinese.. etc. In fact it was widely reported here that the reason Taipei won the Universade over Brasilia was due to the support from China.
  8. News from Taipei today. Taipei City due to being tied up organizing the 2017 Universade, is now considering withdrawing from the 2019 Asian Games race. The sister city New Taipei City (dumbest name ever) who planned to bid for 2023 Asian Games if Taipei City fails, will now consider move up their bid to 2019. According to the news the revised application from any city interested in hosting will be due by Feb 15.
  9. Yay new lanyards!! I have been carrying my keys attached to a lanyard since Beijing. LOVED LOVED LOVED my Vancouver one, but now I'm using the London version I can't wait to get rid of it... I like London's overall look but that lanyard is ugly ugly ugly. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO there are no lanyards for Sochi for sale Hope they will have it later. I plan to use the London one for the rest of 2012, so get on it Sochi!
  10. Some valid arguments but the last Olympic Games in NA is 2002 SLC? Journalism fail especially from a Canadian press.
  11. Is this the massively abridged version of the ceremonies?
  12. What IS that thingy? Snow? Foam? Is the organizing committee expecting mass smog during the Pan Am?
  13. A lot of people here regret that BC Place wasn't refurnished before the games but IMHO, the new look is fug... I prefer the old marshmallow look myself. None of those spires sticking out like porcupines... are they permanent or just for construction purposes?
  14. The IOC brasses certainly thought Vancouver 2010 was right there at the top from their comments in Vancouver's final report presentation in Durban. Yeah there are problems here and there. However I think only the fanatics like us would find them detracting enough from the good things brought by VANOC. For instance the cauldron mishap. To the general public (from my experiences chatting with people), it was unfortunate but quickly forgettable. Only a minority of people (like us who spent posts after posts speculating to the last details on everything Olympics) thought it was so 'embarrassing' that the world would see Canada as a laughing stock. It was not. I even loved the ceremonies, thought it was so appropriate and VANOC did it on their own terms. Compare to Beijing's grandeur yeah it may seem underwhelming but again a lot of people loved the Human-ness from the OC compare to Beijing's robotic execution. Vancouver is the new Golden Standard for Olympic Winter Games. IOC's words.
  15. Where have I ever said Sweden is a poor country???? Where have I ever said Sweden CAN'T put up a good bid? Again stupid b*tch putting words in my mouth. Sweden can put up whatever grade level bid they want, just as long as they are better than the rest of Europe. And we all know from Tulsa/Nature how sexy and public fervor-filled other Euro cities can be Now I hope Munich/France/Sweden will bid for 2022 so we can sit back and watch Nature/Tulsa/Pillan gnaw each others heads off LOL
  16. Wow went on a five days vacation and this thread explodes No, we Canadians are not oppose of a Sweden Games like Pillan would like to believe. It's just that speaking for myself, I do not think Sweden "deserves" a game over any other regions. Not one city does! If Sweden put up an excellent bid for 2022 then yeah of course they should win. The problem will be if Sweden CAN put up a bid that will be technically AND emotionally charged up the IOC over other very strong Euro cities. And for the record Pillian, I never said Canada deserves another OWG soon, just as I never said the Games should be awarded based on medal rankings as you accused me of. Stop putting words in other people's mouth.
  17. LOL Pillan CHILL. Where did I ever say # of medals are a criteria for winning the hosting rights? That's right I didn't. Learn to read. YOU are the one that said why should North America host 8 years apart and Europeans can't when there are "Stronger nations" without ever hosting once. Allow me to say, LOL...just LOOOOOOOL. Spin it whatever way you want and things may change in Sochi. However as of Vancouver 2010, Canada won the most Gold and USA won the most medals over all. Europeans aren't "stronger" than North Americans. Why don't you just lie to yourself and say China isn't a Summer Sport power too because ZOMG they don't win ANY medals until the 80's!!!!!!
  18. Not that I think Munich 2022 won't have a chance (I think they will be the favorites really...), but Canada won the most gold medals ever in Vancouver, and USA won the most overall medals ever. As the record shown from Vancouver 2010, OWG powerhouses are the two in North America.
  19. I agree that it's senseless to define where Sochi lies. It's not like the IOC would dig THAT deeply into geography. As for Quebec, if they do have the goods to host, I'd like to see Quebec to host a OWG after Toronto's summer one. I didn't exist when Montreal hosted in 76, and I think a OWG in Quebec will give the French Canadians a 'voice' and showcase their cultural identity to the World and the rest of Canada. Even though I was raised in Toronto, I always thought the Francophone are as important to Canada's roots and identity as the Anglophone or the Natives. Something a good number of Canadians don't always appreciate IMHO...
  20. It seems that way, but something good may come out of this. If a sport HAVE to be ejected every Olympiad it may keep the federations on their toes especially those with a history of corruption or unfair judging like Taekwondo.
  21. Well, at the end of the day Vancouverites are still "Canadians". A bunch of them (about 17000) took up upon themselves to clean up the rioting areas by bringing their own brooms, plastic bags and rubber gloves. Some posted message online to apologize to Boston fans for the ugly behaviors that happened in Vancouver Link Messages on the boarded up windows This is Vancouver Those that caused havoc are not true fans. True fans are those who stood up in the arena and cheered when Boston was handed the cup, and cheered when Tim Thomas was awarded the MVP trophy.
  22. Was this worst than the one in 94? It seems that there are opportunists taken advantage of the situation to wreck havoc...
  23. I recall reading articles at the time that Pound wasn't fully supporting Toronto 2008 because he wanted the presidency and no way the IOC would give Canada both the Games and the top job in the same year. Love reading all the discussion on Toronto 2020! Although I am still reserved with my feelings on the chances of Toronto bidding and actually winning, it would be one of my life's biggest dream to see Toronto host a Summer Games before I am 40. Toronto 2008 had one of the best bid logo IMO, Toronto 1996...not so much and Toronto 2015 PanAm has one of the worst logo ever. Wonder what the next iteration would look like?
  24. You mean the opening/closing ceremony. PRC athletes did show up to compete but did not participate in the ceremonies.
  25. Le May Doan looked pissed Nancy Greene looked awkward Steve Nash looked confused Gretzky looked terrified he was literally clinging onto his torch shaking It was all better though in CC to see Le May Doan's huge smile!
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