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  1. I wouldn't really say I hate it, I suppose you could call me indifferent. I would have preferred something with a more simple design, perhaps something even more traditional looking like the Ling Long Pagoda. But no, I don't hate it, it works.
  2. He was just clearly lip singing, some horrible song. Was only there for about a minute, I tuned him out half way threw.
  3. What are these guys 4 year old girls? Jesus Christ quit your wining I'm sure you were payed more than enough for your half assed performance.
  4. Personally I loved Atlanta, and I don't know how you can judge an opening ceremony before its even happened and before any of us even know anything about it
  5. Hey guys, check out ARI Systems. Software company I'm starting up! www.arisystems.org

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      Sir Rols

      Good luck with your new business! Hope you're the next Gates/Zuckerberg.

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      Thanks for the support!

  6. 1000 posts!

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      Sir Rols

      Congrats! Jeez, we're getting a few thousandth posters today!

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      Awesome Dude :)

  7. Any word on the rap? (I'm sure its been decided and I just haven't heard about it yet.)
  8. Yes iv been wondering the same, I'm willing to help out with anything I can to get it up again.
  9. Mr. Vigneault sounds like quite the idiot. Atkins was trying to work on a ceremony that would encompass all of Canada. But this one separatist nutcase ruined it. Its really to bad.
  10. I think I'm just being overly critical, and letting every little thing that bugged me overshadow the good. There were some parts which I really enjoyed (the whales, the first snow space people segment, surprisingly the native segment which I thought was very well done after re-watching it a few times)
  11. I found it awkward how the screen looked, not really sure how to describe it but if you go back and watch you'll see what I mean. I also thought it was far too long. Maybe I'm being overly critical because its Canadian but that's just how I saw it.
  12. I don't hate non-action, what I would have liked to see is a mix of both. Tap into what everyone wants to see. Yes I would have loved to see some more action/climactic parts, and can you honestly say you wouldn't have?
  13. I didn't really see how they told Canadas history, I guess maybe how the history would look if you were on acid or something (space people going into the arctic tundra I guess Atkins way of representing European settlers?) Then there were the parts which were both dull and from what I could tell didn't really represent anything (people dancing under the big tree, the anarchist Celtic people which I suppose was meant to represent Atlantic Canada but did so very very poorly) I could tell some of it was obviously planned last minute (the horrible slam poet, the dull boring as hell odd looking
  14. Id rather they tell the history of Canada, from the east to the west. I think that would have worked better.
  15. Although I agree had the narrations been in both French and English it would have been too long, I did feel as though the country as a hole was not represented very well. In fact, Thinking back I cant recall any segment which represented Canada at all. It all seemed so random and uninspired. I think had the ceremonies been directed by a Canadian, it would be a totally different story.
  16. Its simple really, North America has to host once in awhile, the IOC isn't just gonna give the games to cities like Doha and Dubai when ever they come calling. As long as there isn't any strong US competition, and its been about two decades since North America Hosted the summer games id say it would be an easy win for Toronto.
  17. Toronto will host an Olympics, may not be in the 20's but at some point in the future it HAS to happen.
  18. India's first coloured TV broadcast was in 1982?
  19. That scares the hell out of me, perhaps those dooms day predictions about 2012 are coming true .
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