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  1. I have yet to hear anything about the TV coverage (if any?) being planned for the Youth Olympics of 2010, specifically for the United States. Anyone have this (or any) relevant information?
  2. As I noted above, I recorded the video straight from my video card to a DVD recorder. I'm still enjoying the on-demand coverage on a daily basis, recording things that I missed (and I recorded lots of TV coverage!). It's fascinating world-feed coverage, with sometimes different angles than those seen where NBC had live crews (Basketball, for example), where others match exactly (like Archery), so you can tell what the networks of NBC Universal used for world feed and not. There was no commentary in the USA, which was actually cool. Archery, for example, had an awesome PA announcer you could hear. And, finally, I could hear all the music pieces in the background for Beach Volleyball, lol.
  3. At the bottom of the screen here during NBC Universal's coverage, they mentioned the Paralympic games would be online on Universalsports.com. Live streaming and on-demand? Not sure yet, but would be nifty--never seen the Paras before.
  4. It was awesome. Sure, there were a few minor controversies (the Gymnastics being the biggest), but overall, it was a brilliantly executed Games. The combined Online and TV coverage on the networks of NBC/Universal was astounding, and of course, I'll be enjoying the on-demand video for weeks to come to catch what I didn't see (online until 12/31 per their website FAQ). The opening ceremony was also amazing, with a truly cool Parade of Nations. I just still can't believe Softball and Baseball are gone for 2012, though, especially after the Gold Medal result in Softball. (Warped Logic: Let's get rid of Table Tennis because of Chinese domination!) Bring on 2010 and 2012, baby!!!
  5. Just the USA vs. Japan match for me. I'm eager to see how our men's team does after the women's shocking defeat.
  6. Yeah...Holy Cow at the current USA-Norway score...after the 2nd goal, I fell on the carpet in shock. Here's hoping for a 2nd half comeback...
  7. Thanks for the information. That's why I'm hoping that Troy Cable actually shows the Olympic coverage on Universal HD. In the past, during CNBC's or MSNBC's scheduled Olympic coverage (we do get both stations), they showed CNBC World and old stuffy documentaries respectively. So...in about 1 1/2 hours I'll find out if I get UHD's coverage, as previous e-mails to Troy Cable about their planned online coverage have gone unanswered.
  8. I woke up early to enjoy the start of the Games through the online coverage offered by NBCOlympics.com only to get a message that only subscribers to certain cable systems can watch the online coverage! I have a quirky rural provider known as Troy Cablevision, which in the past has not shown the TV coverage offered by CNBC, MSNBC, and Bravo. And, now, the site having given NO indication that a certain provider was required, I get this message and now for the next 24 hours, I can't watch any video on NBCOlympics.com because I've been "disabled!" Crazy stuff... On a side note, my provider recently added Universal HD. Fingers crossed that I'll at least get that. Jeez...
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing how both the USA Men's and Women's teams perform. I'll be waking up to see both USA matches for sure! And, with the streaming coverage, I'll probably catch a couple of the other matches too.
  10. On the online front, NBCOlympics.com will be live streaming gymnastics practice starting tonight: "NBCOlympics.com will stream the U.S. men's session LIVE here tonight (midnight ET) and the U.S. women LIVE on Thursday (1:30a ET). The coverage will be archived for viewing on-demand." And, they also have a link from their front page indicating that all six Women's Soccer preliminaries will be streamed starting at 5:00am Eastern Time tomorrow!
  11. Hoorah! One less socialist dictator punk to worry about at the Olympics! Now, just make sure we don't have Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-Il, or the Iranian leader there and we'll be set.
  12. Here's the official press release: http://www.nbcumv.com/release_detail.nbc/s...earlystart.html
  13. Of course! Irregardless of the politics involved, as long as the competition is there--I'm stoked for it! The ceremonies haven't been too huge a deal for me (although I loved the 70s music during the parade of nations in Torino! ), so I'll probably watching some of the early streaming coverage during parts of the OC. The US has teams in Women's Field Hockey and Men's Soccer, unlike 2004. Our Men's Basketball team looks stellar. In a historic fashion, I hope USA clinches gold in what could be the last Olympic Baseball and Softball competitions in 8 years, at least. Our Women's Basketball and WOmen's Soccer teams will likely rock as usual. And, with the breadth of NBC Universal's TV coverage and the historic online streaming coverage, I can pretty much see what I want when I want! It will ROCK, and I can't wait until the 6th (I always consider the first football/soccer prelims the start of the Olympics!). Like my signature says, five rings to rule them all. And, of course, GO TEAM USA!
  14. What I'm doing is simply recording from my TV-Out capable video card to my secondary DVD recorder. There are probably ways to record straight to hard drive or download streams, but I'm not familiar with those as far as NBCOlympics.com technology--Silverlight--is concerned.
  15. My plans are also to split by day and have two tiers of recording--TV coverage and online coverage. Of course, I start my senior year of college on the 13th, but on-demand/encore coverage from NBCOlympics.com and my DVR will probably keep me going through the Olympics beyond the actual enddate. Now, since my quirky rural cable company only shows some of the Olympic coverage and just recently added Universal HD, I have to wonder exactly what TV stations of Olympic coverage I will get...
  16. It looks like 2 Iraqi rowers are back in as well, and possibly an Archer. http://www.nbcolympics.com/newscenter/news...ng+after+lifted
  17. They've also released a preliminary version of their online grid, indicating that the preliminary pre-OC soccer games will indeed be streamed, among others. http://www.nbcolympics.com/tv_and_online_l...=-2/online.html
  18. It looks like they are both working again now...although no full schedule is up yet!
  19. NBC's updated their online PDF Media Guide schedule: http://nbcumv.com/assets/press_kits/2008_s...ympic_games.pdf
  20. What I do while watching, is simply press pause when the commercials are on, and then pause again when programming resumes. That will allow it to be one continuous title, but commercial free. If it is while you aren't watching, however, I'm not really sure.
  21. I have about 175 hours of coverage from the various networks for the Athens 2004 Games spread across 36 VHS videotapes. I have nearly all (75-85%) of USA's and NBC's coverage from the Torino games, all recorded onto DVD. I'm planning on recording available cable and NBC coverage as well as streaming coverage for Beijing onto DVD as well.
  22. I saw that article and practically cheered. I start back to college halfway through the Games, so having the online coverage of practically everything archived is really great. I can catch what I miss and what I can't DVR online. Hopefully, they'll keep the coverage online sometime after the end of the games. Then, I can extend the Olympics out for a while and catch tons of stuff! And, yes, I'm eagerly anticipating the online grid on NBCOlympics.com as well. I wonder when the really detailed competition schedule (who plays who in the tennis matches for example) will be released...thanks for the info, Durban!
  23. I've been parsing through the schedule...mostly awesome. But, I do have some things that are notable, particularly pertaining to the online coverage. Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Diving, Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Swimming, Track & Field, Trampoline and Indoor Volleyball are NOT Offered With Streaming Coverage. All other sports are indicated as being available live (for example, live Handball at 9 Eastern on August 8th) There's also no indication that the pre-ceremony preliminary football/soccer matches will be available online. And, hearing the rumors that TV broadcasted games will be delayed--there's some questions as to the streaming "Women's Soccer" on day 1 for example, includes ALL the games, or just some.
  24. I'm stoked with this schedule. If the previous 2 Olympics are any indication, my local cable (rural) company will show NBC's and USA's coverage. I LOVE USA's epic coverage this time. With the streaming coverage too, I'll be set. I'll be drowning in Olympics and won't be able to sleep or eat--but I'll be set, lol!
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