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  1. Why speak for 300 million people, when you can generalize 300 million people!
  2. By 2012, the games would have made the rounds of the familiar locations, and with the 2012 race again featuring familiar locations (with 3 cities who have previously hosted), the urge to go to a new frontier would have swayed the vote towards Rio.
  3. Well Rio finished behind Doha in the evaluation and still made the shortlist for 2016. And 2012 would come on the heels of 3 Euro games, a NA games and two Asian games.
  4. Hmmm...now that I think about..change Rome 2004 to Paris 2004...after bidding for 92, and 2000, they finally get it. Sion stays the same, though, with Torino running.
  5. I'll play... Athens gets 96, SLC gets 98. Being loses 2000 to Sydney by 2 votes and raises a stink, they accuse the IOC of bias and threaten a boycott. They eventually cool their heals and bid for 2004; but with Nagano happening only 2 years earlier, and their hissy fit still fresh in the IOC minds, they lose to Rome. Torino backs out because of Rome and Sion gets 2006. Beijing bids for 2008 with a field of European cities as their competition. They win by a small margin Vancouver gets 2010 2012 comes down to Rio, London, Paris, Madrid, New York , Moscow. Rio wins 2014 goes to Sochi 2016 comes down to London Tokyo Paris Chicago.. Chicago wins so... 1996- Athens 2000- Sydney 2002- Nagano 2004 - Rome 2006 - Sion 2008 - Beijing 2010 - Vancouver 2012 - Rio 2014 - Sochi 2016 - Chicago 2018 - Pyeongchang
  6. Louisville is a great city, but it is nowhere near an Olympic city. We could start with population. Louisville's metro population is just a little over a miilion. Then there's the issue of transportation. There's no light rail, and recent proposals for it have been struck down. Then there's the airport, the only international flights coming out of it are for UPS. So unless atheletes and spectators are being shipped to Louisville via UPS, there's going to be a problem. Then, as others have mentioned, no pro sports teams. Louisville was passed over twice for a NBA team by the Grizzlies and the Hornets. One could say Louisville did it to themselves by building the YUM Center, then handing it to the University of Louisville instead of using it to lure a NBA team to town. Perhaps Louisville could host the YOG or I don't know, maybe a Pan Am Gmes, but no olympics. And I really don't mean this as a dig at the city. I live two hours away in Lexington and visit often, it's a wonderful city with lots to see and do, it's just not an olympic city.
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