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  1. Your probably right Faster, There going to put way too much aboriginal content into these games even though they add up to a very small portion of the population and have contributed very little if anything to modern Canada.
  2. I think they should have multiple people preform it, With an orchestra. Maybe somehow make the anthem a bit longer as well.
  3. The Sydney 2000 rendition of Advance Australia Fair cant be matched by Oh Canada, But I'm hoping they try to do something like it. If it's some random aboriginal singer like in Calgary it would be a total disaster.
  4. There will be more riots in Vancouver than Protests.
  5. They should have been treated like rioters and arrested.
  6. This is great news, think anything physical will change because of this?
  7. Nothing much I guess... Probably an aboriginal signer who sounds like a dieing animal and a couple bollywood dancers...
  8. How dose the budget for the ceremonies compare with Torino? Maybe with enough money they can pull it off.
  9. I'm really worried about the Opening Ceremony now, oh god...
  10. More people showed up for that than they do for new years, it really was amazing.
  11. 15-25,000 people showed up to see the cauldron lit in Halifax, hopefully we can see this in other communities.
  12. Anyone hear of any protests? If there where they where drowned out by the crowed.
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