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  1. I'm not sure if I misunderstood or misread, but isn't X1 supposed to stream events like nbcolympics.com? All I can find in their upcoming schedule are tv listings. I noticed during the soccer matches they only listed the broadcast networks they aired on rather than a direct feed of just the match. I'm hoping someone can help me by tomorrow morning. Thanks in advance and enjoy the ceremony tonight!
  2. I guess I was pre-mature. The NBC Universal listings are still mostly in blocks so its difficult to decipher exact times of events being shown. I swear that the listings would say specifically what would be airing at each time except during the prime time show in previous Olympics.
  3. We finally have specific tv listings on nbcolympics.com! http://www.nbcolympics.com/tv-listings
  4. NBC releases men's and women's soccer schedule! http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/thegoalkeeper/NBC-2016-Summer-Olympics-soccer-television-schedule.html
  5. They'll do a 30 minute pre-show starting at 7:30pm it seems.
  6. Looking at the Stanley Cup ratings, it looks like NBCSN held onto 57% of the viewers that watched the game on NBCSN (NBC average-4.68 million; NBCSN average-2.65 million). Recall also, that basketball is far more popular than hockey in the United States. The NBA finals this year averaged 20.28 million viewers. If preliminary round coverage of sports that are less popular (for the most part) and shown at a time with less potential viewers could must 7 million viewers, then yes I do think NBCSN could have mustered over 3 million viewers with more promotion.
  7. Every promo I have seen on NBC for this Olympics has only said "NBC", there's been no mention of the other 10+ channels. I've noticed CNBC has had the rings on its logo for months and seen that Bravo has a colorized Rio next to its name when they come back from their commercials. Of course, NBCSN has the Olympic rings on its logo. However, MSNBC and USA don't have rings on their logos. I watch MSNBC frequently and haven't seen any promos. I don't watch the USA, so I can't attest to their promos. In 2012, I recall the USA basketball/soccer matches getting brief shoutouts on NBCSN the next day during a primetime NBC commercial. I don't think MSNBC/Bravo/CNBC were promoted the "$hit out of" or even NBCSN. The comment about cannibalization was since probably 90%+ of American Olympic viewers have no idea competition begins before the opening ceremony. So the few million that know that will be most likely to watch the soccer match and even more so the preview special. Once the opening ceremony occurs, of course, everyone knows there's a "zillion" events occurring. I understand the soccer gold medal match being on NBCSN due to advertising dollars (soccer has few less commercial breaks), but obviously more people care about women's soccer than women's water polo, so if it'd been better promoted, the figure would have been much higher. And again, the men's basketball games were played at a time when only CNBC was showing boxing from 5pm-7pm ET. The western half, which has a much smaller population, also likely still had NBC daytime coverage (Not sure). So in a slot where boxing was its only Olympic competition, which averaged less than 500,000 viewers, USA basketball matches on NBCSN only averaged 2.6 million. NBC's weekday daytime schedule, in a slot with fewer available viewers, averaged 7.1 million viewers. I don't think that NBC was very successful at bridging its daytime to primetime with three hours on NBCSN, which frequently featured men's USA basketball matches. Source: http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2012/08/13/london-olympics-on-nbc-is-most-watched-television-event-in-u-s-history/
  8. I called it ironic since the Olympic-sized ratings won't come until after the Opening Ceremony. So they are cannibalizing the limited audience between the preview and soccer match. I've also never thought that NBC promotes its cable coverage enough and thought this could have been a chance to get those that want to watch the preview to realize that competition is underway. I know the time for the 2015 women's world cup was more favorable, but the discrepancy between the 2015 women's world cup final (around 20 million viewers) and the 2012 gold medal final (around 4 million viewers) is extreme! Even the qualification round of men's basketball, with the biggest stars, only peaked at 3 million. This was also in a slot when there was no NBC coverage! It's just always seemed bizarre to me that NBC doesn't promote the sports with the stars that Americans are most familiar with (Basketball, Tennis, and Soccer).
  9. FFS! I feared the opening ceremony would be delayed since I didn't see any of the press releases list the ceremony as live. What a farce since they're coverage usually starts at 7:30 ET anyway. So much for the most live Olympics ever on NBC....
  10. In their press releases, its already been announced that NBCSN will show track & field events. (All times US Eastern) August 12 7:20pm-10:25pm Track & Field 9pm-10:30pm Swimming August 13 7pm-10:15pm Track & Field 9pm-10:40pm Swimming I would think NBC would take swimming live and NBCSN track & field during the conflicts. Although, NBC could also dive in and out of both. Another question, that I haven't seen addressed for 2016. Will Olympic programming on NBC be simulcast across the nation like a usual sporting event, or will be they delayed like a regular television program? If I recall correctly, I think the daytime coverage was shown simultaneously throughout the country, but that primetime was delayed in 2012. I was only 9 in 2002, but was programming delayed then also for viewers in Salt Lake City? Fortunately, living in the east, this has never affected me.
  11. Someone asked NBCOlympics when the schedule will be out and they responded, "Soon. We'll have an updated daily competition highlights post next week."
  12. I did notice that Swimming and Track conflict in primetime for a couple of nights. Albert might be the NBCSN anchor during that time.
  13. I looked at the 2012 version of this thread. A PDF outline of the schedule for the different NBC channels was posted in the thread 25 days before the opening ceremony. However, the date on the PDF was 31 days before the opening ceremony. This PDF was released before the basketball and beach volleyball tournament matches were completely announced. An hour by hour schedule was posted on nbcolympics.com 20 days before the opening ceremony. http://images.bimedia.net/documents/2012+London+Olympic+Listings+Outline.pdf So I think we have another 7-10 days before NBCOlympics.com updates, but I'm hoping someone can get their hand on this year's outline within a few days. I think we can all agree NBC will do anything they can to get the American beach volleyball matches in the 11pm eastern hour.
  14. With one month to the opening ceremony, are we Americans hoping and expecting that NBC Universal will announce all the commentators and release its broadcast schedule today?
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