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  1. So after the singing the handover will take place?
  2. Maybe we will see the same kind of transformation in Edmonton as we saw in Vancouver? That would be nice because as is Edmonton is a horribly ugly city.
  3. Well I know that the effects on Vancouver after the world expo in 86 were huge, transformed the city from a national center to a global center. But on the other hand you have expos like the Knoxville world expo in 82 which really didn't change the city at all. So really I guess you could say it can go both ways, your city could change dramatically and become a world city or could not change at all and be a huge waist of money. Id say the Olympics is far safer if your looking for global promotion.
  4. Yeah I was just thinking we need some girls on here!
  5. Wow that is not going to look good to the IOC...
  6. I voted "Very good" as it far outreached my expectations, it was not near perfect no, and no were close to Olympic class. But over all it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.
  7. Not for a few more decades, they threw a good ceremony but that doesn't mean all that mess with the athletes village and the footbridge didn't happen.
  8. Id say it feels closer to an Olympic Closing Ceremony to an opening.
  9. The Beijing drummers were actually asked to smile to look less intimidating to the international audience, what a contrast to Delhi!
  10. Your feed must be screwed up, that happened long ago.
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