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  1. The International Olympic Committee has issued a press release, today, revealing the cities that have submitted a bid to host the first Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010. A total of eleven (11) cities are now official candidates: ALGIERS, Algeria ATHENS, Greece BANGKOK, Thailand BELGRADE, Serbia DEBRECEN, Hungary GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia MOSCOW, Russia POZNAN, Poland SINGAPORE, Singapore TURIN, Italy Link: IOC press release So here we have, apart from the five cities we heard and read about, six more cities will also battle for the first SYOG. One African, six European, three Asian (all South East) and one American (from the city where these Games were approved). As expected, these Games seem to be much more attractive and best orientated to medium-sized world and regional cities, as it's proved by the international profile of the majority of these bidding cities.
  2. One (or two?) more day(s) to know the first applicant cities!
  3. The 2007 Qingdao International Regatta was held during August 9-24, serving as the pre-Olympic test event. Results: 49er 1) Stevie Morrison/Ben Rhodes (GBR) 2) Iker Martinez/Xabier Fernández (ESP) 3) Peter Hansen/Soren Hansen (DEN) Men's 470 1) Nathan Wilmot/Malcolm Page (AUS) 2) Nick Rogers/Joe Glanfield (GBR) 3) Álvaro Marinho/Miguel Nunes (POR) Women's 470 1) Elsie Rechichi/Tessa Parkinson (AUS) 2) Ai Kondo/Naoko Kamata (JPN) 3) Ingrid Petitjean/Nadege Douroux (FRA) Finn 1) Ben Ainslie (GBR) 2) Pieter Jan Postma (NED) 3) Peer Moberg (NOR) Laser 1) Paul Goodison (GBR) 2) Rasmus Myrgren (SWE) 3) Maciej Grabowski (POL) Laser Radial 1) Anna Tunnicliffe (USA) 2) Jo Aleh (NZL) 3) Evi van Acker (BEL) Men's RS:X 1) Tom Ashley (NZL) 2) Yuan Guo Zhou (CHN) 3) Julien Bontemps (FRA) Women's RS:X 1) Bryony Shaw (GBR) 2) Alessandra Sensini (ITA) 3) Jessica Crisp (AUS) Star 1) Robert Scheidt/Bruno Prada (BRA) 2) Hamish Pepper/Carl Williams (NZL) 3) Xavier Rohart/Pascal Rambeau Tornado 1) Roman Hagara/Hans Peter Steinacher (AUT) 2) Darren Bundock/Glenn Ashby (AUS) 3) Xavier Revil/Christophe Espagnon (FRA) Yngling 1) Sarah Ayton/Sarah Webb/Pippa Wilson (GBR) 2) Renee Groeneveld/Annemieke Bes/Marije Kampen (NED) 3) Ekaterina Skudina/Diana Krutskikh/Natalia Ivanova (RUS) Medal table: 01. GBR | 5 1 0 | 6 02. AUS | 2 1 1 | 4 03. NZL | 1 2 0 | 3 04. AUT | 1 0 0 | 1 04. BRA | 1 0 0 | 1 04. USA | 1 0 0 | 1 07. NED | 2 0 0 | 2 08. CHN | 0 1 0 | 1 08. ESP | 0 1 0 | 1 08. ITA | 0 1 0 | 1 08. JPN | 0 1 0 | 1 08. SWE | 0 1 0 | 1 13. FRA | 0 0 4 | 4 14. BEL | 0 0 1 | 1 14. DEN | 0 0 1 | 1 14. NOR | 0 0 1 | 1 14. POL | 0 0 1 | 1 14. POR | 0 0 1 | 1 14. RUS | 0 0 1 | 1
  4. Portugal: - Delta Cafés - Onda - Grupo Português de Saúde - Angelini Portugal - Schenker Logistics - Cosmos Viagens - RTP - Cision Portugal
  5. Algiers, huh? Here is the first SYOG exotic bidder; but considering the high-profile opponents, it seems to me it will be nothing more than a bid. As for Athens, I'm glad they made it official confirming all rumors and expectations. It would be very symbolic and adequate to initiate the newest top-level Olympic event; besides, Athens's the latest Summer host city so it has EVERYTHING.
  6. So far, there are only official confirmations from those two.
  7. All I know is that the start point is Tiananmen Square and the finish line is inside the National Stadium.
  8. He says that but he's dying to host an Olympics I don't blame him. So am I. The YOG are a great stepping stone for a senior Olympic bid.
  9. I think I've said it already, but since this GamesBids section still has Lisbon as "interested applicant not confirmed", then here is the official confirmation (translated), from Portugal's NOC president, that we will NOT bid for the first Youth Olympics, given to a sports newspaper:
  10. Well, I for sure understand your conversation, but others can't say the same. Don't you think it's a bit rude to be talking Spanish extensively in an English-language forum, especially about a topic completely distinct from the one in this thread (even though you may have started on-topic)? Sory about calling your attention but this thread is already more about a Madrid 2016 vs. Pyrenees WOG battle than what it was supposed to be.
  11. Me neither (despite my age), and we all know why If Beijing and the Chinese don't blow us off our seats with visual and musical spectacularity, then it will be nothing less than a major letdown. That's how my expectations are leveled.
  12. (Since this thread is for the 2010 bid, I'll continue here) While the bidding regulations forbid the creation of original bid-specific logos, on the other hand they allow a candidate city to draft a sports programme flexible enough not to include some of the 26 sports, if the city does not have facilities for them. This is an understandable and consequence of a candidate city not being allowed to build new and permanent YOG-oriented venues, and assures that ANY city can apply even if it hasn't got one or other venues in advance.
  13. I agree that delegations should enter the stadium in groups of two or three, depending on their size (massive ones like AUS, USA, CHN, etc. could enter alone). That would indeed speed up the parade. I don't think there would be any major broadcasting problem with it.
  14. Just look at the other two Chinese on Yao Ming's side He's a giant alright, for Chinese standards.
  15. A very interesting rule: the IOC will not allow candidate cities to create bid logos. But as the candidature procedure file suggests that "they may adopt the existing emblem of their city and use it together with the existing emblem of their NOC".
  16. Singapore is off to grab the 2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games. Link: Singapore to bid for 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Channel NewsAsia)
  17. My doubts are answered: Link: IOC bidding process for Youth Olympic Games Deadlines: 2007 July 5 --- Concept approved at IOC session in Guatemala - nominations open August 31 --- Deadline for NOC's to confirm names of interested cities. October 26 --- Cities to submit their candidature file. November 12 --- Selection of candidate cities by expert panel. December 3-18 --- IOC evaluation visits to shortlisted candidates - arranged by IOC. 2008 End of January --- Evaluation Committee submits report to IOC executive board. February --- IOC Executive Board chooses cities to appear on voting ballot. Mid February --- Election by IOC members through secret postal ballot. End of February --- Announcement of winner.
  18. The bidding procedure was supposed to start in July but I haven't heard anything concrete so far. No news of NOCs receiving invitations to submit applications, unconfirmed bids for 2010 (unlike India for 2014). From November to December, there will already be visits to shortlisted cities, so we'll probably hear about official applicants by end of August, early September?
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