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  1. Exactly, they would have to plan a new closer one.
  2. Even with the earthquake, would put Santiago ahead of the other two ones. Bogota is a great city and developing pretty fast, but there is still lots of prejudice against both the security of the city and the politics of the country. I do not think either Colombia on one hand or Venezuela and Bolivia on the other will get awarded with any high profile games in the near future.
  3. Well, not sure they could hold it against Victoria Falls, since the falls lies in the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and between the site and S. Africa there is the entire Botswana. But I got your point. However, Foz do Iguaçu isn't like Victoria Falls. It's much closer to Niagara Falls. There are three cities from three countries and a population of some 600,000 people in the three together. Also, in the Brazilian side the is a large hotel from the Orient Express luxury chain of hotels at a walking distance from the falls, so they could, perhaps, put the necessary technical stuff there.
  4. No, It's not. It has one of the worst distribution of the wealth in the Planet, but it cannot be considered poor by any stands. It's in the middle of the way between poor and rich. According to the World Bank it's gross domestic product per capita, with the necessary purchasing power parity (PPP), is 10,296. Just below Serbia (11,457), Belarus (12,261) and Bulgaria (12,394) and above Macedonia (10,167), Bosnia (8,390), Ukraine (7,271) and China (5,962). So are China, Macedonia and Serbia poor?
  5. Would be great the OG in one of those. I would like the Final Draw to be held in Foz do Iguaçu or Manaus too. Imagine the draw with the water falls behind it.
  6. Don't think NYC needs to host a Pan Am. They can compete to host it without had previously hosted a Pan am or a YOG. But I really believe the so called 2nd tier cities could gain with one of them. Houston or Boston or Minne could host the 2018 youth games or the 2023 Pan Ams and get competitive against Toronto for the 2028 Olympics (which will be decided in 2021).
  7. OK. got it. but Where is the town where he owns a sport team? Actually to which metropolitan area the team belongs to?
  8. Couldn't agree more. Believe too, despite what have being said on press, that Brasilia has more chances than BH to get the opening match. People forget the FIFA congress is going to be in the same city. About the stadium in Brasilia, the local government (GDF) will probably end up building a stadioum with capacity between 50,000 and 60,000 to make sure the city get some important game anyone. the governor has lost of money and really want to spend it making the city better known. The local population, as well, until now didn't think is a bed idea to spend a lot of their money constructing s
  9. He's actually from Connecticut, isn't him? His dad is one of the last conservatives from New England that is still alive.
  10. As someone else has already said here, that the Americas are one single continent when its good this way to the IOC members, like "the had their turn", and also are two, three or four different ones one the IOC wants so, like "South America first games" and in a far far future "Caribbean first games" and "Central America first games". About Toronto and Monterrey, I sure one would make the other impossible. Actually a Monterrey successful bid would make it impossible to all the Americas + Spain. Mexico can do that. About Madrid and East Europe, things are always easier to Europe, but as FYI
  11. As we know, Mexico is North America, so it was probably divided between Iberic (Latin) America and Anglo-Saxon America.
  12. Would be great. But if we look at the australian gap, which I believe was the shortest one outside of US, we had 44 years between Melbourne (1956) and Sydney (2000). So would been more realistic have the SOG in São Paulo by 2060, or, let's say, at least 2052.
  13. Well, I don't really think it will come to Brasilia and doubt it will go to BH ether. Brasilia may have the hotel rooms and the fine convention center 100 meters from the stadium, but doesn't have the politics support. BH may have the political support, but their convention center choices aren't so good and they have a huge problem with hotel rooms. They are behind all the other host cities in rooms, except for Cuiaba and perhaps Manaus. during regular weekdays you have a difficult time finding rooms their, imagine with the FIFA congress and all the people coming to the opening game!!! I kn
  14. EUROPE Summer Paris Brussels Istanbul (Europe/Asia) Winter Munich East Europe - maybe Krakow ASIA Summer Istanbul (Asia/Europe) Kuala Lumpur Winter PyeongChang Almaty NORTH AMERICA Summer San Francisco Toronto Winter Reno - Tahoe Quebec SOUTH AMERICA Summer Buenos Aires Sao Paulo Winter Santiago Bariloche OCEANIA Summer Brisbane Melbourne Winter Queenstown ? AFRICA Summer Cape Town Cairo Winter ? ???
  15. Hi everyone! But couldn´t it workout for a second tier city, like Boston, Miami, Houston etc Hosting one edition of the Pan Ams, they could suddenly turn from ugly duckling into the country favorite swan! I could see Texas presenting Houston instead of San Antonio or Austin to then try to make it a first tier city with PASO support and some more appeal, for instance.
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