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  1. Ivory Coast goal!!!!!!!!!!! Off a header! Tied game 1-1!
  2. Here is the attendance to the early games USA-Japan 57,102 (I think this might be a typo possibly) Brazil-Belgium 39,661 Australia-Serbia 36,184 Honduras-Italy 21,680 If you click on match report you can see the attendance http://results.beijing2008.cn/WRM/ENG/Sche...008-08-07.shtml
  3. Argentina goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also earlier I said that the USA -Japan game had 37,000 fans, well according to the official website it was actually 57,000.
  4. I think Argentina might beat Ivory Coast by a few goals. Both teams keep getting the other opponent's goal, but Argentina has certainly been getting closer.
  5. Here are the standings after the first wave. Group A 1. Australia & Serbia +0 1pt 3. Argentina & Ivory Coast +0 0pts Group B 1. United States +1 3pts 2. Netherlands & Nigeria +0 0pts 4. Japan -1 0pts Group C 1. Brazil +1 3pts 2. China & New Zealand +0 0pts 3. Belgium -1 0pts Group D 1. Italy +3 3pts 2. Cameroon & South Korea +0 0pts 4. Honduras -3 0pts
  6. Over 37,000 are in attendance for the Japan-United States game. Also Freddy Adu & Michael Bradley both have yellow cards for the United States.
  7. The United States qualified for men football (soccer) for all the games between 1984-2000 (mised in '04). They only got out of the group stage once, in 2000 when they finished in fourth place. Second half starting now.
  8. Japan 0-0 United States Half Time. It's been an exciting game. Japan has had two chances, that they have not capitalize. The Americans haven't had as many chances.
  9. When it broadcasts on NBC, I think it's possible the opening ceremony won't begin until around 8:30pm. They say will be about 3.5 hour, but NBC's schedule is from 7:30-12. That is 4.5 hours. In 2006, NBC started in the studio. The first 40 minutes was a USA time trials (for one of the events), an interview with Michelle Kwan, & showing a Shaun White practice session.
  10. Here are numbers from the first day of women football from Athens. It's from wikipedia, but they don't have the numbers from group C which included Greece. Sweden-Japan: 10,104 Germany-China: 14,657 The final average according to FIFA was 10,431. Only one game got less then that & this is only the first day. So that doesn't include the quarterfinals, semifinals, bronze, or gold match which likely had higher attendance.
  11. Thats what I plan on watching as well. I really hope that the USA will win, since it's a must win for them. Also, about the tickets/crowds, the tickets were only sold out for events in Beijing. Here is the attendance from when China hosted the Women's World Cup last year. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_FIFA_Wom...rld_Cup#Group_A
  12. Also here are the standings now Group E 1. China +1 3pts 2. Canada +1 3pts 3. Sweden -1 0pts 4. Argentina -1 0pts Group F 1. North Korea +1 3pts 2. Brazil & Germany +0 1pt 4. Nigeria -1 0pts Group G 1. Norway +2 3pts 2. Japan & New Zealand +0 1pt 4. United States -2 0pts
  13. I am stunned about not only the USA's result, but nearly all of the games. New Zealand nearly defeated Japan! Norway scored twice in five minutes against the US. China defeated Sweden! Germany & Brazil played very sloppily!
  14. The US has never lost a group stage game at the Olympics.
  15. I am absolutely stunned about the USA. I realize Abby Wambach isn't there, but the USA won 4-0 twice this year (With Wambach scoring a goal in each game). The commentators were extremely stunned. With one of them shouting at the first goal "Oh my gosh!" & then not saying anything for a while after the second one before saying "I am practically speechless." (She is a former player). The other commentator was trying to remember the last time the USA trailed 2-0 or even the last time they gave up a goal so early in the game or when someone even scored against the USA. Thank God Japan & New Zealand tied.
  16. Officially by the IOC Group A-D for the men is considered A-D. Then the women groups are considered E, F, & G.
  17. So after the first round of games here are the early standings. Group E 1. Canada +1 3pts 2. China & Sweden +0 0pts 4. Argentina -1 0pts Group F 1. Brazil & Germany +0 1pt 3. Nigeria & North Korea +0 0pts Group G 1. Japan & New Zealand +0 1pt 3. Norway & United States +0 0pts
  18. Canada 2-1 Argentina Final! Japan 2-2 New Zealand Final!
  19. Oh, your probably right, I wasn't even thinking about the time. Thanks.
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