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  1. I think it was a show loved by Brits, found to be mediocre by everyone else.
  2. Oh sure they take great pride in their place in the world and how they rank along Western nations, but thats doesn't mean they want to be perceived as Western. There was indeed a great effort to Westernize Japan in the 19th century, but that was more than 100 years ago and things have greatly changed since then. They have their own system where its feasible, rather than just adopting something from afar.
  3. The Japanese don't have any drive to be perceived as Western, they have a very proud national culture and work very hard in keeping outside influences out. Christmas was imported to Japan by corporations to make money, its the same thing with other western holidays like halloween and valentines day.
  4. 60% of Canadians did not vote for this government. Your point has a massive flaw, in the past, the Canadian government had no bias and if this were still the case we would have abstained from voting. Instead we took the extreme measure of voting against, further isolating our selves when it comes to the discussion on the middle east conflict. Also, the Israelis have no real reason to appose the Palestinian request other than to keep them from laying charges in the UN human rights council against Israel which was their main fear. Not exactly true, the Liberals would have abstained and the
  5. The Canadian government does not represent the will of the Canadian people. The current government has a massive bias concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  6. This is interesting. VDmrc1vgK_M#! Apparently I cant edit my posts, heres a direct link.
  7. I still enjoy Beijing, Athens, Sydney, etc after all those years and many times watching them. London I'm not sure ill bother watching again.
  8. Rob Ford will get the boot next election so I don't see him being a massive obstruction. Most useless mayor EVER.
  9. Christmas borrows a lot from the Pagans, should have let her know
  10. They aren't going to bring satanic elements into the OC. I thought you were calling ancient/new age paganism evil.
  11. Thats sort of a one dimensional way of looking at things isn't it?
  12. Created a separate thread for future spoilers http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/21500-opening-ceremony-spoilers-spoiler-alert/
  13. This looks exciting! Cant decide whether I want to know more or not! If possible, could we have some warnings before the spoilers?
  14. Looks like some concept art, could be an accurate depiction.
  15. Looks more like a stage to me, Its right in front of the jumbotron similar to what they had at Vancouver.
  16. She is not worthy of even uttering the word Olympics
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