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  1. You are wrong. The truth is just the opposite. For the Japanese they do believe in not causing discomfort to others, but Koreans are not, Koreans always making noise in the public which are seen as very noisy and rude people.
  2. For me, the OC is a bit boring. I couldn’t get the deep meaning from each parts. People say Korea is just a copy country, they copy traditeional culture from China, copy future idea from Japan, so in this OC you can see many similar parts from others’ ideas. However, the most wow part for me is the dance after the fire lighting. Korea’s male dancers are always amazing.
  3. Most Chinese here also wonder why, and get suck about Beijing bid again.
  4. Beijing & Zhangjiakou bid really looks like a JOCK.... I would rather consider it as a propaganda of Zhangjiakou when China think 2022 is not a right time and sure not to win.... What a pity HHHAAARRRBBBIIINNN !!!!!!
  5. Wait wait and wait, then suddenly Beijing bid again. Why always Beijing? ****!
  6. Why are there always ugly logos since 2010s? But I still like Vancouver 2010, very unique. Nagano 1998, Syndey2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 are the best for me.
  7. I really like the Opening Ceremony ! Today is the Chinese New Year. I watched the Live OC with my family this morning. I have to say the Opening Ceremony is very wonderful and impimpressive for me. The whole show is so beautiful. Moreover, I feel very touched when I heard the poem. The Canadians should be very proud of their country. WELL DONE VANCOUVER !! ================================ And Happy Chinese New Year from Harbin !
  8. Well done Vancouver, I like this logo. I believe Vancouver will sure hold the best Winter Olympic Games in history.
  9. WOW Vancouver is so beautiful... can't wait to watch the games
  10. I think the torch looks pretty cool and very morden to me. Great job Vancouver !
  11. Vancouver is such a beautiful city ! That's how you're supposed to look as an Olympic City... Go Vancouver !
  12. So what, do you really like your voted incumbent Present ? Has the one you've vote really made your life richer and your nation stronger ? Or you just listened his lie and voted him ? I can't go to the polls and cast my vote at present, but I DO believe we have the RIGHT Lader for China nowadays. Thanks to Mao, we found our own country and UK, France, Germany etc could no longer invade us again. Thanks to Deng, we reform and opening-up. And thanks to Hu, our nation is getting stronger to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects.
  13. We have already can discussed political issues since 10 years ago... China is much more open than you've thought.
  14. And to the one who called jiejie : Honestly I'm shame on you. Really. 在这个论坛里,你就像个卖国贼一样,你觉得你光荣么
  15. You see, the stadium on the right side of the picture will hold the open and close celebrations for a Harbin Olympiad.
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