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  1. Huge dissapointment! I just can not understand what Promont did. If I were in the Olympics, I would manage to the finish line with last bit of my strength as long as I am conscious and the wheels are good.
  2. "Did CCTV televise the Pre-Opening Ceremony at the Bird's Nest, if there was such like there was in Athens when ET1 did it?" No. They just aired part of the pre-opening show while the programe director switched between several injection points.
  3. It is an oustanding and fantastic one I think. It showed that China is going to the world while Chinese people welcome the world. They invented gun powder for fireworks but not fire arms. They invented compass for sailing but not invasion. They built the Great Wall for defence but not offence. No body should afraid of a stronger China as its history tells us well. I am pround of bring a Chinese-Canadian!
  4. CCTV Pre-Opening Matches Broadcast Schedule Aug 6-7
  5. I checked the schedule page on ATV and found too much pain to translate. The content are not editable and in weird format. It is not likely to be finished in time. I have to give up. Sorry about that.
  6. Here is the binded version (Aug 8 - 24): Beijing 2008 CCTV Broadcast Schedule
  7. Part 5 Beijing 2008 CCTV Broadcast Schedule Aug 20-24
  8. Part 4 Beijing 2008 CCTV Broadcast Schedule Aug 17-19
  9. Part 3 Beijing 2008 Broadcast Schedule Aug 14-16
  11. Just like DS said , it seems like no English version for CCTV schedule on the web so far. OK, I think I could translate it and get it done before the opening day. Here is Part 1 BEIJING 2008 CCTV BROADCAST SCHEDULE AUG 8 - 10
  12. I have to say this is one of the the most valuable threads in the forum right now and kudos to DS' contribution. Here is my brick for the thread performing Olympic spirit! CCTV (CHINA CENTRAL TELEVISION) 2008 Olympic Games Broadcast Schedule
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