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  1. The colours remind me of Madrid's current bid logo, very vibrant. Great job thus far London!
  2. Seems Ron Paul has won a few states, even though the media is reporting it as a Romney win. Remember, winning a state is just a beauty contest and has been rigged a few times already, its the delegates that count. Not saying Ron Paul will win, just pointing out the delegate counts the media are reporting are mostly false. Yes its pretty much finished, but ill be interested in seeing the final delegate tally. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfS1x5RnZZQ&feature=player_embedded
  3. Then the officials must be mildly retarded, sounds a bit like Rob Ford.
  4. Well, you cant expect anything Olympic calibre. Not totally sure what they mean by "Simple" though, weather that means basic or simple in style only time will tell. Not expecting something overly good though, specially with what we got from Guadalajara.
  5. I'm pretty sure every mainstream broadcaster will be broadcasting it live.
  6. I remember that well, wasn't even five minutes in and he already claimed Athens to be the better ceremony!
  7. Ill do as I usually do, get some VHS tapes for recording (I know, archaic), get some snacks and sit back and enjoy. Really an awesome time, and I really cant wait!
  8. Looking fantastic. Still waiting on the wrap though!
  9. I'm still betting on a brokered convention, and a new contender to enter the picture. Romney is damaged goods now and Republicans know that.
  10. That she will be going rather than the President, which honestly is kind of an insult to the UK.
  11. I didn't think his brother had such a bad rap with republicans and even some independents.
  12. Jeb Bush has been tossed around quite a bit.
  13. Romney will be so beaten up at the end of this he will be a flawed candidate. I'm sure the Republicans will be looking for fresh meat.
  14. My bet is on a brokered convention, and a new candidate entering the race. Republicans have clearly shown they are not behind Romney, and Id say what most want now is a fresh face.
  15. I love it personally, gives a bit of contrast to the elegance of the venues.
  16. I see the religious nuts came out in droves tonight.
  17. Ha, you clearly have no knowledge on the subject, even the likes of mainstream media pundits have acknowledged the fact that the eventual republican candidate will need the support of Paul supporters.
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