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  1. I'll be spending some mealtimes in and around the venues (mostly Olympic Green area). Does anyone know what kind of food services they'll have at the Olympic Green? I know McDonald's is the major restaurant sponsor, but I'd rather not spend more than one quick lunch there. I read that the lobby of the Bird's nest has restaurants, but don't know anything past that.
  2. I've got two tickets I'd be willing to trade: 8/20 Beach Volleyball (BV 21) Semi-Finals Category A Tickets (Row 5) Would trade for Football (Soccer) Women's Semi-final in Beijing on 8/18 or beach volleyball on 8/19 (morning). Or I'd consider selling them for $90.00 a piece. I've also got two diving tickets that I would consider selling for 8/15. PM me to discuss.
  3. Torchbearer AA: I tried PM'ing you. Your inbox is full.
  4. Does anyone have a seating chart for the Olympic Green Tennis Centre Court? I've got tickets and would like an idea as to where I'm sitting. Thanks.
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