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  1. Still eager to see what the cauldron will look like. I will admit, while I'm all for environmental conservation and lowering down CO2 levels and such, I miss the big cauldrons that you'd see tower above stadiums. Pyeongchang 2018 was the last one (for now?)
  2. Oh...that would be interesting and appropriate to see it half mast
  3. We can only hope for the best. Btw, seƱor Nach, an honor to be quoted by you
  4. I've never missed a ceremony since 1992 (both Barthelona & Albertville), I wont miss this one either, but it will feel different :/
  5. Wow that would be a first and a mindf**k as well, to stray from protocol like that.
  6. Curious to know what fanfare will be used when the games are declared open. The tokyo 1964 fanfare? Nagano 1998? Or perhaps a new one will one heard.
  7. Ditto. I think it's safe to say that the cauldron won't be your typical concave bowl but a kinetic sculpture instead. Question is, would this create a trend or "slippery slope" for future cauldron designs?
  8. Agreed. Yes things havent gone as perfect as expected but from the grand scheme of things, these olympics will be historic: first olympics in south america. That itself is an feat.
  9. No cauldron-related updates? Me thinks they're probably doing a good job in keeping it hush.
  10. Wow...that gave me shivers down my spine. And it wasn't just a guitar solo but it also accompanied a subtle string section. Wow. Just beautiful.
  11. I wonder if the crowd will boo when it comes time for brazil's president to declare the games open (ala Rio 07's Pan Am OC)? It'd be embarrassing (some would even say disrespectful). Then again, I wouldn't be surprised either if its does happen.
  12. Christ I haven't posted here in a very VERY long time lol. I'm curious to see what the cauldron will look like, being kinetic and all. Unsure why they didn't go with a local Brazilian artist, but it's pretty much irrelevant at this point. What I am eager to know will be how the cauldron will be lit and how the external bigger cauldron will be lit as well. Call me a traditionalist but I believe the torch of the final torchbearer should touch the cauldron or that the olympic flame itself touches the cauldron (i.e, Atlanta 96's flaming white thing or Beijing 08's spiral flame thing). So to have Rio to some sort of "magical transfer" of the flame from the stadium cauldron to the external cauldron (ala Torino '06, Sochi '14) would pretty much devalue the ceremonies and have it likened to a Pan Am-esque OC. On the flip side....Rio's organizing committee is cash strapped so yeah :/. Just my two cents...and a nickel.
  13. Aside from the "You and Me" theme, which I think tops all the other past themes since it's less 80's-esque pop and more orchestrated like a lullaby, do any of you know some of the other cinematic music used during the ceremonies? I'd really like to find out since the music used blew me away as well.
  14. 2008 NBC Olympics Intro FOUND IT!! Get it while it's up!
  15. I did and I saw a post on youtube, but in typical draconian-like youtube fashion, they took it down
  16. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the intro video? I came late from work and missed that part :/.
  17. Wow...that was messed up, to have the anthem cut off?
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