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  1. A VERY recent photo shoot was made with all the qualified athletes, dressed in traditional Chinese costumes, posing like traditional Chinese people in very Chinese-like backgrounds. I saw it today and was amazed how good it worked out. See the photo gallery here
  2. I'm not fond of opening threads if others more suitable already exist, but I couldn't find a proper thread to post the roster of the Portuguese Olympic Team for Beijing 2008, so I decided to open one, if you don't mind. You can comment if you like Portugal will participate in its 22nd consecutive Summer Olympics, with 78 competitors in 16 sports: Archery: * Nuno Pombo → Individual competition Athletics: Men: * Francis Obikwelu → 100 metres, 200 metres * Arnaldo Abrantes → 200 metres * Edivaldo Monteiro → 400 metres hurdles * Alberto Paulo → 3000 metres steeplechase * Rui Pedro Silva → 10,000 metres * João Vieira → 20 kilometres race walk * Sérgio Vieira → 20 kilometers race walk * Augusto Cardoso → 50 kilometers race walk * António Pereira → 50 kilometers race walk * Paulo Gomes → Marathon * Hélder Ornelas → Marathon * Marco Fortes → Shot put * Nelson Évora → Triple jump Women: * Maria do Carmo Tavares → 800 metres * Clarisse Cruz → 3000 metres steeplechase * Sara Moreira → 3000 metres steeplechase * Jessica Augusto → 5000 metres, 3000 metres steeplechase * Ana Cabecinha → 20 kilometers race walk * Susana Feitor → 20 kilometers race walk * Vera Santos → 20 kilometers race walk * Marisa Barros → Marathon * Ana Dias → Marathon * Inês Monteiro → Marathon * Vânia Silva → Hammer throw * Sílvia Cruz → Javelin throw * Naide Gomes → Long jump * Sandra Tavares → Pole vault Badminton: Men: * Marco Vasconcelos → Singles Women: * Ana Moura → Singles Canoe/Kayak (flatwater): Men: * Emanuel Silva → K1 1000 metres Women: * Teresa Portela → K1 500 metres * Beatriz Gomes & Helena Rodrigues → K2 500 metres Cycling: * André Cardoso → Road race * Sérgio Paulinho → Road race * Nuno Ribeiro → Road race Equestrian: * Miguel Ralão Duarte → Individual dressage, team dressage * Carlos Pinto → Individual dressage, team dressage * Daniel Pinto → Individual dressage, team dressage Fencing: Men: * Joaquim Videira → Individual épée Women: * Débora Nogueira → Individual foil Gymnastics: Men: * Diogo Ganchinho → Individual trampoline Women: * Ana Rente → Individual trampoline Judo: Men: * Pedro Dias → −66 kg * João Pina → −73 kg * João Neto → −81 kg Women: * Ana Hormigo → −48 kg * Telma Monteiro −52 kg Rowing: * Nuno Mendes, Pedro Fraga → Double sculls lightweight Sailing: * João Rodrigues → RS:X * Gustavo Lima → Laser * Afonso Domingos/Bernardo Santos → Star * Jorge Lima/Francisco Andrade → 49er * Álvaro Marinho/Miguel Nunes → 470 Shooting: * João Costa → 50 metres pistol * Manuel Vieira da Silva → Trap Swimming: Men: * Arseniy Lavrentyev → 10 kilometres marathon * Simão Morgado → 100 metres butterfly * Tiago Venâncio → 100 metres freestyle, 200 metres freestyle * Carlos Almeida → 200 metres breaststroke * Pedro Oliveira → 200 metres backstroke, 200 metres butterfly * Diogo Carvalho → 200 metres individual medley * Fernando Costa → 1500 metres freestyle Women: * Diana Gomes → 200 metres breaststroke * Daniela Inácio → 10 kilometers marathon * Sara Oliveira → 100 metres butterfly, 200 metres butterfly Table tennis: * João Monteiro → Singles * Marco Freitas → Singles * Tiago Apolónia → Singles Taekwondo: * Pedro Póvoa → −58 kg Triathlon: Men: * Duarte Marques * Bruno Pais Women: * Vanessa Fernandes
  3. These games might not see our biggest delegation, so far, but surely the one with most quality and top-performing athletes. Thus, I expect we can win, at least, 4 medals in total -- which is saying it would be our best games ever... Athletics: *Francis Obikwelu (100m, 200m) *Nelson Évora (triple jump) *Naide Gomes (long jump) *Susana Feitor (20km race walk) Judo: *João Neto (-81kg) *Telma Monteiro (-52kg) Sailing: *João Rodrigues (RS:X) *Gustavo Lima (Laser) *Afonso Domingos & Bernardo Santos (Star) *Álvaro Marinho & Miguel Nunes (470) Triathlon: *Vanessa Fernandes
  4. My thought on the cauldron, based on several images already posted here: * By the shape of the visible built sections so far, it seems to me it'll be a huge scroll. Like in Athens 2004, the cauldron will be a scaled-up version of the torch itself. I believe the visible part is the base where the lighting will take place; * The cauldron won't slide anywhere, it's alredy fixed in its final position -- this image tells me that. The hinge will allow the cauldron to elevate itself by a 90 degree-angle onto the roof rim, exposing the bottom tip to whatever the lighting mechanism will be; * The cauldron is incomplete, perhaps only 30% built so far. When the remaining roll parts of the 'scroll' will be fitted and the whole contraption is finished, it'll stay camuflaged right up to the time when it'll "rise to the occasion".
  5. Singapore. So that European bids can go full steam ahead for 2014.
  6. Athens... so that Greece gets satisfied for another 100 years
  7. Singapore has launched its bid logo (weren't bidders supposed NOT to make logos?) along with its bid-promoting website - http://www.singapore2010.sg
  8. Our chances for 2008 are much better than for any other Olympics, as the result of an early-planned, well-thought Olympic preparation project. My predictions for Portugal (in decreasing order of certainty): * Athletics (our best sport) * Triathlon * Judo * Sailing (not so sure) * Canoeing (even less sure)
  9. Exactly. If there are no special-looking stage(s), or any other temporary structures, suspiciously positioned somewhere in the stadium, I suspect people going there to see the OC will probably do a 360º neck twist and still not know where the hell the cauldron will appear or how the lighting will be made. Oh, the anxiety.
  10. So what's your idea? How can they do it so that it looks 1) breathtaking and 2) is seen by everyone inside the stadium?
  11. Indeed, they can do that. I also had another idea - they could reserve an area on one of the top stands for the device to be just placed there, in perfect sight for every spectator - but then I remembered the much-needed element of surprise. Unless they could hide it very well (unlikely). I start to believe that your (also mine) idea is the one with the best chances.
  12. My idea was the same, I might not have explained with all details. I didn't say the cauldron stem would be located outside the stadium, just behind a stand and would rise through the roof steel network. Anyway, I wonder if there's enough space between the roof and the upper edge of a stand for the cauldron to appear and be ignited...
  13. Yeah, that's what I said in a few posts above:
  14. Is it worth the effort, with the shortlisting in two months and final decision in five?
  15. Yeah, that's why this time it's even more unpredictable. To the amusement/despair of us, Olympic followers.
  16. Or the whole structure falling onto the field... while the football final is being played? I don't think it will be mounted along the roof edge; from what I recall, no cauldron was positioned hanging over the spectators or the stadium field. Perhaps they'll go Turin and built it on a tower that will rise, from behind a stand, through the roof's steel network and will reach a height that will allow the maximum number of spectators inside the stadium to see it. It would always be difficult for everyone to see it because of the way the whole stadium is covered. Either they put it inside the stadium and we'll return to the old days - I don't see much space for it with the track and field - or risk having a considerably sized burning structure hovering over the field.
  17. This time the cauldron structure and lighting predictions are gonna be even more imaginative, considering the obstacles the Beijing National Stadium poses for such a critical OC element.
  18. First of all, thank you for the in-depth explanation. You seem to have been very much inside the EYOF corridors. All the situations I mentioned were written in the local media, so one can never be completely sure about the real magnitude of things they write about. Your deep knowledge is once again shown, since I had forgotten all about the "bugs" that once in a while paid visits to our athletes; but, as you said, all these problems (climatization, water supply, insects) were potentialized by the heat-wave that, from your words, seems to be unusual in Belgrade at that time (though, I believe it will become more and more often). I also did not know about such similar conditions having happened in Paris 2003, so it seems it's not unique to the Belgrade organization. Actually, I do believe Belgrade has great chances to get the YOG, if they succeeded in landing the 2007 Summer EYOF and 2009 Summer Universiade. It was just these (now cleared) minor problems that turned me a bit skeptical.
  19. Some delegations present at the recent EYOF (including the Portuguese, that's why I mentioned these issues) were accomodated in rooms with hardly good conditions, mostly concerning space and air conditioning (Belgrade was under a heat wave that time), and many athletes complained they couldn't sleep at night because of the intense heat felt. The water supply was another problem, with athletes having their water pratically rationed during their trainings, under temperatures of 86 ºF and higher. It's not something that can't be dealt with, but the EYOF is pratically an YOG of its own with about the same number of athletes. But this time it's an IOC official event they're bidding so they have to be more strict about these things. If Belgrade lands the YOG, it will have the Universiade as a major test event.
  20. How stupid is that: submitting a bid and publicly stating it was a reluctant decision?! They should DEFINITELY be eliminated.
  21. I agree. Even though Belgrade just hosted the 9th EYOF and will host the 2009 Summer Universiade (though the host city will already have been chosen by then), they had many organizational problems envolving accomodation and food & beverage; that's why I wouldn't put it on the "easily shortlisted" group, either.
  22. The IOC EB will release a shortlist on November 12. Don't know how many cities will be in it.
  23. Considering the short span of time until 2010 and that no infrastructure may be built on purpose for the Games, it was expected to see cities that have recently hosted multi-sport events (all except Debrecen and Poznan) to take a step forward. I think the city profile will rise and the 2014 bidding campaign will be more interesting. Debrecen is Hungary's second city, actually, but the world pretty much just knows about Budapest.
  24. I wonder why Debrecen was chosen instead of Budapest. Is Budapest waiting for a chance to bid for the bigger Summer Games, without being hindered by a SYOG bid? Is Debrecen Hungary's youth sports hub so it's better suited for a Magyar YOG?
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