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  1. For México, they were accurate, I can say:

    Bronze for Paola Espinoza/Tatiana Ortiz-Diving 3 meters springboard synchro. Correct

    Bronze for Paola Espinoza-Diving 3 meters springboard-Failry wrong, she was 4th

    Bronze for Guillermo Pérez-Tae Kwon Do 58 kg-Fairly wrong, he won gold

    Silver for María Espinoza-tae Kwon Do +67 kg-Fairly wrong, she won gold.

    So they did know our 3 medals (1 color) and the other one was 4th.

  2. That is pretty cool...Fucking TV we have here, it is just **** :( We can't even have 10 minutes of highlights...If we are lucky, the medallists (because we will have a lot) will be announced in the news, but that's it...Oh! But 10 hours a day have to be dedicated to talk shows, paparazzis and similar **** :(

  3. Good luck with the adventure!

    Eritrea will surely be in he 10,000 meters of Athletics or if not, in the 5,000.

    Tuvalu in 69 kg female weightlifting and Kiribai in he 75 kg male, Solomon in the 58 female.

    So your list is now down to:

    Antigua and Barbuda Cook Is. Mauritania

    Barbados Djibouti Saint Vincent

    British Virgin Islands Dominica Sao Tome and Principe

    Brunei Darussalam Sierra Leone


    Cayman Islands Laos Somolia

    Central African Rep Lesotho Surinam

    Chad Liberia

    Comoros Maldives

  4. México will have Televisa and TV Azteca, which unortunately, just make of the Olympics a show and give sport second priority, so I hope I can grab a stream somewhere, because I know there will be a very very poor coverage except for maybe Gymnastics, Athletics and Swimming.

    I think Unicable will have a daily summary of the Mexicans in Beijing.

    :( I know I'll be highly disappointed...México is probably sending 3 times more people from the Media than athletes...Unfortunately, of those, probably 3/5 are comedians and models, 1/5 are cameramen and engineers and just 1/5 are reporters, specialists, commentators.

  5. IMO, it should be 1 point if it is corrent, .5 if he got another color.

    BTW, for México:

    Spors Illustrated has almost the same prediction as me but not at the same time:

    Says gold for María Espinoza in Tae Kwon Do, I say gold.

    Bronze for Guillermo Pérez in Tae Kwon Do, I say silver.

    Bronze for Paola Espinoza in 10 meters Platform. I agree 100%.

    BRonze for Espinoza/Ortiz bronze in platform synchro. I'd put Yahel Castillo in the 3 meters trampoline for that bronze instead.

    I agree with Méxco having 4 nedals, but they say 0-1-3, and I say 1-1-2.

  6. You don't know how sad it is that for México, a country of nore than 103 millions plus some more millions in USA, the maximum we can get will be 6 and countries with way less people, for example Canada will have 7 times more than us or New Zealand 4 times more than us.

    I do think we will have 4 medals.

    María Espinoza: Gold in Tae Kwon Do. She is the World and Panamerican Champion.

    Guillermo Pérez: Silver in Tae Kwon Do. World Runner-Up and he eliminated the current Olympic Runner-Up, Óscar Salazar, in the National Trials (unfortunately, the only sport in which México has a nation al trial).

    Paola Espinoza: Bronze in the 10 meters Platform. World Champion in the Diving World Series, 3rd place in the Worl Cup.

    Yahel Castillo: Bronze in the World Cup and in the 3 World Series events, he won one and score bronze in he other 2. He will attempt (and I'm sure he will) make the best dive in history of Olympic Diving. Though the Chinese look unstoppable for the 1-2. I think he will beat Despatie (Canada) and Dumais (USA).

    Others that I think will finish between 4th and 8th in their sports, but have high high hopes of medals, are:

    Eder Sánchez: 20 km Racewalk. 3 FInished 3rd in the Wold Cup and 4th in the World Championship, also won 2 World Challenges this year. He must beat Paquillo Fernández (Spain) if he wants the bronze.

    Paola Espinoza/Tatiana Ortiz: 10 meters syncrho diving. 4th place in the World Cup and both finished 3rd and 6th in the World Cup individually, they also had a bronze in a World Series event this year.

    Arturo Santos: Boxing 57 kg México is the #1 in Pro Boxing of the World, but the Amateur Mexican Federation is a ***...Arturo was world junior silver 4 years ago. FInishd 5th in the 2007 Worlds and 2nd in the Olympic Test event 2007 and Presidents Cup 2008. Plus he's Mexican, and the Mexican boxers are (said by he experts) the bravest.

    Juan René Serrano: Individual Archery: Surprised the Archery wold by being the 2007 World Runner Up in the World Cup Final. 4 years ago, he ALMOST beat Marco Galiazzo (Italy), who won Athens 2004 gold.

    Everardo Cristóbal: Canoeing C1 100 meters: 2006 World Champion, but 6th in 2007. Panamerican champion as well.

    Tania Elías Calles: Laser Radial Sailing: Panamerican Champion, 2005 Europe Class and 2006 Laser Radial Wold Championship Medallist. Was #1 World Ranked in January but is coming back from an injury.

    Vanessa Zambotti: +78 kg Judo: She has an enourmous hearth when competing...Panamerican Champion and medallist in some World Cups.

    Surprises would b Rommel Pacheco or Laura Sánchez in diving or Ariel Mauricio Flores in Skeet.

    That said, México will have between 2 and 6 medals.

  7. Wow! Everybody calls me crazy because I have ore than 100 VHS from the last 3 years in sports (including most of Torino 2006) tough I am just 16, so in some years I'll have a real lot!

    BTW; if someone can upload something from Mexicans competing in the Winter Olympics (they competed from 1984 to 1994 and in 2002), I would be very thankful if it could be uploaded. I was just 2 years old in 1994 and I barely remember watching the 3 Mexicans that went to Salt Lake City (I was 9) so would like to see that.

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