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  1. More people showed up for that than they do for new years, it really was amazing.
  2. 15-25,000 people showed up to see the cauldron lit in Halifax, hopefully we can see this in other communities.
  3. Anyone hear of any protests? If there where they where drowned out by the crowed.
  4. Did Torino and Salt Lake have the same sort of anti Olympic presence as Vancouver dose? Im very worried anti Olympic protesters will disrupt the games but maybe if Salt Lake and Torino had the same thing and if memory serves there were no major disruptions there Vancouver will be fine.
  5. Anyone have a link to the presentation?
  6. Summer Europe:Paris North America:Toronto South America:Buenos Aires Asia:Hiroshima Africa:Cape Town Oceania:Melbourne Winter Europe:Lillehammer North America:Quebec city/Salt lake city again South America:? Asia:Harbin Africa:impossible Oceania:New Zeland
  7. Wow i really like them, they look quality made.
  8. Is funding for the ceremonies more or less than Torino and Salt Lake?
  9. for the Olympic Flag, I'd like to see teenaged kids representing each province and territories. i'd like the rendition of the national anthem in calgary. Really?? I thought it was awful and embarrassing.
  10. Really?? I thought it was awful and embarrassing.
  11. I think theirs a good chance it would be held at Nathan Phillips square.
  12. Arnt they announcing the 2016 host on Friday?
  13. Call me crazy but i don't mind it , could have been better though...
  14. Commonwealth Games at 'serious risk' * * Email * Printer friendly version * Normal font * Large font Matt Wade Herald Correspondent in New Delhi September 15, 2009 Advertisement THE image of the Commonwealth Games, boosted when Melbourne staged a glittering event in 2006, could be trashed in Delhi next year, the top Games official warns. The head of the London-based Commonwealth Games Federation, Michael Fennell, has sent a stinging letter to the committee organising the Delhi Games saying chaotic preparations have put the Commonwealth Games brand at ''serious ris
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