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  1. The waiting game is now underway. Vigilant patience will be rewarded.
  2. Sold out. I got up to #8200 in line. Must wait now for the returns from other countries' allotments, and any leftover tickets from CoSport's pricey tours.
  3. Finally got into the queue by 2:14, after many many tries. Bad news is that I'm 13,000 people away. I do not have high hopes for what will be left by then.
  4. According to most recent email from CoSport live sale delayed until (at least) Tue. July 9 at 2 PM EDT. Tickets from previous request round will be available for purchase "next week".
  5. Got all the money in my account and was ready to buy my confirmed tickets today. When I ran into this notice on CoSport's website this afternoon: " Dear Customer, The purchase of confirmed tickets is being postponed while CoSport experiences a processing issue. Results of the ticket lottery remain intact and in your account, with confirmed tickets available for purchase at a later date, soon to be announced. Please check back for updates, including an Email announcing the extended purchase period. Thank you. Experience the Games with CoSport! " Yes, that's certainly some prime CoSport experience right there. Was anyone able to buy their tickets over the past couple of days? Did you run into any problems?
  6. I think there were a large number of sports for which CoSport released very few tickets or none at all from the US allocation. Keep in mind that CoSport is still working to sell their highly marked-up tours, which include a few "premium" tickets each. I expect the July 2 sale to be mostly tickets for these same sports that most people got yesterday, as the inventory will be made up largely (entirely?) of tickets that people didn't accept from this first round.
  7. Did better than I thought I'd do. Maybe the best I've ever done on a first round set of orders for an Olympics. Got Canoe Slalom final, Archery final, Volleyball semifinal, Handball quarterfinal & final, and the women's singles Tennis final (the ticket includes men's & women's bronze matches too). By contrast, for Rio I got a Badminton preliminary and flatwater Canoeing final on the first round. And for London I got nothing at all. For those of you who got little or nothing in this round, keep in mind that, by the time the games rolled around, my group ended up with more tickets than they could use for both of those Games.
  8. That is strange. I figured you were talking about some events where they may be setting aside spectator space but not charging for it, like say sailing. But, yeah, football and athletics tickets definitely aren't $0.00.
  9. It is confusing as hell. Typical CoSport. But what you need to do is go back to CoSport's site, and go to your ticket request. All of the prices for the events you requested will now be shown, both the individual ticket price and the total price for the number of tickets you requested. If you no longer want to order an event you can click "Remove" in the upper right hand corner. You will then need to click "Submit" at the bottom of the page to confirm your ticket request. You'll get a popup that says something stupid like "Your interest has been submitted". Then you're done. You will have to do this before 11:59 EDT on Saturday (6/22) for each of your requests. They say they will send you an email on June 24 confirming whatever tickets you got (if any). You will then have until June 27 to decide which tickets you actually wish to buy and to complete your purchase (Visa only please). Of course, this is CoSport, so you should take all of this with a grain of salt.
  10. Well, Rio should have been live, since it's only one hour later than New York, but the goofballs at NBC decided differently for some stupid reason. Congratulations to L.A.! I will look forward to going back there for the Olympics, 44 years after my family's great time at the '84 Games.
  11. Or, they could charge more and extort even more money. Which would be much more in line with their usual business philosophy.
  12. I'm so looking forward to going to the CoSport pickup when I get there on Wednesday. Maybe it'll match my fun experience in London, when I had to stage a sit-down strike to get the tennis tickets I had ordered and paid for. CoSport just makes you want to yell at people. Especially if their name is Larry, Scott, or Sead.
  13. I thought NBC's commentary was annoying and ignorant of Brazilian history and culture (and music), and also clearly ignorant of most of the Olympic sports, beyond basketball and a few U.S. stars from popular sports. Also, between them and the clueless director they seemed to COMPLETELY miss the point of much of the ceremony and its message of overcoming the historical and present divisions in Brazil, and the environmental damage we've all wrought, to come together to celebrate life, music, sports, and the fight against environmental destruction and warming. It's really like they barely prepared at all and thought that pretty pictures and chuckleheaded quips would carry them through. The ceremony mostly looked beautiful (especially given what they had to work with), and boldly conceived. It sure took full advantage of the nearly unequaled brilliance and variety of Brazil's musical heritage (when Matt, Merideth, and Hoda shut up long enough for us to hear it). But the incoherent way it was covered on U.S. television, complete with tape delay, copious commercial interruptions, and lots of hype (stay tuned for the "samba party") made it hard to view in context and fully appreciate. My dad got to see it on Canadian television in Detroit and said that their presentation (which was live) was both more informative and less distracting.
  14. Tennis draw was made yesterday. Djokovic's first round match will actually be a rematch of the London bronze medal match, as he will take on defending bronze medalist Juan Del Potro
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