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  1. I'd be better without that example of "honesty" from the OC organizers. One thing is revealing the use of pre-recorded footage to avoid possible problems, the other is admit having dismissed the true singer because she didn't give China a good image. In one word - gutted.
  2. Boxing. Even though it is much safer and less painful than professional boxing, I still don't get any kick from watching two guys punching repeatedly each other's face and chest.
  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome! It was worth staying up late to witness that phenomenal 4x100m relay final! Five teams under the previous WR since the very beggining - amazing! And that last US swimmer pratically FLEW on that last stroke! Incredible comeback No wonder Phelps was hysterical with joy, haha!
  4. What do you mean? His result? He got a silver - the only time he didn't win gold (1996 and 2004).
  5. Star class. I think he got bored of winning everything in Laser class.
  6. Hoe could he slow down? He was being dragged in the air along the roof
  7. Here, in Portugal, the OC was aired on the public station's second channel, so there were no commercial breaks. It had much better live sound than the Eurosport broadcast and less annoying commentators. The only thing they didn't air was the final Jackie Chan performance, but that was overkill after 4 hours...
  8. Was to curious to see what people commented along this thread (I couldn't watch the ceremony and be here typing at the same time!): It was truly unexpected, but a few moments after, I actually figured it out. Later I could see the LED-covered net layed on the ground, just beofer the lights went out for the rings to appear on screen (and simultaneosly light up on the net). Macau would also have a great reception... if they're NOC was recognized by the IOC. Oh, how I laughed with those girls I liked it too. Imagine how much that painting is worth... with footprints of almost 11,000 sportspeople from all over the world, many of them belonging to major sport stars
  9. Oops, don't mind those quotes; forgot to deselect them and can't edit my post.
  10. Our flag bearer, Nelson √Čvora, moments before entering the stadium (sorry about the size and quality, but this is as exclusive we can get )
  11. You're welcome. I believe many millions around the world still don't understand "how the hell did these guys order the countries?!" One has to admit it's nothing we're used to in previous OCs. Greek alphabeth ordering was already a novelty four years ago, but this surpassed it by miles.
  12. It's the number of strokes of the first character.
  13. These photos highlight exactly what I'll keep of this OC: a percetly designed, organized and performed extravaganza of lights and colors. Thumbs up, China!
  14. We pretty much guessed how the cauldron would move to place itself, ready to be lighted. Hours gone by, I now remember reading someone here posting that the cauldron's tip had a length similar to the roof rim's thickness and that it seemed to have a groove pattern also similar to that which covered the rim - Well, whoever he/she was gave all the hints to what the cauldron would look like: an peeled strip of the roof rim, furled into a scaled-up version of the torch. As predicted, those that had the 'unfortunate' luck of getting seats on the stands right below the torch saw zilch of the lighting and will keep not seeing it live in that place (at least, without TV assistance). To be honest - I expected more. The artistic ceremony raised even more my expectations. It was nice but that aerial race by Li Ning was almost anti-climactic. Sydney's still has my heart.
  15. Don't see why is it "more serious", but futsal would be great imo, as well. Both are fast, intense and exciting sports. They work wonders spectator-wise.
  16. When was the last time, Greece had a female flag bearer?
  17. One more reason to replace it with beach soccer, for instance.
  18. Nelson √Čvora - 2007 triple jump world champion - will carry Portugal's flag into the Bird's Nest.
  19. You got to hand it: Chinese and Japanese (especially women) can scream for two or three normal people.
  20. WOW, best shot of that... thing. I still can't figure where will this tip tilt towards - up or down.
  21. Darn, that post should've happened only next Friday... at 20:08 CST. Now THAT would be as rare as a full Solar System planetary alignment.
  22. It's just that IF the lighting really happens as I described, the TV cameras could possibly be focused on the roof's lower rim, on the precise spot where the flag is hanging. Just a curious observation. As side note: we're all still dealing with speculations as to how the cauldron will be lighted and where it'll definitely stay put. But if it does rest that far away from the roof's rim, it'll be a letdown for those who are used to seeing the flame 'presiding' over the Games...
  23. Wrong. Should've noticed already they're aligned by the countries marching order... So, it's Slovakia on the left and indeed South Korea on the right (duh).
  24. Not really. I have myopia, actually It's just that my flag is easy to be seen far away with its red-and-green field and a yellow ball in the center. If i'm not mistaken it's stuck between Poland's (left) and Japan's/South Korea's (right).
  25. Christ, suddenly I had an "Atlanta 1996 cauldron" feeling by lookng at that exposed tip If the cauldron really does slide to the roof rim and tilt down to be lighted, my country's flag will so be on the spotlight
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