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  1. Good to know. Thanks for the update. Confins was known for being an empty airport for years...

    About the expansions, IMHO, Confins should be the Main Hub for domestic flight dues its localization. It'd be perfect, but, of course, for this the airport should be much more bigger.

    Let's hope President Rousseff starts the private-partnership for airports as soon as possible, because if we wait Infraero to work, the world cup will be a shame about airports, as Pele pointed.

    During years, Confins was empty 'cause all the flights just operated at Pampulha's domestic airport. Pampulha is a small airport, but the flights were there 'cause is close to BH downtown (just 10 km) and Confins was empty 'cause was too far from the downtown. Actually Confins is situated 40 km from BH. In 2007 the State of Minas built the Linha Verde, a express highway to connect the downtown to Confins and they transfered all the flights from Pampulha to Confins Int'l. Until last year, Pampulha just operated regional flights to the inland the State, now, Pampulha will be remodeled to expand the capacity to receive flights from Brasília, Rio and São Paulo, and also will keep the regional flights. And Confins will keep operating the international flights and also the intracontinetal flights (to the northeast, north, centralwest and south).

  2. It's clear for me that the World Cup preparations will be a real mess, since the preparations for the olympics are ways more organized and in-time.

    The scenes of overcrowded problems in Sao Paulo-International Airport should be not taken as a whole-Brazil problem.

    For example, the International Airport of Belo Horizonte and Rio are pretty empty all day long... And this is due the stupid policy of the airliners to choose Sao Paulo as main hub for everything, even for flights of other South American countries, like Paraguay and Uruguay.

    Thankfully, they decided to share these flights between SP, Rio and Brasilia and this problem of overcrowded Sao Paulo Airport must get better in a quick time.

    But this generaliztion of "How I hate the whole Brazil because of one problem" is one thing I hate in the International media...

    Sorry, my dear, but Belo Horizonte's International Airport (Confins) is not pretty empty all day long. Confins Int'l Airport already operates in the maximum capacity. Pampulha domestic airport that operates just regional flights, will be expanded to receive some flights from São Paulo, Rio and Brasília. Now Confins Int'l will be expanded but will not be enough, 'cause of this they will use both airports during the World Cup.

  3. I agree on Windsor tower being a "monster" in a neighbourhood where all the building have almost the same height. It makes the landscape weird...

    But to say Rio is not known for its archtecture???

    For sure, not like Brasilia or Istambul unique cities in the world about archtecture, but Rio receive visitors (specially from abroad) every year just to see the diversity of styles and what the call the "decades line" of the city!

    And, indeed, I watched a documentay from Canada about this too.

    If you walk from Downtown to Barra da Tijuca/Recreio, you will see Portuguese traditional Housing style from the 1800s in Old part of Downtown, Neo-Classic buildings 1900s in Gloria/Lapa, 1910s and 1920s Art Déco in Flamengo Beach and go on like a timelapse line of styles and buildings...


    And one of the most cool about Rio's downtown it's mixture of styles of new and old.

    Unfortunatelly, this is a kind of tourism, Rio could explore better abroad. There is a lot to see and discover in the city, and in the rest of Brazil too.

    Amazing picture! Is the third old building in the left the Paço Imperial?

  4. IOC, this is the city you chose to host the SOG in 2016. Have you a "B" plan? It is still time. This won't change: drug dealers support some politicians.

    Video: Bandits of a gang arriving in Vila Cruzeiro, with guns to face the police. Pay attention to the kind of weapons they have.


    Well, Mr. Firefox, everybody knows the problems of Rio de Janeiro, even the IOC, don't worry. It's truth, in the city are happening several attacks in the last days by drug dealers, but you forgot in mentioning just one point about this situation: This attacks are happening in retaliation by the ocupation of the police in the shanty towns (before occupied by drug dealers). The works of the police will no stop because of those attacks. The drug dealers are being rounded up by police day by day. The legacy of the olympics already began, even that Rio seems unsafe now. In 6 years those problems will not happen more. Will be just a problem of the past. Don't worry, the games of the XXXI Olympiad will be a great success.

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