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  1. Toronto will host an Olympics, may not be in the 20's but at some point in the future it HAS to happen.
  2. Looks horrible, why such a simple bland design?
  3. I think its a big draw pretty much everywhere, if you've ever watched it you can figure out why.
  4. Not sure if this is the right thread for this but anyway... Just watching the Lakers home opener and they were playing music from the Vancouver OC during speeches? Thought that was kind of odd.
  5. Yeah the armadillo was cool, reminded me of 90's handover segments.
  6. Maybe I'm just jealous that Glasgow got the games and not Halifax
  7. I suppose they didn't have much of a budget, but yeah lame and very confusing/boring.
  8. What are they trying to make with the green cloths?
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