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  1. Romney wont beat Obama, any republican candidate will need Ron Paul supporters and they wont get it, specially if Paul runs as a 3rd party candidate.
  2. Highly disappointing Well at least their still doing the wrap.
  3. Soon enough the party will throw in a new candidate, it's only a matter of time now.
  4. Polls show that the only nominees able to beat Obama are Romney and Paul.
  5. Its not over until the fat lady sings
  6. The reason why I think he can do so well against Obama (not mentioning the polls) is he has such a strong draw with independent voters, he can draw in democrats, and he would obviously do well with republicans.
  7. Your just buying into what the main stream media is telling you, continuously saying he "unelectable". The GOP is now clearly between Paul and Mitt, in 08 they said he would never get more than single digit totals, now he's up to a 25% threshold, and he has enough money to get him threw all the way. He's now the only candidate than can challenge Mitt. By the way, glad you liked my logo
  8. Not electable as in he cant win agaist Obama? Because the polls show diffrent
  9. GOP Strategist: ‘Ron Paul Can Beat Romney’ http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/1384564404001/
  10. He didn't read them, he disowned them, he didn't write them. And yes, the former aid who made the claimes has no credability, his claimes barely made any sense. He didn't read them, he didn't write them, he disowned them. Move on. Your the one making the accusations, and your the one that has too back them up. His reaction is totally just to the ridiculousness mud slinging type accusations of him being a racist and a homophobe which have no credibility. That's how you deal with trolls, you brush them off.
  11. To be a racist means you would need to have a collective view on a group of people. Libertarians are very individualistic, therefore its impossible for them to have a collective view on a group of people. Funny you think youtube comments prove your point. And Id like to see some proof on your first point, besides some news letters he didn't write and a political aid who was fired and has no credibility.
  12. I think you should study him more, his plan makes a lot of sence and would be great for world stability. And as for the racial issue, just look at this: Paul's a Libertarian, its impossible for someone to be a Libertarian and a Racist.
  13. Please don't tell me you believe those completely insane claims?
  14. The US media has been extremely biased against Ron Paul, and iv noticed it's rubbed off on the CBC perhaps because they just report what the US media's annalist report. It's possible the BBC is doing the same as the CBC.
  15. Don't believe anything coming out of the mainstream media, they'll only prop up the establishment candidates.
  16. On to New Hampsire! Lets hope Paul can pull somekind of massive upset and take it 2nd place would be nice as well.
  17. Very cool Was she French? Comeauville is an Acadian village.
  18. I was never impressed with projections in the first place honestly. They just seem cheap, I wish they would go back to a more traditional style.
  19. I don't think Ford will be a factor in future bids, the goof has ruined the small chance he had to get re-elected.
  20. The Hero - Lead's mandate sounds slightly similar to what Donald Sutherland did in the Vancouver OC, saying all those quotes from Canadian history.
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