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  1. Oh my... this is blatant Athens 2004 plagiarism. I thought better of Dimitris Papaioannou...
  2. Details that fade away when the superior propagandistic interest of Azerbaijan is at stake.
  3. To that purpose, I agree - it's better to start with a bang. Still, the absence of major sports and athletes and the lack of interest from the big media cans till hamper these Games, and with it, the interest in future editions (which again I don't predict to be this flashy).
  4. I hardly believe that future Games (if this event survives) will be this grand unless they're hosted by the likes of Azerbaijan or Russia... The withdrawal of Netherlands - which were already planning to downsize and spread the event - doesn't bode well, too.
  5. True. Plus, Winter YOG + OG it's not exactly a fatal combination.
  6. I was not considering dropping women's Olympic football tournament (which is actually highly esteemed in the That's why I only suggested dropping men's football, but yeah, it would be unacceptable for FIFA to kill the men's tournament and keep the women's. Actually, the FIFA Beach Soccer World is the sport's highest competition, but it's relatively young and still growing in regards to media attention. Having it at the Olympics would help it a lot. Race walking needs to deal with the subjectivity of judges. The human eye cannot distinguish, at that marching speed, if a foot is ALWAYS on the ground - because to me it NEVER is, even if for microseconds! I'd drop the 50km event - too long, uneventful, and no one gives a damn after 1/4 of the race.
  7. Different stuff but... isn't Lillehammer the only bidder for the 2016 Winter YOG? Won't that a Norwegian bid for 2022?
  8. Don't ask us to join, this time, please. You can do it on your own.
  9. I believe that the beach version would largely surpass it in terms of budget saving and infrastructure works/maintenance. It might not reach the same level of ticket sales since there would be just one venue with considerably smaller capacity. Nonetheless, I'd prefer a small though regularly packed stadium with spectators excited to witness a match that will surely warrant goals after goals, most with high artistic flair. Besides, beach football would actually bring its best performers to the Olympics, rather than an under-23 squad pointed with one or two "stars".
  10. An online poll in a Spanish sports paper (Marca) shows almost 80% of voters don't want Madrid to try for 2024. Can't blame them, it's the expected reaction one day after a third consecutive disappointment. In that same paper, they quote El Moutawakel: "Spain should invest in matters more important than the Olympics". Ouch.
  11. Oh wow... "you're out, now you're in again"... ??? What are the IOC waiting to replace men's football with the beach version?
  12. Congratulations to Tokyo. (You won with your best logo! )
  13. London has set quite a high bar. I can't remember the Paralympics being so successful in attendance and media attention. I hope the Brazilian spirit (and their growing power in disability sports) can give the Paralympics an even bigger push forward.
  14. Is it true that Rio has dropped the organization of the 2013 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships?
  15. For sure! One would've never guess by the calmness of Cathy's face. I bet the whole stadium thought it was weird it was taking so long, but in the end they believed it was supposed to be be like that. I've been wondering how the whole cauldron-rising-up-the-stand segment would've looked like if there wasn't that problem. How it should've gone along with the music... Would be very interesting to see a montage of that.
  16. Gosh, I was just watching that same video. Nothing so far has ever come close to the magnificence of that. Everything was spot on - even the glitch was gracious!
  17. Happy as I would be with a torch stopover in Portugal for the very first time, I think Brazil should get the most of the relay. At best, a relay through some important South American points.
  18. The closing ceremony soundtrack album is an Olympic hit! http://www.apple.com/euro/itunes/charts/top10albums.html
  19. I'm a sucker for that type of Olympic look. Plus, the vibrant, warm colors boosted by the logo which will most likely be a part of the look as well.
  20. It stretched a bit longer (15-20 min, I think) but it was totally worth it. Too british? If there's a place the Olympic host country can show off boundlessly their culture, it's at the closing ceremony... At least, most of the world knew the guest stars, unlike the Greek concert that was Athens' closing.
  21. KICK-ASS ceremony! Well done, London! Very well done! Memorable moments for me: Eric Idle and his anthem and Freddie's aparition that moved an entire stadium.
  22. They know they did a mess out of this, so they try to get away with very bad, lame excuses. I mean, how many times has the cauldron been intentionally turned off so that it could be moved to another location WITHIN the stadium?
  23. But they didn't all catch fire in a random succession. The first were lit by the seven torchbearers, then the remaining first row of 'petals', and after that it was row after row lighting up, so it was a controlled lighting. As I've read, each 'petal' had and igniter, which explains this. I hope they clean the charred surface before.
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