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  1. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but EBU will once again stream the Games for free to Europe: http://www3.ebu.ch/cms/en/sites/ebu/contents/frontpage-news/news-2012/ebu-brings-free-to-air-live-vide.html I loved their site in Vancouver, where they streamed as good as everything, but as far as I remember their site wasn't available in all European countries in Beijing? (I think it was blocked here in Denmark, for example). But that does not seem to be a problem this time around, and the service looks absolutely top-notch with 12 live feeds and feeds from 30 EBU members broadcasts. And I'm especially excited about the fact that every medal event will be archived for video on demand: http://www.eurovisionsports.tv/london2012/index.html I do wonder a bit about how this can be allowed in Denmark, since one of the rights holders (TV2) has become a pay channel. It might be best not to speak too much about it, so they don't find out ;-)
  2. News from Denmark: DR and TV2 have both confirmed their host teams, and it's an interesting mix of well-known sports hosts and newcomers to sports coverage: http://www.dr.dk/DRPresse/Artikler/2012/06/28/110706.htm# and http://omtv2.tv2.dk/index.php?no_cache=1&id=6150 The most interesting news certainly comes from TV2. Their Euro studio is a houseboat, which is right now docked in Copenhagen Harbour. That houseboat will be transported to London, where it will be located at St. Katherine Docks right next to Tower Bridge. That could be one of the most scenic studio locations among all the TV stations in London. Perhaps NBC will be a little bit jealous ;-)
  3. Yeah, no, that's not TV2's webpage, but TV2 Sport. I can see why you would be confused (even many people in Denmark think that TV2 controls TV2 Sport), but TV2 Sport is a joint venture between TV2 and MTG/Viasat. The channel is its own entity, so rights are being bought by either TV2 or TV2 Sport (so TV2 can't put Olympics on TV2 Sport if they want to), and as far as I know, TV2 Sport has no rights to the upcoming Games. TV2 haven't launched their website yet, and probably won't for some time, seeing that they still don't have a site for Euro 2012, which starts in two weeks! DR has just given a little bit of information about their summer plans, including the Olympics and other sports events. Apparently, they are one of only ten TV stations who will have a studio at the Olympic Village: http://tvnyt.com/artikel/default.asp?id=20436 This is the first time I can remember a Danish TV station having studio facilities in the host city (I think they might have had it in Atlanta, but I'm a bit too young to remember for sure ;-)) Normally, the studio coverage is being done from home, so this seems like a clear improvement of coverage. Good sign for what's to come!
  4. I'm still here, just lurking around I would like to give you all kinds of exciting news, but the Danish TV channels haven't really come out with any information about the Olympic coverage yet. The rights are still split between DR and TV2, so I think the coverage will be very similar to Beijing. DR has a webpage without any TV information, but I think Durban linked to it earlier: http://www.dr.dk/Sporten/OL2012/ Of course, this time there will be live event coverage in primetime due to the Games being in Europe, so it will be interesting to see how that is going to pan out, especially since it looks like both the men's and women's handball teams will qualify. That might mean that Olympic primetime coverage on the main channels will be mostly handball, since a Danish team will play every night. Bit of a shame, if you ask me, but that is what will get the biggest ratings
  5. Watching the Germany-Brazil game, I can't help but notice that something's wrong with the Olympic logo on the boards next to the field. It looks like they have reversed the colors, so that the red and green is to the left and the blue and yellow to the right. It has become the mirror image of what it really should look like. A blunder by the Chinese or what?
  6. The first medal event to end will most likely be the women's 10m Air Rifle final, which is scheduled to end 10:50 am Beijing time, which corresponds to 10:50 pm ET, as ddrapayo rightly said.
  7. No, actually as I said in an earlier post, TV2 Sport has the exclusive rights to the basketball tournament. At that time, I thought they would also broadcast other sports, but that will not be the case. So there'll be no live basketball on other Danish channels than TV2 Sport even though they don't broadcast anything else Olympic. You're right about the fact that TV2 will broadcast a lot of those sports and TV2 Sputnik (a webcast service) will add to that. But there's interesting news about the DR/Telenor co-operation I mentioned in my earlier post about the Danish TV situation. I thought that Telenor wouldn't use their rights in any way, but no: They are going to stream on three channels for free at http://www.cybercity.dk/produkter/privat/ol_webtv/. There's no detailed schedule out yet but I'm waiting in excitement to see what they have to offer. Regarding TV2, it seems that TV2 Zulu also is going to have a bit of coverage from the men's football tournament. It is on that channel the Danish Olympic coverage starts Thursday with the game between Brazil and Belgium.
  8. OK, apparently I missed the link on the left side of DR's Olympic page the first time around, because there it actually tells quite a bit about the coverage: http://www.dr.dk/Sporten/OL2008/2008/07/02/232749.htm The main channel DR1 will send 280 hours Olympic TV, while DR2 will contribute with 55 hours. DR1 will send live every day from 2 am to 5 pm, while DR2's coverage will be supplemental with apparently a focus on the Equestrian events. It is also said that DR and TV2 has split the rights between them, so that half the sports are on DR and the other half on TV2, except for athletics and handball, the two most popular Olympic sports in Denmark (the Danish handball team's games will without doubt have the best ratings during the Olympics), which is split between the channels. So as I said in the last post, DR's coverage looks to be just as big as earlier Olympics, which I'm very pleased to hear, since I think they have been much better than TV2 both in Sydney and Athens.
  9. Those will be the two main broadcasters, but the coverage will be spread more than that. The Danish rights situation has been a little messy. At first it looked like TV2 would be the only coverage provider (as they already are with the Winter Games) as the public broadcaster DR were in deep financial trouble and were looking to sell all of their sports rights. But in November last year, they managed to make a deal with the Norwegian telephone company Telenor, who they shared their rights to the Summer Olympics, the World Cup and some other minor sporting events with. Telenor is probably looking to start a new channel where they can use their rights, but that channel hasn't become reality yet and therefore it looks like DR's coverage will be just as comprehensive as earlier Summer Games. There is no schedule yet, but DR's Olympic website are up and running: http://dr.dk/Sporten/OL2008/20080506132215.htm (in Danish of course). TV2 have also started a joint venture. It's the channel TV2 Sport, which they own 51% of. The other 49% belongs to the company MTG, who owns quite many big sports rights such as the Champions League, the Danish football league and golf from the European and PGA Tour. These rights were earlier used on some of their own channels, but now many of them is on TV2 Sport. The problem is that the Danish authorities has prohibited the channel from being run by the two owners, since that would create an almost monopoly on sports rights in Denmark. Therefore, the channel has to be run independently, which in practice means that the two owners "sell" their rights to TV2 Sport, when they don't want to use them on their main channels. Come Olympics time, TV2 has to decide which rights they will sell to TV2 Sport, so even though the channels share the TV2 name, it will be two distinctively different kinds of coverage. The one thing we already know about the Danish Olympic TV schedule is that TV2 has sold the rights to the Olympic basketball tournament to TV2 Sport: http://tv2sport.dk/node/9655 (in Danish again). Just a little update here from Denmark. I will post again when there are any news about the TV schedule.
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