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  1. In regards to figure skating: it may seem odd the results of two the top two deciding a third spot: however it should be noted that they do have minimum technical scores that need to happen during the season to make the world championships and olympics so the third spot doesn't just get filled by someone who is weak, they have to show they can do minimum technical skills.
  2. She skates really fast though and the judges really like that and reward it; however she does always bomb at the Olympics so I doubt she will make the podium. Yu-Na Kim and Mao Asada have a lock on a podium spot, the third spot is a wildcard I feel.
  3. Canadian Men and Pairs have much more depth than the US does. The ice-dance is pretty much even but the I would agree in that the US ladies are stronger than Canada. It will be close.
  4. Figure Skating worlds have ended and Canada performed extremely well. Canada will send 3 in all disciplines, except Ladies, where there will be 2, which was the most possible from the one skater present. Canada looks to be the favourite to also win the Team Event at the Olympics with the showing in London.
  5. World Figure Skating Championships begin this week in London and results will determine the number of spots for Sochi. I predict 3 in all disciplines, except Ladies where I predict up and comer Kaetlyn Osmond to get Canada 2 spots. Spots are determined by adding the placements of the two top placements per country, the placements must be 13 or less for 3 spots. One top 10 finish gets 2 spots. Also, this is the first championship where skaters needed to meet a minimum technical score in order to compete. Should be an interesting week in London, Ontario
  6. Nagasu only beat Rochette in the technical score by 3 points, which is because her higher levels gave her more base points. Rochette's PC score was higher, yes, but deserved. Her skating skills, choreography and presentation were better and stronger.
  7. Nagasu deserved fourth place, but not the bronze. While she did 'attack' her program, the level of footwork difficulties and her overall levels for her straight line sequence and her circular footwork sequences were not the same as Rochette's. Rochette had more difficult footwork, more body movement (ie, changing directions several times within the circular step sequence) and her jumps did have more flow. You might have noticed that at the end there was a delay, that was because for Nagasu, the judges had to go through every jump to see if it was cheated or not. While her jumps were not downgraded, the grades of execution were not all as high because they had to examine the jumps to make sure. This is the reason she finished fourth, but man, she was good and she will only continue to get better!
  8. The interesting part about Kim is that her lowest scores from this past season still put her ahead of the of the field. It was interesting to hear Elvis Stojko say that her score was 'inflated' but she really is way ahead of the field. Her transitions, her speed and her jumps are so good and she always gets positive GOE's on them. Even if she had a 'meltdown' her score would still be tough to beat overall I think. As for those saying Rochette got a sympathy score...that is just ridiculous! She did all of her jumps, well I might add, and she had almost all level fours on her elements too. She earned that score for sure! It is just so much higher than her seasons best because she did not have a good season and she herself said her new season started at Canadians. She was also much better than the fourth place Ando, who paused a lot in her program and had her combination downgraded.
  9. Heil did a really good job, she got beat, simple as that. I would not call it cracking under pressure because Canada has not won a gold medal on home soil.
  10. It is too bad, she did have potential. Great skating so far at nationals!
  11. Mira Leung's problem has been rumored to be her meddling mother who always interfered in her training and sucking any joy she had out of the sport.
  12. I agree with you on the inflation. All national championships are inflated...Plushenko scored over 100 points at the recent Russian Nationals and he did not really do much in that program to earn a score that big! Chan even said himself he does not look at the points. Anyone catch the US Nats? Pairs splatfest apparently.
  13. Buttle was an amazing skater who won bronze at the olympics in 2006 and then won the world championships in 2008. Why not go out on top? He killed the competition when he won the worlds that year and that was still without a quad.
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