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  1. Apologies... Plus, Maracana Azteca Monaco Grand Prix Helsink Olympic Stadium And that whopper football stadium in Buenos Aires, the one they always show footage of thousands of streamers and confetti coming donw during a world cup football match.
  2. In my view, the most famous sporting Arenas in the world are as follows (in no particular order): Wembley Stadium Melbourne Cricket Ground Lords Cricket Ground Wimbledon Stade De France Bernabeu Nou Camp San Siro Twickenham Yankees Stadium Madison Sq Gardens Augusta Golf Course St Andrews Golf Course Hampden Park Old Trafford Anfield Roland Garros Flushing Meadows Berlin Olympic Stadium Munich Olympic Stadium Ellis Park Fair?
  3. Off topic a bit. Barbara Cassini has resigned as a non-executive director of Marks and Spencers, a major retail outlet in the UK to spend more time on the olympic bid. Good news?
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