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  1. Al in NYC

    los angeles 2024

    Well, Rio should have been live, since it's only one hour later than New York, but the goofballs at NBC decided differently for some stupid reason. Congratulations to L.A.! I will look forward to going back there for the Olympics, 44 years after my family's great time at the '84 Games.
  2. Or, they could charge more and extort even more money. Which would be much more in line with their usual business philosophy.
  3. I'm so looking forward to going to the CoSport pickup when I get there on Wednesday. Maybe it'll match my fun experience in London, when I had to stage a sit-down strike to get the tennis tickets I had ordered and paid for. CoSport just makes you want to yell at people. Especially if their name is Larry, Scott, or Sead.
  4. I thought NBC's commentary was annoying and ignorant of Brazilian history and culture (and music), and also clearly ignorant of most of the Olympic sports, beyond basketball and a few U.S. stars from popular sports. Also, between them and the clueless director they seemed to COMPLETELY miss the point of much of the ceremony and its message of overcoming the historical and present divisions in Brazil, and the environmental damage we've all wrought, to come together to celebrate life, music, sports, and the fight against environmental destruction and warming. It's really like they barely prepared at all and thought that pretty pictures and chuckleheaded quips would carry them through. The ceremony mostly looked beautiful (especially given what they had to work with), and boldly conceived. It sure took full advantage of the nearly unequaled brilliance and variety of Brazil's musical heritage (when Matt, Merideth, and Hoda shut up long enough for us to hear it). But the incoherent way it was covered on U.S. television, complete with tape delay, copious commercial interruptions, and lots of hype (stay tuned for the "samba party") made it hard to view in context and fully appreciate. My dad got to see it on Canadian television in Detroit and said that their presentation (which was live) was both more informative and less distracting.
  5. Tennis draw was made yesterday. Djokovic's first round match will actually be a rematch of the London bronze medal match, as he will take on defending bronze medalist Juan Del Potro
  6. Al in NYC

    Order of Parade of Nation:

    The parade of athletes is the whole point of the thing. The rest is mostly a made-for-tv show that has only the most tenuous relationship to the sports.
  7. Al in NYC

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    I wish Cartan was still the US agent (as they were before Dizdarevic's finagling with the USOC). Cartan had some problems too, but at least they got the basics done reasonably well.
  8. Al in NYC

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Sadly typical. I know of one person whose tickets were "lost" who had to wait there over 8 hours to get this done. Just as in London, it seems like they are way behind in sorting the tickets they received. Perhaps as a consequence, I've also heard reports of people getting scattered seats, also like what happened in London.
  9. Al in NYC

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    As I understand it, the category D tickets for Track are in the temporary stands that have been erected at either end of the stadium. Those seats are general admission. I believe the rest of the stadium will have assigned seats. There are apparently several other venues with unassigned general admission seating (as noted above). My Badminton, Table Tennis, Canoeing, and Equestrian tickets are all general admission. An interesting choice. This was also the case for most events at the '88 Seoul Olympics (where, believe it or not, the entire main stadium was general admission!). The explanation there was that local Korean spectators were just not used to the concept of assigned seats, and would be confused by it. So, is assigned seating just not a regular thing in Brazil? Or is this another sign of things that have gone undone as the organizers fell behind?
  10. Al in NYC

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Received some of my CoSport tickets via FedEx last week. The rest we will apparently have to pick up at their less than convenient office in Rio. Good thing my flight arrives early or I'd be screwed for the event that I'm supposed to have tickets for on the next morning. Hopefully I won't have to wait in line for 4 hours like I did in London.
  11. Love the "To Be Announced" contact information. Hopefully, it would be a total crapfest like their London pickup office was. I waited for nearly 4 hours for my tickets (some of which were missing, and most of which turned out not to be seated together), and that was far from the worst experience.
  12. Al in NYC

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Awwww. Couldn't have happened to nicer folks...
  13. Al in NYC

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    The schedule for the men's Volleyball competition was released today. I think that completes the schedules for all of the team competitions except Rugby sevens (although there are still some final basketball qualification tournaments to complete).
  14. Al in NYC

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    This has nothing to do with CoSport. I certainly know the difference between CoSport and the Rio 2016 official site. But thank you for that information about what it says on the help page. That 6 sessions per order, 120 tickets total per account limitation is a relatively recent change. I was going by what it says on page 12 of the Rio 2016 ticketing guide, which are the rules that were used for the original draw phase and the beginning of online sales to Brazilians. It says "You will be able to choose up to 20 sessions, with a limit of four or six tickets per session" and that there's a "limit of 20 sessions per account."