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  1. Canada on top 2-0. Also that time it took nearly 49 minutes before I timed out on NBCOlympics.com
  2. Brazil again with a huge chance, but fails to capitalize!
  3. Wow! This is a disaster now for Japan. They were already underdogs vs Norway & the United States, at worse Japan could only really allow a tie. I'll have to look through past Olympic matches, but I wonder if this might be the biggest upset in women's football history at the Olympics if they hold onto win.
  4. Germans almost just scored on themselves! A German player passed it to their goalie, but a Brazilian was right there!
  5. Seriously??!! I'm sorry to hear that. Well some good news. Having Universal HD is just like having MSNBC/CNBC. Universal HD will simulcast what they are airing & their coverage will never run into each other. So essentially Universal HD will be (on most days0 CNBC 12am-4am MSNBC 5am-5pm CNBC 6pm-8pm & when not airing what those networks are airing, it's airing Olympics replays.
  6. NBColympics.com is a bit annoying. Your feed times out after 10:27. Then you have to exit & reopen it, just so you can watch a 30 second ad. Then it resumes. I'm glad I'll only be using the streaming today, tomorrow, & Friday. Also another near miss from Germany.
  7. Wow! New Zealand on top 1-0. I was hoping that they would tie in case the United States loses/ties to Norway and then ends up tieing either Japan/New Zealand, the United States would still likely be in good shape as long as they got one win.
  8. I just switched to the Canada/Argentina to see the goal (since the Germany/Brazil one is stuck on 3% buffering) & saw it. The goal went off the keeper.
  9. Germany just had another great chance off a header, but hits the top of the crossbar & doesn't go in. All matches still appeared tied 0-0.
  10. Brazil just had another major chance to strike first on a header, but it goes over the bar.
  11. Brazil almost scores after the German goalie makes an error in the box. After the goalie had control of the ball, there were heated words between two Brazilians & a German.
  12. First whistle has blown for Germany & Brazil . The one negative thing about NBCOlympics coverage is no commentary. It feels so odd.
  13. With just ten minutes until the first event. Thanks for the info.
  14. I hope so. I will be rooting against China as a whole, since they pose the biggest threat to overtake the USA for most medals/gold medals. My predictions (* means through to the next round) E *Sweden 7pts (Better goal difference) *Canada 7pts *China 3pts Argentina 0pts F *Germany 7pts *Brazil 5pts *North Korea 4pts Nigeria 0pts G *United States 9pts *Norway 6pts Japan 3pts New Zealand 0pts Top 2 from each group move on & the 2 best 3rd place teams as well I think China will have a better Goal Difference then Japan.
  15. The women tournament is going to be extremely interesting. Here is a breakdown of each group. Group E China (ranked 14th. Best World Cup Finish: Quarterfinals. Best Olympics Finish: Silver) Argentina (Ranked 36th. Best World Cup Finish: Group Stage. Best Olympic Finish: First time qualified) Canada (Ranked 9th. Best World Cup Finish: 4th place. Best Olympics Finish: First time qualified) Sweden (Ranked 3rd. Best World Cup Finish: 2nd place. Best Olympics Finish: 4th place) Group F Brazil (Ranked 4th. Best World Cup Finish: 2nd place. Best Olympics Finish: Silver) Germany (Ranked 2nd. Best World Cup Finish: Won last 2. Best Olympics Finish: Bronze last two times.) North Korea (Ranked 5th. Best World Cup Finish: Quarterfinals. Best Olympics Finish: First time qualified.) Nigeria (Ranked 24th. Best World Cup Finish: Quarterfinals. Best Olympics Finish: Quarterfinals.) Group G Japan (Ranked 10th. Best World Cup Finish: Quarterfinals. Best Olympics Finish: Quarterfinals.) New Zealand (Ranked 23rd. Best World Cup Finish: Group Stage. Best Olympics Finish: First time qualified.) Norway (Ranked 5th. Best World Cup Finish: Champions. Best Olympics Finish: Champions.) United States (Ranked 1st. Best World Cup Finish: Champions twice. Best Olympics Finish: Gold twice.) It should certainly be fun to watch! Go team USA!
  16. Oh man that stinks, I'm really sorry to hear that. I'll also be watching Germany VS Brazil at 5am on NBCOlympics.com. Then USA VS Norway at 7:45 on Universal HD (MSNBC). I really hope that USA does fine without Wambach. Then on Thursday, USA VS Japan on Universal HD (MSNBC) at 5am & Argentina VS Ivory Coast at 7:45am on NBCOlympics.com. Does anyone that's in America on this board receive that NBC Olympic Soccer/Basketball Channel?
  17. I predict Michael Phelps or Dana Torres for the United States.
  18. SBS the channel that leaked all the info about the opening ceremony is the broadcaster in South Korea. I read another article on this & it sounded that it was only the countries that didn't have any online broadcaster.
  19. I realize that, but I meant with NBC. Four years ago they used the late night session to show the medal ceremonies for all the primetime events (since it was all taped.).
  20. So how soon after the events do you think they will show the medal ceremonies.
  21. No problem. I never understood where the personal attack on me came from. I meant no harm.
  22. Gymnastics & swimming are indoors. Not sure what they are going to do about the Beach Volleyball & BMX though, unless is BMX indoors? Also Women's 10m Air Rifle Final does start at 10:30. It is set to end at 11:20 and weight lifting Women’s 48 KG Group A is set to end at 11:40. I have a question though. In Athens, wasn't the NBC late night session mainly only used for medal ceremonies?
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