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  1. It is an oustanding and fantastic one I think. It showed that China is going to the world while Chinese people welcome the world.

    They invented gun powder for fireworks but not fire arms.

    They invented compass for sailing but not invasion.

    They built the Great Wall for defence but not offence.

    No body should afraid of a stronger China as its history tells us well.

    I am pround of bring a Chinese-Canadian!

  2. Thanks Lamptern for your translation of CCTV's broadcast schedule. If you be so kind, could you please do likewise for ATV, TVB, and i-CABLE if possible? :)

    As some of us have already know NBC's Today show team will make their way to Beijing and China starting next week to do their show. Lester Holt, who I like a lot, from the weekend portion was already at the beautiful Pagoda Tower in Beijing. NBC has already unleashed a torrent of promos relating to the Olympics in the past few weeks. I'll get to those and link them next week.

    Sporza's coverage will be limited of sorts with soccer leading the way at the begining. But I haven't seen exactly where the coverage begins and ends. I'll check on that next week. For the French version at RTBF, La Deux will air swimming, tennis, soccer, track and field, gymnastics, and field hockey. Its broadcast, like VRT's Sporza, will start with Belgium's "Little Devils" taking on Brazil on August 7. It's also reairing the Venues doc on RTBF Sat and La Trois.

    I'll get to more of my thoughts and more stuff as we get to the homestretch to the Opening ceremonies with a lot of goodies I'll bring then! :) Hopefully more things will emerge.

    I checked the schedule page on ATV and found too much pain to translate. The content are not editable and in weird format. It is not likely to be finished in time. I have to give up. Sorry about that. :P

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