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  1. A contrived yet very meaningful lighting of a beautiful cauldron. Now where will it go?
  2. So we'll have a huge blazing rose as the cauldron? Appropriate!
  3. IIRC, Dawn Fraser (?) was sitted next to the Governor-General of Australia in the VIP box... and then she did a part of the torch relay inside the stadium.
  4. I hope third time's the charm for Madrid, they're in a pretty good position for that. Plus, it'll be the closest I'll ever get to the Olympic Games and the best chance to actually live the experience live!
  5. So this is the Olympic monument of London 2012? Oh... dear. I think it would cost much less to collide all the cranes currently at the Olympic Park, and the effect would be the same.
  6. This is from the same Portuguese team (Brandia Central) that created the Euro 2004 logo.
  7. This logo takes a while to settle in. The first impression is that it's so animated and colorful that it seems almost childish. But if you take a minute to understand the concept, it is really a great job! Oh, the logo presentation video is amazing! There are logos and logos, but I definitely prefer these traditional iconic logos over the currently trendy, minimalistic, web-orientated ones.
  8. Beijing had to convince 50 IOC members or so. Russia only needs to do it with 12 people.
  9. Sepp is dying to give it to Russia.
  10. I also think it's the first time a full Paralympics OC was broadcasted live, here in Portugal. I didn't watch it completely - only the parade, the beginning of the artistic ceremony, and the lighting - but I liked much of what I actually saw... and heard (what an improvement from the Olympic Parade of Nations!).
  11. The fact that the judge is Swedish has no special weight, right?
  12. The arrangements for "A Portuguesa" was very good. They didn't add any extra flavor but they fully exploited the power that brass instruments give to the anthem.
  13. Indeed, not saying otherwise. It's just that Idowu may be in London, in four years, to grab the gold, but Évora will (surely) be, as well. In the end, it's all a matter of how the athlete is performing at that special moment. Idowu was 7th in Osaka when Évora won the title; this year, Idowu took the indoor world title with Évora as third, and yesterday, Évora was again better, even if by only 5cm. Both outdone themselves this year at yesterday's final.
  14. Maybe in London ... or not. (Yey! So happy.)
  15. NO! That would've been the best lighting EVER, had it happened.
  16. Lima entered the medal race in third place. He finished fourth... ONE point behind the bronze medal! So unfair. It's the third Olympics he fails to get a medal by very little -- and the last as he said he'll be retiring from sailing I want to think he's just totally frustrated by another 'almost' and he'll still be sailing (if he gets sponsoring to ease the expenses, that is).
  17. Yey, first medal for us! Thank you, Vanessa! We knew you would do great. Congratulations to Snowsill for being such a fantastic opponent. Vanessa has learned and grown a lot by competing alongside with her. I hope in four years time, it's her turn to cut the finish line first.
  18. Funny, baron listed this as a "dumber Olympic sport". This just strengthens his position. I've seen still images of it and in no way am I seeing that video!
  19. I saw the OC today again and that musical segment is the most beautiful and enthralling. I specifically hold fondly the moment when that music is playing and the camera focus for a long time the face of an "ancient lady" (quite beautiful!) walking steadily towards it
  20. Nice work, baron! You only had to submit a drawing with the torch's look and casing, right? Not the gas reservoir and igniting system within?
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