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  1. Rob Ford will get the boot next election so I don't see him being a massive obstruction. Most useless mayor EVER.
  2. Christmas borrows a lot from the Pagans, should have let her know
  3. They aren't going to bring satanic elements into the OC. I thought you were calling ancient/new age paganism evil.
  4. Thats sort of a one dimensional way of looking at things isn't it?
  5. Created a separate thread for future spoilers http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/21500-opening-ceremony-spoilers-spoiler-alert/
  6. This looks exciting! Cant decide whether I want to know more or not! If possible, could we have some warnings before the spoilers?
  7. Looks like some concept art, could be an accurate depiction.
  8. Looks more like a stage to me, Its right in front of the jumbotron similar to what they had at Vancouver.
  9. She is not worthy of even uttering the word Olympics
  10. The colours remind me of Madrid's current bid logo, very vibrant. Great job thus far London!
  11. Then the officials must be mildly retarded, sounds a bit like Rob Ford.
  12. Well, you cant expect anything Olympic calibre. Not totally sure what they mean by "Simple" though, weather that means basic or simple in style only time will tell. Not expecting something overly good though, specially with what we got from Guadalajara.
  13. I'm pretty sure every mainstream broadcaster will be broadcasting it live.
  14. I remember that well, wasn't even five minutes in and he already claimed Athens to be the better ceremony!
  15. Ill do as I usually do, get some VHS tapes for recording (I know, archaic), get some snacks and sit back and enjoy. Really an awesome time, and I really cant wait!
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