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  1. Loved the artistic segments. They did a lot - a good lot - with few and simple tricks. And they can pull a lively party for sure. That environmental lecture a bit cringy, though... As for the protocol, apart from the on-point, beautifully-rendered Olympic rings, the remaining segments seemed rushed and some (e.g. cauldron lighting) even drained of their importance and special magnificence. Overall, great start... a bit disappointing end.
  2. How much and how well you can do with simple things as light and music. Well done! PS1: I'm antecipating a surprising Olympic rings demonstration... PS2: I want a tricycle and one of those riders' clothing.
  3. João Rodrigues (windsurfer) will be the Portuguese flagbearer at the opening ceremony. At 44 years of age, he will be competing at his SEVENTH consecutive Olympics, having debuted in Barcelona 1992.
  4. Shortest distance between consecutive Winter Olympic host cities since Innsbruck '64-Grenoble '68.
  5. MUUUCH better ceremony. Great blending of traditional and modern, with creativity and emotion that I seldom saw at the opening.
  6. Regardless of the overall high standard, there was just too much of Athens 2004 OC for it to go unnoticed and uncommented. Such a praised artistic director should've known better. That burning ring thing will stay inside the stadium? Not in that position, I expect. Maybe it'll be placed on the roof rim. Nor judge's oath! Prepare for some serious rigging!
  7. Another cauldron outside the main stadium... and a pretty unimpressive one.
  8. Oh Aliyeva, you think poorly of yourselves. Two years to put these Games up is nothing for a country that erected a huge arena for Eurovision in less than a year.
  9. Wow, they really don't restrain from rubbing themselves over and over... Great, immense, God-bless State of Azerbaijan!
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