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  1. Loved the artistic segments. They did a lot - a good lot - with few and simple tricks. And they can pull a lively party for sure. That environmental lecture a bit cringy, though...

    As for the protocol, apart from the on-point, beautifully-rendered Olympic rings, the remaining segments seemed rushed and some (e.g. cauldron lighting) even drained of their importance and special magnificence.

    Overall, great start... a bit disappointing end.

  2. Regardless of the overall high standard, there was just too much of Athens 2004 OC for it to go unnoticed and uncommented. Such a praised artistic director should've known better.

    No, there's also a cauldron inside the stadium.

    There's just one question remaining: No athletes' oath?

    That burning ring thing will stay inside the stadium? Not in that position, I expect. Maybe it'll be placed on the roof rim.

    Nor judge's oath! Prepare for some serious rigging! :D

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