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  1. They just showed the event on NBC in America. I do have to say, I am shocked that the French guy got 6th! (Note I know nothing about Moguls). I thought the Canadian deserved gold, then France, then Australia, then USA. Of course, I'm fine with the Americans gaining a medal .
  2. CONGRATULATIONS CANADA!!!!! Americans managed to get bronze. Good Job Australia with the first medal!
  3. Seriously!? Both of them!? I see the final remaining American just went into second. Can Canada finally get their first gold? Will the Canadian representing Australia get it? Or will France snatch it? Can the American hold on for a medal. So much suspense lol.
  4. NBC is airing figure skating and CNBC is airing hockey, so the moguls are being tape delayed. I am following the results on Vancouver2010.com and it says for two of the Americans RNS (Race Not Scored). Why is that?!
  5. I just don't want Fox to host. I kind of hope ABC/ESPN win, since they would show the events live. Let's take a look at the channel possibilities. NBC Universal: We know they have done a pretty good job, but I want the events live in Sochi. They have NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Telemundo, Oxygen, and Universal HD. They could potentially return Bravo and extend to Sci Fi and The Weather Channel. However working strongly against them is despite being at the top of the game in the cable race, NBC has given up it's third hour of programming essentially for three hours of talk shows and will fall far behind CBS, ABC, and Fox in the first half of 2009 and the downward spiral is likely to continue. Disney (ABC/ESPN): It is a sport network and has many networks to work with. ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN Classic, ESPN U, ABC Family, Disney Channel, Disney DX, and Soap Net. Obviously Disney Channel and Disney DX is geared towards younger viewers, but when Fox owned family channel they used to help Fox air the MLB playoffs. So they have numerous channels and ABC/Soap Net is clearly geared towards females, so come up with sob stories and than sports fans know how to find the ESPNs, so I think they would likely be best. CBS/Time Warner: CBS is TVs#1 channel and Time Warner will have many channels to work with. The channels they would have to work with are CBS, CW, Showtime, CBS College Sports, TBS, TNT, CNN, CNN Headline News, Tuner Classic Movie, Cartoon Network, and truTV. They could work very well together. Fox: Fox has butchered the superbowl, the world series, and the BCS series in the past. I really do not want them to get it, but they do have the assets necessary. Those assets are Fox, MyNetworkTV, Fox Sports, Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Movies, Fox Reality, Fox Soccer, FX, and Speed Channel. So I'm fine with either ABC, CBS, or NBC, but not Fox. I'm also of course hoping for a Chicago victorious bid for 2016.
  6. NBC's primetime coverage (8pm ET-11pmET) averaged 25.06 million on Saturday. On Sunday, it averaged 32.63 million. NBC also said that through the NBC Universal channels that 114 million had tuned in for five minutes (Atlanta had the most before with 110 million). Plus, networks usually say people who have tuned in through out the show's run, not the average of the program. For instance, America's Got Talents, is being advertised as seen by "over 70 million", but it only averages about 14 million each week.
  7. I'm pretty sure swimming has been the only medal events they have aired live so far. The cable channels will start to air live medal events, once more medals are up for grabs.
  8. USA is beating China 49-37 at halftime.
  9. Day 2 of the men's game is halfway over. Group A Argentina 1-0 Australia Group B Nigeria 2-1 Japan Group C Brazil 5-0 New Zealand Group D Cameroon 1-0 Honduras Standings Group A *1. Argentina +2 6pts 2. Serbia +0 1pt 3. Australia -1 1pt 4. Ivory Coast -1 1pt Group B 1. Nigeria +1 4pts 2. United States +1 3pts 3. Netherlands +0 1pt 4. Japan -2 0pts Group C *1. Brazil +6 6pts 2. China +0 1pt 3. New Zealand -5 1pt 4. Belgium -1 0pts Group D 1. Cameroon +1 4pts 2. Italy +3 3pts 3. South Korea +0 1pt 4. Honduras -4 0pts Coming up in the final wave of game Group A Serbia VS Ivory Coast Group B Netherlands VS United States Group C Belgium VS China Group D Italy VS South Korea
  10. I thought that too. Then when the audio went out, I just thought NBC was just going to have a cut out of audio for a moment (since that happens sometimes on the HD channel for live events), but then everyone started laughing. I've noticed that NBC has returned to show another medal ceremony live, but that was likely already planned to not show until the late night session perhaps?
  11. Cancellara is from Switzerland. So glad to see the Americans sweep fencing. The medal ceremony was great to watch. Also USA on top in total medals, the American are off to a great start.
  12. Men's Cycling Road Race 1. Samuel Sanchez Spain 2. Davide Rabellin Italy 3. Fabian Cancellara
  13. After day of one of the individual dressage & team dressage, here are the top 5. Individual 1. Lucinda Fredericks Australia 646 points 2. Karin Donckers Belgium 639 points 3. Megan Jones Australia 619 points 4. Rebecca Holder United States 617 points 5. Clayton Fredericks Australia 610 points Team 1. Australia 102.8 penalties 2. United States 121.5 penalties 3. Germany 135.5 penalties 4. Sweden 140 penalties 5. Great Britain 142.1 penalties So after everyone finishes going tomorrow, are these two specific events over & the top three get medals?
  14. Here are all the results for the women today. Group E Sweden 1-0 Argentina Canada 1-1 China Group F Germany 1-0 Nigeria Brazil 2-1 North Korea Group G United States 1-0 Japan Norway 1-0 New Zealand Standings Group E 1. China & Canada 4pts +1 3. Sweden 3pts +0 4. Argentina 0pts -2 Group F 1. Brazil & Germany 4pts +1 3. North Korea 3pts +0 4. Nigeria 0pts -2 Group G *1. Norway 6pts +3 2. United States 3pts -1 3. Japan & New Zealand 1pt +0 *means team is through to the next round. As of right now, the following teams would move on. Canada (Top 2 from Group E) China (Top 2 from Group E) Brazil (Top 2 from Group F) Germany (Top 2 from Group F) Norway (First from Group G) United States (Second from Group G) North Korea (one of two best third place teams) Sweden (one of two best third place teams)
  15. I was watching MSNBC yesterday to see what they would have to say about the ceremonies. There will be four anchors it appears. One of them, will be one of the guys from Morning Joe (Not Joe Scarbroe, sp?). I didn't really recognize any of the other three.
  16. Apparently it is right now.
  17. Wow Jamie Beyerle did pretty well (she is from the next county over). Wasn't Du Lu the favorite to win this? Congrats to the three medalists. Does anyone know when the ceremony is?
  18. I did online, but I'm in the USA (since NBC won't be airing it until 7:30pm). I was a bit annoyed about the commercial breaks during the parade of nations, not showing the USA contingent finish up, not showing American Samoa, not showing Afghanistan, & that they kept talking to the Canadians, but if I was in Canada, I know that I would have liked that, so that was a just a complaint since I'm American.
  19. NBC Olympics.com has also released more detailed schedules for the cable channels. Also, the wrap up show will return to MSNBC from 5pm ET-7pm ET.
  20. NBC is airing it on a 11.5 hours delay. It is set to end at midnight ET. Additional TV coverage doesn't resume until 2 hours later when CNBC airs live boxing & USA airs the morning medal events (on a tape delay) & eventually live team USA action (soccer/basketball).
  21. I'm proud of the Americans, but now I'm worry that the same thing that happened from 1984-1996 will happen again. USA will get one win & 2 draws & because Americans are not attackers, they always miss going to the quarterfinals because of goal difference.
  22. Here are the standings after day 1 Group A 1. Argentina +1 3pts 3. Australia & Serbia +0 1pt 4. Ivory Coast -1 0pts Group B 1. United States +1 3pts 2. Netherlands & Nigeria +0 1pt 4. Japan -1 0pts Group C 1. Brazil +1 3pts 2. China & New Zealand +0 1pt 3. Belgium -1 0pts Group D 1. Italy +3 3pts 2. Cameroon & South Korea +0 1pt 4. Honduras -3 0pts
  23. All games final now Group A Argentina 2-1 Ivory Coast Group B Netherlands 0-0 Nigeria Group C China 1-1 New Zealand Group D Cameroon 1-1 South Korea
  24. Argentina takes 2-1 lead over Ivory Coast with just 4 minutes left!
  25. Korea has scored a goal! Korea 1-0 Cameroon.
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