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  1. The Olympic Zone will be back on NBC Affilliates. Apollo Ohno and Tanith White will also be sportsdesk reporters http://olympics.nbcsports.com/2016/05/18/apolo-ohno-tanith-white-nbc-rio-olympics/
  2. I actually think the 1,500 hours on TV is a decrease surprisingly from 4 years ago! 2012 NBC: 272.5 NBCSN: 292.5 MSNBC: 155.5 CNBC: 73 Bravo: 56 Telemundo: 173.5 Soccer+Basketball: 770 Total: 1793 Source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/05/27/nbc-london-olympics-2012-streaming-tv-3d/ Do we believe this 1500 includes the 300 announced from Golf including "Golf Central"? Source: http://www.golfchannel.com/news/press-releases/nbc-olympics-announces-golf-channel-programming-plans-delivering-more-130-live-hours/
  3. Golf Channel will take the place of Oxygen.
  4. Have the Olympic Basketball and Soccer channels been confirmed again? I agree that SyFy, E!, and Esquire have no real sports presence, but neither do MSNBC, CNBC, or Bravo. With E!, I thought with Ryan Seacreast hosting would potentially be a good crossover with the sports most popular with female viewers. Since SyFy airs pro wrestling, I gave that channel fighting sports and weightlifting. Esquire targets young wealthy males, but is also lowly watched, so I tried to balance those two. Looking at USA it appears the channel will only show 2 NASCAR races during the Olympics. Interestingly, CNBC is showing one during the Olympics in the afternoon on the first full day of competition. It seems interesting that it wouldn't also air on USA, unless USA is airing Olympic coverage. I also think MSNBC may be given events of greater interest than in past years due to the record ratings cable news channels have been receiving for the presidential election.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I know Fox has the rights to the World Cup now, but I couldn't remember if Fox showed the international ident because I vividly remember the Brazilian boy from the 2014 World Cup. My apologies in advance if this has already been discussed, but do we think its possible we could get coverage across 10 or so channels in the US. I say this since NBC won't have too much time to package their daytime coverage and primetime coverage. Other than gymnastics in primetime, it'll be happening in real time. I see on Saturday the EPL is being shown across 10 channels in the US. NBC, NBCSN, MSNBC, CNBC, and Bravo were all used four years ago. USA was used at the last winter Olympics and Oxygen was used in 2008. And of course Golf will be used this year. Syfy shows pro wrestling which obviously has nothing to do with the network's name. Esquire and E! are also being used for the EPL and I think they could be good additions for the Olympics also. This is what I think the general schedule of sports across the channels could look like NBC: Gymnastics (US subdivision and finals +highlights of other events), Swimming, Track & Field, Diving, Beach Volleyball (US Matches and Medal Matches), Cycling (Mostly highlights), Basketball (Gold Medal matches), Volleyball (US Matches+Gold Medal matches), Water Polo (US Matches and Medal matches), Rowing (highlights), Canoeing (highlights) NBCSN: Basketball (US Matches, Marquee group play games, and Playoffs), Women's Soccer (US matches, marquee group matches, & playoffs), Tennis (Medal matches), Cycling (longform), Rugby Sevens, Volleyball (Playoffs), Triathlon, Shooting, Table Tennis (medals), Women's Field Hockey (US matches) MSNBC: Volleyball (Non-US matches), Women's Basketball (Less significant group play games), Fencing, Badminton, Table Tennis (early rounds), Modern Pentathlon, Handball (Playoffs) CNBC: Boxing Bravo: Tennis (Non-medal matches) Golf: Golf USA: Men's Basketball (Less significant group play games), Archery, Rowing (longform), Canoeing (longform), Wrestling (longform), Men's & Women's Soccer (Less significant matches) Oxygen: Equestrian, Women's Field Hockey (Non-US matches) SyFy: Taekwondo, Judo, Weightlifting E!: Gymnastics (longform of Artistic Preliminary non-US subdivisions, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Trampoline), Beach Volleyball (Non-US matches), Synchronized Swimming Esquire: Water Polo (Non-US matches), Men's Soccer (Less significant matches), Handball (group play), Sailing, Men's Field Hockey
  6. Its always struck me as interesting that ESPN shows the FIFA ident for the world cup and their own world cup ident. However, NBC only ever shows their own Olympic ident and ignore the OBS one.
  7. http://www.nbcolympics.com has gotten a face lift.
  8. NBCSN will show USA's semifinal (assuming they make it) and final group stage match live in the CONCACAF Women's Olympic Tournament. Their second group match and the championship match will be shown on delay on NBCSN. All of the tournament matches will be streamed live on NBC Sports Live Extra. NBC blames the limited coverage on CONCACAF only contacting them two weeks. http://olympics.nbcsports.com/2016/01/29/olympics-womens-soccer-concacaf-qualifying-usa-live-stream-nbc/
  9. NBC, NBCSN, and CNBC continue to have great ratings http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/02/11/nbcsn-continues-record-pace-with-84-viewership-increase-from-2012-london-games/236482/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Tvbythenumbers+%28TVbytheNumbers%29
  10. Great start and well worth waking up at 2:40 for to see an American not named Shaun White win gold in slopestyle and the US women on their way to victory in women's hockey.
  11. I'm awake and watching USA VS Finland in women's hockey on NBC Sports Network. Except, they had no audio at their anchor desk or in the commentary box, so the game is going on with just the raw audio. Go USA! And its a goal 53 seconds in for USA! And 3 minutes into the game, audio from the commentary team finally started!
  12. Thank you, but that didn't work. And the Australian one doesn't seem to be working either
  13. The CBC steam is useless and BBC won't work even though I've set up VPNs for both countries....Anyone know any other streams?
  14. Someone just told the OBS commentator that everything he has been saying is wrong. Top 4 qualify for final and the rest go to semis.
  15. Does anyone know how the qualification for Men's slopestyle works? the OBS Commentator and NBCOlympics.com say Top 3 in each heat qualify for final 4th-9th qualify for semifinal 10th-15th out NBCOlympics Twitter analyst and the official website say top 4 qualify for final and everyone else makes it to the semifinal.
  16. First person perspective of the course: http://snowboarding.transworld.net/1000220417/videos/olympic-slopestyle-course-preview-alexey-sobolev/ 30 men and 24 women take part. The qualification, semi-finals are finals all consist of two runs, with the best run counting. The scores do not carry over from qualifying to the semi-final or the final. The top 8 finishers from the qualification qualify for the final. Everyone else competes in the semi-final, and the top 4 from the semi-final compete in the final. So weirdly nobody is eliminated in the qualification, but that's where 2/3 of the slots in the final will be decided. You might want to just set your DVR. Thank you for the clarification! With Shaun White out now, I think I will definitely hold off until 7am on getting up and catch up on the 2 snowboarding events before freestyle skiing.
  17. Does anyone happen to know the exact format of Snowboarding Slopestyle? How many competitors qualify from the qualification round to semifinals, how many qualify for the final, do scores carry over, etc? I have not been able to find these details. Since the Qualification Round is the first event on Thursday, I don't want to wake up at 1:30am (East coast in USA) to watch the qualifying round of men's snowboarding slopestyle if none of the competitors get eliminated. Thank you very much!
  18. Both the American men and women's performance was nothing short of amazing!
  19. Appearently everyone else in the arena knew it was over for him except Kramer and the American commentators. NBC was showing the jumping in the Nordic Combined. After that finished, they went to Kramer skating. They went to speedskating almost right when he made this erorr. The commentators thought he did the right thing by staying where he was and not entering the other lane. Then when they showed the South Korean basically celebrating, the commentators said something along the lines, "He knows that the gold is slipping away from him (Referring to the South Korean)."
  20. Most Americans who cared did already know. It was on the frontpage of Yahoo and the top story on NBCOlympics.com. Also during the NBC Evening News they showed it. (They put up a graphic and played music, so that way, viewers that didn't want to be spoiled could look away.) ESPN also frequently reported the result. Which is what makes the NBC tape delays pointless.
  21. I know that most of the world consider it to be based off of golds, which is why I was shocked when the official website suddenly had it listed in total medals. As of now, the US has the most total medals and gold medals.
  22. The Americans have now won 12 total medals and 4 gold medals! That is nearly half of what the US got 4 years ago already (25 total and 9 gold). I think the Yanks can finally win the medal table for the first time since '32 at the winter games!
  23. There is a German/Canadian rivalry? The Americans stole what Canada thought would be their first gold (Women's Moguls) and Canada's second gold was won in an event that the Americans thought was a sure bet for Lindsey Jacobellis. As for the race for the total medals, it looks to be an exciting race to the finish. The US is in first by total medals with 10, Germany with 9, France with 7, and Canada/Norway with 5. In terms of gold medals, Germany, US, South Korea, and Switzerland have the most with 3. Canada, Sweden, and France are also right behind with 2. I think tonight should hopefully be a good night for the Americans.
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